Play Asgard Deluxe at Everygame Casino fore a Deluxe Menu of Winning Ways

Asgard Deluxe Makes a Deluxe Debut

Everygame Casino and SpinLogic Gaming love to return to mega-hit slots with a sequel.  Sometimes we feature several “sequels” as in the Naughty and Nice series.  Online gamers are always looking for a new wrinkle in the online casino games they like to play.

This applies to slots most of all.  Still, it also applies to games like blackjack which has many variations and even more so to video poker which not only has many variations but also easily allows for big multi-hand play!  So, the thinking behind Asgard Deluxe, the latest “sequel” from SLG, is that Asgard was such a massive hit, why not begin with the Asgard theme and characters and expand on them?

This we happily report that Asgard Deluxe made its debut on June 2 - check out the special celebratory promotion!

The Great Asgard Characters Return

If you like your Freya, Loki, Thor, and Odin you can keep your Freya, Loki, Thor, and Odin!  These paramount characters from Asgard return in Asgard Deluxe.  Along with the Royal symbols, the four heroic characters will join forces with two wild symbols and the scatter symbol to bring you an amazing array of winning combinations!

The God-like Yggdrasil Tree

The scatter symbol is a depiction of the Yggdrasil tree which has a hallowed place in Old Norse theology.  Norse theology has not survived the centuries so we tend to look at it as mythology but, at the time, meaning possible a few thousand years ago, the Yggdrasil tree was the center of the Norse world!

The Asgard Deluxe Arrangement is More than More!

Let’s start with your “basic” five reels and 243 ways to win format.  When a game provider packs 243 ways to win on five reels, it means that the sky over Valhalla will light up signaling a win quite often!  You might think that you are in Valhalla yourself as the winning combinations keep coming!

But for SLG, 243 ways to win, with a maximum payout of 2000x your bet, was not enough!  It seems that SLG has pulled out every modern way to have wild symbols create wins and transported them to these five reels!

What Happens when Wild Symbols Get Really Wild?

First, there is the Random Wilds Feature.  As the name implies, this feature can pop up at random at any time! This feature can cover all five reels with multipliers!  The Random Wilds Feature is just the first way the wilds get wild!

When three or more Yggdrasil trees come up, you will get to choose between four free spins options.  These options call for varying numbers of free spins with an added bonus to each choice.


  1. You can choose 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier.
  2. If you choose 20 free spins, you’ll get Exploding Wilds along with them!
  3. 25 free spins are accompanied by multiplying wilds.
  4. For 30 free spins, you get both cascading and multiplying wilds!

Exploding wilds, cascading wilds, and multiplying wilds are relatively new creations as game developers continue to look for more ways to use the wild symbols to help gamers win!

Cascading wilds simply mean that the winning line cascades down and the symbols are all replaced.  With 243 ways to win, Asgard Deluxe may have several winning lines on a single spin.  This will result in a whole lotta cascading going on!  If you keep getting winning lines, the cascading will continue, too!

Exploding wilds means that a single wild symbol will explode, thus creating several more wild symbols.  A simple single win with the one wild can turn into a many sided win as the wild explodes and triggers any of the 243 ways to win!

Multiplying Wilds have a 2x multiplier that is triggered when two multiplying wilds help create a win.  With 243 ways to win, this kind of win is quite common!  When the multiplying wild is connected with the cascading wild option, the multiplier may reach as high as 6x!

Who are Loki, Thor, Odin and Freya?

  1. Loki is most often considered to be a mischievous god.  He is also thought to have been a giant.  As such, there is a somewhat dark side to Loki as he often bullied dwarves.  He stole a necklace from Freya and had to return it after a battle with Heimdall.
  2. Thor is the god of thunder and lightning.  He is also said to control storms and has enormous physical strength.
  3. Odin is an all-purpose god.  He was the father of Thor who represents brute strength.  In contrast, Odin represents both the outcome of strength but also the wisdom in knowing how to use one’s strength for good as well as being able to solve difficulties without the resort to power.
  4. Freya was one of the most important goddesses in Old Norse Mythology.  Given that Norse mythology was developed when women were considered to all the same, Freya represents the tradition female characteristics of love, beauty, elegance, and fertility.

How Times Have Changed!

In today’s world, a god such as Loki who bullied those too small to resist him would likely not be considered a god.  As the god of strength, Thor might represent atomic power rather than the mundane forces of thunder and lightning!  Odin would have a female counterpart as the wizened elder statespersons, the men and women most admired in a community.

Finally, Freya might retain her characteristics of affinity for love and beauty.  She would also have supreme autonomy, be goal oriented, and be a seeker of professional satisfaction instead of being defined solely as a mother, wife, and helpmate.

Everygame Casino Proudly Presents a Deluxe Asgard Slot!

Asgard Deluxe has so many different elements that make it extraordinarily fun to play.  Asgard Deluxe will certainly rise to the level of classic even as the leading Norse gods rose to their hallowed levels!

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