At Everygame Casino Wild Fire 7s Offers Retro Slots Play with a Modern Progressive Jackpot

Wild Fire 7s is a Retro Slot with 21st Century Payouts

There are times when being nostalgic is very helpful and healthful. Nostalgia can apply to games, general memories and experiences, past activities, and generally good feelings.

We remember a great meal.  We can’t taste the food anymore but if it was a great meal we remember it as if we were still eating.  We might be nostalgic for those Thanksgiving dinners at Grandma’s.  We all have thousands of nostalgic feelings and memories that take us back to past good times.

Everygame Casino Celebrates Nostalgia

At Everygame Casino, we feel that we too should get nostalgic from time to time.  One way we can do that is through games and promotions.  This month we have introduced Wild Fire 7s, a new slot with three reels and five paylines.  It is a retro, nostalgic online casino slot that reminds us of the slots of long ago that were mechanical games with an arm we had to pull to get the reels spinning.


Graphics Pave the Way

In the fast-paced visually sophisticated 21st century, a retro slot such as Wild Fire 7s has to have superior graphics.  In the computerized gaming world, graphics has become interchangeable with animation.  So, while the really original bars and cherries slots featured rather stale graphics and little to no animation, Wild Fire 7s has excellent, modern graphics and trend-setting animation!


The Fourth Reel

While Wild Fire 7s is, at least in theory, a three reel slot, it does have a fourth reel that can trigger free spins, multipliers, and the progressive jackpot. The fourth reel may look like a standard reel when it is spinning at warp speed but it ultimately becomes a single spot or square on the reel.


Good things can happen with just one lucky icon on the fourth reel!

The free spins are triggered when the Free Spins icon appears when the fourth reel stops spinning.  Gamers get 7 free spins with a 5x multiplier on all wins in the free spins bonus round.  If you win 17,850 times your bet in the free spins round, the free spins end!

There is also a multiplier icon that roams the fourth reel.  If it lands there, you will have any win in the regular game multiplied by the amount shown.

The progressive jackpot starts at “only” $500 and it is won when the progressive jackpot icon lands on the fourth reel.  In other words, you don’t need to line up five special icons on a winning payline to win this progressive jackpot!

As a result, the progressive jackpot in Wild Fire 7s is a lot more accessible than it is in all regular slots with a progressive jackpot!

The Quintessential Modern Anomaly: Retro yet Modern

Wild Fire 7s has all of the elements retro and nostalgic gamers might want in a slot and still it has great appeal to modern slots enthusiasts.

We might say that any online casino of high standing such as Everygame Casino Red has similar elements.  It is at once somewhat retro since it involves casino gaming yet online casinos are as modern as casinos can be.

The retro casinos, which we call land-based casinos, cannot compete with Everygame Casino in many areas most notably in the Welcome Package for new gamers.

Our Welcome Package is worth up to $5555 in four deposit bonuses with high matching bonus rates and a no deposit bonus at the end!

We feature many promotions that land-based casinos can only barely touch with free meals at the buffet!

Everygame casino offers easy access to every game we have on offer while gamers at land-based casinos tend to hoard their games for fear of losing their seat.

While it costs a great deal of money to travel to a land-based casino and stay there for two or three nights, the cost of getting to Everygame Casino involves no money and no belt removing (unless you want to get more comfortable) or shoe removing (unless you want to get more comfortable)!

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