Everygame Casino Channels the Sea abd Sand of Miami in their New Slot Miami Jackpots

Miami Comes Alive in Miami Jackpots

Everygame Casino is happy to provide slots from Real Time Gaming since every month RTG delivers a new online casino slot with a theme that it may not have covered in a while!  The next new game release in July will be Miami Jackpots which is about the jackpot that sun and sand provide plus the jackpot that the game itself provides!

What Does Miami Mean to Americans?

For generations after the Great Depression, one of the signs of the new American affluence was vacationing in Miami, Florida.  After Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba, a wave of Cuban refugees made their way to Miami as well! A fascinating fact about Miami is that the Jewish vacationers from New York City and the Cuban refugees both pronounced the city to sound like “Me-ami” while most other Americans said “My-ami”!

Resettling away from Snow

Many people who grew up in the northern tier of states in the United States decided beginning in the 1950’s to relocate when they retired to a climate that would not feature snow in the winter!  In the years after World War II, California was the natural choice for relocation and soon two other options became popular.

The two options were southern Arizona and southern Florida.  People who were relocating from western states or the Great Plains might naturally choose Arizona while people coming from eastern states might choose Florida.  However, the biggest factors for retirees deciding on where to move were heat and humidity!

Southern Arizona is very hat in the summer but it is also very dry.  Southern Florida is a lot less hot than Arizona but to northerners it might seem like walking out of one’s house into a sauna!  So, which would it be?

In fact, both Arizona and Florida enjoyed large waves of retirees and continue to grow dramatically.  Miami Jackpots celebrates the sun and sand that is the essential feature of southern Florida.  We hope that RTG comes out with another slot in the near future that might celebrate the desert climate of southern Arizona!

By the way, many people from the north come to Miami jsut for the winter1  Floridians call these people "snowbirds"!

What Best Symbolizes Sun and Sand?

Bikinis, of course!

Nothing conjures up images of a warm, coastal environment than scantily-clad young women frolicking on the beach!  Miami Jackpots features four beautiful women in their itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, multi-colored bikinis!

The women occupy all five reels.  They help create many wins on the 20 paylines!  But, of course, they are not all there is to Miami Jackpots!


How Wild is the Wild?

The wild symbol is simply the Wild.  It replaces all other symbols except for the scatter symbol and the jackpot symbol.  The jackpot symbol is an innovation from RTG since wilds usually replace all symbols except just the scatter.

The jackpot symbol is represented by a bright sun.  in fact, the sun in Miami Jackpots is so bright that some people call it a neon sun!  It brings you the jackpot which gamers can win when they get from 3 to 9 sun jackpot symbols anywhere on the reels both during regular spins and also free spins.  In other words, you will win a portion of the jackpot with just three jackpot symbols.  You will win incrementally more from the jackpot depending on how many sun jackpot symbols landed on the reels on one spin!

You will win the entire jackpot if you get 9 jackpot symbols on one spin!

Does the Scatter Symbol Feel Left out of All the Fun?

Of course, not!

When you get three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you go to the free spins bonus round.  Before you enter the free spins zone, you have to go through the Pick Bonus Feature.  Here you get to choose to get more free spins with a lower multiplier or fewer free spins with a higher multiplier.  Here are the details:

  1. If you choose to take 20 free spins, the multiplier will be 2x.
  2. If you choose to take 15 free spins, the multiplier will be 3x.
  3. If you choose to take 12 free spins, the multiplier will be 4x.
  4. If you choose to take 10 free spins, the multiplier will be 5x.

It is interesting that there is a long standing debate among gamers and statisticians as to which choice is better, the higher multiplier with many fewer free spins or the higher number of free spins with a much lower multiplier.  In Miami Jackpots, because of the possibility of winning all or part of the jackpot on any spin, including on free spins, many gamers might choose to take more free spins!

Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Everygame Casino Starts New Gamers out with a Kind of Jackpot!

This “jackpot” is our Welcome Package for new gamers.  If you take all four deposit bonuses and the no deposit bonus that ends the Welcome Package, you will have fully $5555 in bonuses!

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