blackjack gives gamers an accessible challenge at Everygame EU

How to Get the Most out of Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games we offer here at Everygame EU.  Blackjack contrasts well with slots since blackjack is a game of skill and slots are the classic game of chance.  Everygame Casino offers other games of skill and other games of chance but blackjack and slots are easily the most popular games in their respective categories.

Play Many Games in the Same Session

We have spoken on this subject before but it always pays repeating: one of the many advantages you can have when you play at an online casino is that you can play many games in the same session with no hassle at all!  At land-based casinos, players often hoard a terminal or a seat at the blackjack table for a very long period of time and don’t move from game to game.

If that’s what rocks your world… but online gamers quickly learn that online gaming is a world apart in terms of availability and flexibility than land-based casino gambling is.

Mix in Mobile for Spectacular Gaming

Adding to the theme of availability and flexibility is that online casinos—at least the top of the line online casinos such as Everygame EU—also offer excellent gaming on their mobile gaming platform.  Mobile gaming has become the go to way to play for the majority of gamers.

The flexibility and availability of mobile gaming is obvious.  Play anywhere anytime!  To this we add comfort since gamers can play in a horizontal position in bed or in a curled up position on the sofa.  Mobile makes gaming with your absolutely most significant other easy and fun!

Mobile gaming has become so popular that even some land-based casinos now offer mobile gaming in the hotel!  We have yet to figure out why anyone would travel to a land-based casino at not such little cost and end up playing in their hotel room on the hotel’s mobile platform!

Blackjack Brings out Gamers’ Thinking Caps

The aspect of blackjack that most draws gamers to the game is that you really do have to think all the time and on every card!  For most gamers, slots are the game they play when they want to relax and wind down and blackjack or other games of skill are games that revitalize them and get their thinking and creative juices flowing once again.

That is also one of the big benefits of online gaming: you can play some slots to relax and unwind and then some blackjack to get going again!  Land-based casino gaming is simply not set up to get players’ creativity going again!

Blackjack Players Have to Know the Game Well

Blackjack players who play well and use the best strategy on all hands have a return to player rate that is very close to 100%.  A little luck in any given session will put them in the black (winning).  Even if they end up losing, they lose a small amount and a tiny fraction of all the bets they made, thus making blackjack one of the best casino games to play for pure fun and with no desire for a massive jackpot win!

Strategy in blackjack can be elusive at times.  So here we will give blackjack players a few tips on how to play certain hands and some general advice that will serve you well as you play.


Every hand is a Distinct Entity

There is the tendency among players of games of skill to become overtly frustrated when they have a run of bad luck.  Bad luck happens!  The dealer will get 21 points to your 20.  The dealer will get a five card hand that beats your stand pat hand.  The dealer will pull a rabbit out of the hat and win yet another hand!

When a blackjack player hits even the mildest of tilts—a term taken from poker that means to lose one’s mind over a game—he or she might start to make decisions that are far from sound or they may start to raise their bets in an effort to win back what they have lost.

If you are having a run of bad luck and you are playing at an online casino, simply close out the session and go do something else!  Players at land-based casinos sometimes have the bad luck problem as well but what will they do if they leave the casino?  How many times can a person visit the buffet?

The Dealer’s Up Card is as Important as Your Hand

There is a lot of strategy that depends entirely on the dealer’s up card.  If the dealer is showing a 4, 5, or 6, it is often the best strategy to stand as soon as you get 12 or more points.  That includes when you reach 17 points even though 17 points is not a very good hand for the player.  Some players like to hit soft 17 no matter what the dealer has.  In the cases we mentioned here, standing on soft 17 is best no matter how tempting it might be to hit.

In short, when you study strategy in blackjack, you need to focus as much time on understanding the blackjack ramifications of each possible dealer up card as it applies to your hand.

Learn How and When to Surrender

The surrender option is the least appreciated option in the game of blackjack.  Some players simply refuse to surrender even when they have 16 points and the dealer is showing a 7 or better.  There are many hands in which the best option is to surrender.

On the other hand, some players are so intimidated by an ace that they will either surrender rather than take a card with more than 12 points or they will buy insurance.

Never Buy Insurance

This bit of advice comes our way via millions of hands as they have been analyzed by computers.  The hands where the dealer doers have blackjack hidden under a visible ace are much fewer than the hands where the dealer does not have blackjack!  That indicates that insurance does not pay for itself unlike insurance in the real world that does pay for itself in peace of mind and the occasional saving payout when the need arises!

Stay away from insurance in blackjack no matter what!

Trust the Statistics

Blackjack strategy is sometimes counter-intuitive.  One example is whether or not to split aces when the dealer is showing a 10.  This situation is similar to the situation when the dealer is showing an ace and offers insurance.  If the dealer gets a 10 point card with a 10 showing, she has 20 points.

This causes many blackjack players to simply play out the hand rather than risk double their original bet when they have a pair of aces and the dealer is showing 10 points.  In this case, the best play is to split.  First of all, you are a lot more likely to get one blackjack] from the two hands than the dealer is likely to get an ace and also get 21 points.  Secondly, playing a hand that starts with two points is not very optimistic.

So, you are likely to lose the hand when you don’t split and you are likely to win at least one of the two hands when you do split.

Play Blackjack at Everygame EU

We offer many variations of blackjack and gamers who study strategy find that the variety in blackjack makes it a wonderfully challenging game.

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