Everygame Casino is Celebrating International Picnic Day All Month in June

Celebrate Good Times and Win in the New Picnic Fun Promotion

Yes, there is a lot to celebrate!  Winter is finally over!  Ballparks are beginning to fill up again!  We can walk outside, lie on a picnic blanket, or mill about the barbecue without our masks!  Yeah-Hoo!  Everygame, your top online casino, is celebrating the end of winter and the start of picnic season with a massive $150,000 Picnic Fun promotion!

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Five Full Weeks of Picnic Fun

The promotion is running from May 31 to July 5.  Everygame Casino is giving away $30,000 each week!  In addition, we are running a Thursday draw chock full of goodies that would make any picnicker happy!  Finally, one lucky picnic reveler will win an extra prize at the grand conclusion of the promotion!

As Kool and the Gang said, a CELEBRATION of this type is going to happen all over the world!   We are so happy to be able to return to normal (almost)!  And picnics are a major part of the great normal we all want to return to!

Right in the middle of the Everygame Casino $150,000 Picnic Fun promotion is International Picnic Day, on June 18th!  As everyone loves a picnic, we might take a look at the history of picnics and where International Picnic Day began.

What is a Picnic?

A picnic is a social gathering in the great outdoors.  It may be a party with just a single nuclear family or it can be a gathering of many families.  Many churches, synagogues, and mosques have a picnic in the summer as a way to bring their communities together and raise a little money by the way.  Sports are a major element in many picnics.  If it is a single family event, the sports might be the little ones climbing the ladder and sliding down the slide squealing “again” after every slide!

If the picnic involves several families or a church, synagogue, or mosque group the participants might play baseball, the quintessential game of summer!  Of course, if the picnic is taking place Down Under, they will be playing Footie, the Aussie version of football.

This indicates that the modern picnic is a sign of the affluence of developed economies.  This is interesting since the idea of a picnic began in France in the 17th century when no national economy could be said to be “developed”.  As such, the picnic was a get together of the small but very wealthy elite.

In fact, the English word picnic comes from the French pique-nique which literally meant to pick simple and “small” items and to take them to the park to eat!


The World is Your Picnic

In this vegan age, the world is no longer many people’s oyster!  But we can all still enjoy a picnic even without, meat, eggs, and cheese and other dairy products.

No one knows for sure when International Picnic Day began as a single day for people of all walks of life to have a picnic.  When that day falls on a weekday, many offices close at around noon so their employees can go out to the parks and have a good time with friends and colleagues.

As such, International Picnic Day is more about friends from work than about one’s family.  Weekend picnics are all about family.

What Should We Bring to a Picnic?

Well, we thought that this was an obvious question!  You bring food and enough liquid refreshment o keep everyone hydrated.  If you want to imbibe, you need to have one designated driver per vehicle!  We also think that plastic cutlery, paper plates and cups, plenty of napkins, and even more importantly, plastic garbage bags!  Bug spray can also come in handy as will more than enough diapers for the little ones!

An Interesting Anomaly of English

Since the earliest picnics were far more elaborate and formal than today’s more loosey-goosey picnics, we thought it interesting to have some fun with the equipment we bring to a picnic!  In days of yore, people brought their silverware to a picnic since there wasn’t yet plastic forks and knives.

The term cutlery comes from and Old French world that may have been pronounced as English-speaking people pronounce it.  When cutlery was made of silver we called it silverware.  Now, when we are leaving the house to go on a picnic, someone might call out, “did we pack the plastic silverware?”!

So, What Do Vegans Eat on a Picnic?

For vegans, a picnic is just a meal eaten while sitting on a blanket in a big park where there may be several other picnics going on around them.  The vegan menus is more limited than the carnivorous or even the ovo-lacto veggie menu!

Vegans will emphasize vegetables and fruit and some form of legumes.  Hummus works very well for vegans as do quinoa, buckwheat, and the full range of cold salads without mayonnaise.

If there is one vegan among many more meat eaters at a picnic, it is probably still politically correct to cook meat on a grill.  Keep in mind, however, that this is changing.  The propriety of a barbecue goes down quickly as the number of vegetarians and especially vegans goes up!

What are a Few No-no’s for Picnickers?

  1. Don’t bother other people who may not appreciate your Frisbee dive bombing their picnic!
  2. Play music that doesn’t interfere with your “neighbor’s” music.
  3. Decide beforehand how to divide the cost of food and drink.  Nothing puts a damper on a picnic more than arguments over money (except for the unexpected downpour)!
  4. Do not—do not!—leave trash of any sort behind!  If there is no room in the garbage can for your trash, take it with you and dispose of it where dogs and cats can’t get to it!

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