Everygame Casino online offers gamers promotions and many other benefits

How to Get the Most Benefit from Promotions

There is a very good reason why we come back so often to the fantastic world of promotions here at Everygame Casino.  In this article, we will try a somewhat different line of exposition.  After we talk about our Everygame Casino promotions, we will take an interesting and unique approach to the idea of promotions.

The Everygame Casino Welcome Package

This is the first promotion new gamers at Everygame Casino come across.  The Welcome Package is worth up to $5555!  It has four deposit bonuses with high bonus rates and big bonus amounts and culminates in a $55 no deposit bonus.  This may seem like a small extra bonus when it is compared to the size of the deposit bonuses but you have to keep in mind that this fits into the online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win format!

So, as far as both the deposit bonuses and the no deposit bonus are concerned, it’s Game On!

New Game Promotion

Our exclusive game provider is Real Time Gaming which develops a new game for every month.  The new game this month is Wild Fire 7s and as is our custom we have a special promotion to celebrate this retro new slot!

The New Game Promotion has three deposit bonuses which together offer up to $3000 in bonus money and each deposit bonus also has free spins which go from 33 free spins for the first bonus to 44 free spins and finally 55 free spins for the last bonus.

But we aren’t finished!  To top this promotion off, we give you 75 more free spins!

Now you get the idea of why we talk about our promotions so often!

Slot of the Month

Diamond Fiesta was the slot of the month in April and the start of May.  If the Diamond Fiesta promo has finished by the time you read this article, you can be sure that we have chosen a new slot to be the next Slot of the Month!

Fiesta Time and Spring Meadows

These are promotions that give away $30,000 every week for a month and end with one lucky gamer winning $1000.  When one such promotion ends (Spring Meadows), we introduce another similar one (Fiesta Time running now until May 31)!  The bonuses and cash awards keep coming day after day at Everygame Casino!

Comp Points

This is an enduring promotion that is also one of the most popular ones at Everygame!  Everyone is automatically enrolled in the Comp Points promotion the moment you sign up!  Every time you place a bet and play a game, your comp points grow.  Most gamers never actually keep day to day track of their accumulating comp points which makes it all the more fun as gamers get a substantial amount of casino credits from time to time as their comp points grow!

What Does Everygame Casino Promote?

Now we can talk about the interesting and unique approach to promotions we promised at the start of the article.  What does Everygame Casino promote?  We gave you a very strong hint in the last paragraph!

Yes, above all else, we promote fun!  We encourage gamers to have fun in every way we can!


Offering promotions in which we give away money and free spins is just one way that we promote fun.

We Offer Games, Games, and More Games

In addition to some 200 slots, we offer table games, video poker, and casual games.  The most popular table game is blackjack and we offer many variations of blackjack so every gamer can not only play the type of blackjack they like the most but they can also sample many other variants of the great card game!

Gamers who enjoy playing different variations of the same game can also play in our unlimited free play mode.  Gamers usually do so when they are checking out a game they have never played before.

We also offer many variations of video poker.  Video poker also has the advantage of having the highest return to player rate.  In addition to offering standard video poker, we offer many unusual variations and multi-hand video poker as well!

Many gamers say that getting a good starting hand in video poker and playing it in the multi-hand format is the most fun way to enjoy online gaming!

We also offer many classic casino games such as baccarat, roulette, and craps.  We have to admit that these games are less popular than our casual games!  Fish Catch and especially Banana Jones are the top casual games here at Everygame Casino Red and our gamers simply love them.

We Promote Teaching Gamers How to Win

There is a very good reason why we publish these many articles.  We want our gamers to have the very best time gaming and one way to achieve that goal is to help gamers learn the best ways to play the games we have on offer!

In addition to helping gamers learn the top strategies for our games, we also on occasion publish articles that talk about how gaming helps us relax, unwind, become better workers in our day jobs, and keep everything in perspective.

We Promote Real Vacations

As an online casino, we do extol the virtues of online casino gaming!  This is not idle talk.  Online gaming does have many benefits that land-based casinos cannot offer.  One such benefit is the many promotions we offer.  This is far from the only benefit of online gaming.  We also suggest:

  1. Short, relaxing, and frequent sessions as opposed to those infrequent long weekends some gamers spend at land-based casinos.

  2. The chance to play many games in a single session as opposed to the normal practice at land-based casinos of staying at one terminal for an interminable length of time for fear of relinquishing one’s seat.

  3. Spending zero dollars on travel to the casino!  This is in diametric contrast with the sad aspect of land-based casino gaming where it costs a lot just to get to the casino and stay there for a few days.

This last item is why we say that we promote real vacations. There is simply so much more you can do with your travel budget than going to a land-based casino!

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