Everygame Casino debunks some cyber-myths for you

Hello to All our Cyber-friends: This is the One Where We Debunk Online Casino Myths

The question arises from time to time: What actually happens when a gamer at Everygame Casino applies the Everygame Casino login?  The answer should be that the gamer now has access to over 300 games!  The answer should include that if he or she is a new gamer at Everygame , they are entitled to avail themselves of our massive Welcome Package that is worth up to $5555 in deposit and no deposit bonuses.

The answer should talk about our many promotions that combine bonuses with free spins.  The answer should include the fact that we have many games in many different categories and that all of our games are fun to play!  Unfortunately, the answer sometimes reflects online casino gaming myths.

By the way, there are as many myths about playing at land-based casinos as there are about online casinos, maybe more.  We will leave it to the land-based casinos to debunk their myths and we will debunk the myths that pertain only to online casinos!

Myth #1: Online Casino Games are Rigged

Online casinos exist in cyberspace which to many is the natural habitat of the Great Modern Nerd who can alter reality by manipulating the results of casino games.  Actually, the Great Modern Nerd is also a myth!  Online casinos are certified and regulated by very strict rules.

Everygame Casino has every incentive to follow every rule and to be as up front with both our gamers and with the authorities looking over our cyber-shoulder.

As far as the games are concerned, we use what is called a random number generator which alone determines the outcome of every spin, every hand, and everything that happens in every one of our games!  The random number generator is so impartial that it has no idea what happened on the last spin or in the hundred last spins.

This leads us to…

Myth #2: If a Jackpot Hasn’t Hit for a While it is Due to Come Soon

We repeat: the random number generator decides every outcome of every game and it has no memory.  The RNG, as it is called, cannot be fathomed by any pattern.  It could be that the progressive jackpot might hit twice in one week or not even once in several months!

There is no such thing as an outcome being “due”.  This leads us to…

Myth #3: It is Possible to Win More Using a Betting System

This myth reminds us of the great classic movie Die Hard!  There are so many sure-fire-can’t-lose betting systems for sale online that it’s truly a wonder that all of the world’s casinos, online or land-based, have not been bankrupted long ago!

The most famous betting system is the Martingale.  This system can work for players with very large bankrolls and the courage to make a bet of several hundred dollars in the hope of winning their original bet.  It takes only a five or six hand losing streak—and remember that the random number generator has no memory so five and six hand losing streaks are not uncommon—to show the sheer folly of the Martingale betting system.

This system requires gamers to double their previous bet after every losing hand or spin.  It can’t work in slots since a gamer might lose only three spins in a row and then, when she wins a spin, wins a low payout!  The Martingale was designed for blackjack or roulette primarily.

Let’s see how this betting system fails in short order:


Bets Accumulated Losses
$5 $5
$10 $15
$20 $35
$40 $75
$80 $155

Need we go on?  After losing five spins in roulette or hands in blackjack, the gamer is asked by dear Mr. Martingale to bet $160 in the hope of winning that amount which would give him a whopping profit of $5.  These are odds no self-respecting gamer would or should take!

Possibly the biggest irony about online casino gaming is that the next myth totally contradicts the previous myth!

Myth #4:  No one Can Win Long Term at an Online Casino

This one is really so unfair to online casinos!  The return to player rates at online casinos are higher than at land-based casinos since we have much less operating expenses.

If you venture forth and go to Las Vegas sometime in the next decade as the corona virus crisis wanes, pay attention to how expensive running a big land-based casino has to be!  The biggest casinos have hotels that have to be occupied at a very high rate in order to be economically viable.

Big casinos have huge floor area for gambling.  They have to have hundreds of terminals with players at a large percentage of them.  In contrast, we encourage short and frequent gaming sessions.  We extoll the ability of online casino gaming to foster romantic moments between partners or just for relaxation.

But no online casino could survive if no one ever won!  People would stop coming to those casinos!  The fact is that a large percentage of online casino gamers win at least in some if not many of their sessions.  Blackjack and video poker have return to player rates very close to 100%!  And these games also involve skill that dramatically increases the win rate for individual hands.  Finally, we publish many articles that tell gamers the best way to win!  This article is a prime example of that!

The last myth is not so much a myth as a silly cyber-legend similar to urban legends but applicable only to the cyber-world.

Myth #5:  Cyberspace Does not Really Exist

Well, this myth needs to go the way of the dodo bird or the notion that men didn’t land on the moon!

Everygame Casino Red is so well established that we feel the casino will never go the way of the dodo bird!  Not only did men land on the moon—multiple times—but the roulette ball does land on someone’s number on every spin!  The biggest progressive jackpots are won almost every day!  Hundreds if not thousands of gamers get blackjack every minute!  A Royal Flush comes about once in 40,000 hands and with tens of thousands of gamers playing video poker, we see at least one Royal Flush every minute!

The gigantic $5555 Welcome Package we offer new gamers is all real.  These are not cyber-bucks but real USA American dollars that gamers can use at Everygame Casino and that can help them score big wins in all of our more than 300 games!

Enough said?  Let's get playing!  Join Everygame Casino NOW!