Everygame Casino Gives Gamers Advice on How to Protect their Personal Information

How to Protect Yourself Online

Gamers at Everygame Casino have to enter their Everygame Casino login every time they choose to play.  This might be several times a week or even more often.  Everygame, as an online casino, is available to gamers on a 24/7 basis.  That means that there is no incentive to play for endless hours as we find is customary at land-based casinos.

Staying Safe Online

There is one area that we feel needs to be addressed here.  At a land-based casino, players are truly anonymous while at an online casino, they do have to put in their login code.  This led us to think that it would be appropriate to share some of the insights experts have concluded about keeping one’s self-secure and safe on the internet.

People buy things on the internet.  We may have reached the point that we are so used to buying things on the internet that we lose sight of the fact that the intermit does invite prying eyes.  So, for the benefit of all of the Everygame Casino gamers and of people who frequently transfer money and data over the internet, we offer this timely article on internet safety.

Encryption Software

Everygame Casino uses the most sophisticated encryption software in order to safeguard your money while you have it here on deposit.  Encryption, in layman’s terms, scrambles the information so that only the intended party or parties—in this case, both you and the casino—can see the actual data.

Think about how many trillions of dollars are transferred in small and large sums every day across the world!  Commercial banks, investment houses, and governments deal in trillions of dollars.  Modest, little Everygame Casino deals in mere millions of dollars.  But we know that there are many thousands of gamers who have their hard-earned money on deposit at Everygame so, even though we don’t deal in billons and trillions of dollars, we are very well aware that the money we do deal with is important to YOU!

Your Login is Your Casino Password

Most people have a slew of passwords they use every day or once a year for many different purposes online.  If you use the same online company to book flights, hotels, cars and the like, you will have a password for accessing that agent.

Many people, realizing that they have to “remember” quite a few passwords, simply use the same password over and over again!  This is not a great way to safeguard you assets online!

Even if you aren’t exactly protecting an asset, as when you access your insurance company, you still have private data that the company keeps well-guarded.  But the company cannot guard against a hacker using your “go to” password and accessing your data from the company’s site or aby other site.

Keep Your Personal Little Black Book

This book will have all of your usernames and passwords.  You should avoid pass words that use birth dates, home addresses, telephone numbers, the name of a grandchild, the name or number of a favorite athlete, and any other word, name, or number that a hacker might find while hacking your personal information.


It goes without saying that you have to keep your black book in a hiding palce that no one would look to find it!  You have to remember where you hide it and to return it to that spot after you use it.

Memorize a Few Usernames and Passwords

This is certainly a very inconvenient thing to do!  But you also don’t want to have to take your littler black book with you everywhere you go.  This is a formula for losing the book or simply forgetting to take it with you and then you are lost without access to sites you want to or need to access.

Memorizing a few key usernames and passwords also means that you won’t have to refer to the black book yet again when you want to go to a site you go to often.

Some people have started using what has come to be called “pass phrases”.  This would be a short password of more than one word such as “warbling bird”.  The idea is that, for some people, pass phrases are easier to remember than passwords.  In this regard, we say do what works best for you.

Turn Off Your Computer

The internet is full of hackers looking for open and unused computers.  It is inconvenient for anyone who works at their computer to have to turn it off at night.

This means that, to reduce boot up time in the morning, you need to keep your computer lean and clean!  Remove all unnecessary files.  If you aren’t sure how to do that, bring in a professional computer person to do it for you.

It would be very inconvenient to turn off your telephone when you go to sleep but that, too, is a good way to keep hackers at bay.  Startup time for smartphones is short.  The only problem is that you won’t be able to receive calls in the middle of the night.

Avoid Opening Strange Emails

Any email from a source you are not familiar with should be removed without opening it.  For some reason, computer hackers like to put malware on emails just for kicks!

You will have to remember all the sites that you allowed to send you information!  If you don’t want to remember so many sites, don’t allow information from them!

Many dangerous emails have a screaming title or heading that says that you might have won money, that you need to open this now for important information, or that there was problem with your computer that this site can fix.  Don’t believe any of these tricks.  Delete the mails post haste and don’t worry about missing out in something important.

Protect Your Computer or Smartphone from Being Stolen

Locking your house may not be enough.  Find ways to make it even harder for thieves to get in to your house.

You should back up everything on your computer often.  You should keep the key on which you back up important information in a good hiding place.

Trust Everygame Casino to Keep Your Money and Information Safe

The encryption software we use is as good as the encryption software any online commercial bank uses!  So, when you access our Welcome Package worth up to $5555 and set up your login code, you can play with full confidence that everything you do at Everygame Casino Red is safe and secure!

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