Online Gaming at Everygame Casino Helps Gamers Relax and Rejuvenate Themselves for Fun Activities

How to Have More Fun

The internet is full of self-help advice.  A common theme is that there are things that most people learn too late.  George Bernard Shaw once said that “youth is wasted on the young”.  The advice these sites try to give is to make the most of your time, whether you are still young or already advanced in age.

Everygame Casino feels that simply making room in your life for fun creates great feelings of satisfaction.  Naturally, as an online casino, we feel that playing online casino games is one way to spend your time well!  We often point to our wealth of promotions that gamers use to enhance their gaming.

Fun Starts with Bonuses and Free Spins

Our most recent new game is Miami Jackpots for which we always have new Everygame Casino promotions.  The New Game Promotions always combine deposit bonuses at a high bonus rate with a high maximum bonus plus many free spins.

The New Moon Means a New Slot A-coming

We are very fortunate to be partnered with Real Time Gaming (RTG) that is able to bring out a new game, usually a slot, every month!  RTG also often innovates in their new slot.  The big innovation in Miami Jackpots is that the progressive jackpot can be won in increments.

RTG Finds New Ways to Increase Your Fun

Gamers win part of the progressive jackpot with three wild symbols, which is the sun that shines on the beaches of Miami and are half of the fabled sun and sea Miami vacation!  Gamers can win a larger part of the jackpot with four wild symbols and so on until a lucky gamer wins the entire jackpot with 9 wild symbols strewn about the reels.

Finding Many Ways to Have Fun

One of the great benefits of gaming at Everygame Online Casino is that we are open and available 24/7.  At a land-based casino, players often play for very long stretches of time so that they can say later on that they got their money’s worth.

Often that results in a player playing when he or she was too tired to make good decisions and, in fact, too tired to have fun!   We say that since you can pay here every day, it is often best to play for short stretches and then to go on to many other activities that give you pleasure.


Learning the Lesson of Time

We started this article with a pithy statement from the famous British playwright George Bernard Shaw.  Young people often do not have the full appreciation of time that older people have.  A famous French novel from the last century is called Remembrance of Things Past.  Older people have a past to remember while younger people live in the here and now.

The lesson we wish to convey here is that time is precious and we are ready to acknowledge that online casino gaming has its place and that there are many other ways to make good use of your time.

Play Many Slots and Try out Many Activities

We say often that online casino gamers can play every game we have on offer while players at land-based casinos often end up at one or two games even over the course of a long weekend.

Just as we encourage all of our gamers to play every game we have including all 200+ slots, we encourage everyone to try out activities that they have not tried before.  The list is endless so we won’t make a list.  However, we know that many people who never looked at a flock of birds through a good pair of field glasses, suddenly become fascinated by birds, their migrations, and travel to the places birds come to rest, drink, and eat along their way north or south.

Many people who didn’t know the difference between cilantro and cardamom suddenly become fascinated by the vast world of herbs and spices!  All it takes, sometimes, is to try to cook for yourself instead of getting fast food yet again!

Some people with two left thumbs (or right thumbs if you are left handed) find out to their great delight that they can actually sketch!  All it takes sometimes is to get a sketching pad and a couple of pencils and head to the park.  Then look into the trees, to the cityscape outside of the park, or into the clouds and let your imagination roam freely.

You will be amazed at the forms you can see if you simply look and imagine!

This is exactly what we tell slots gamers to do with slots.  Play a slot based in ancient Greece or Rome and let your mind enter those periods.  Learn something about these cultures and empires.  After Greece and Rome will come Egypt, the Mayan, Aztec, and Inca societies.  Then you’ll plumb the depths of the oceans and the far reaches of space!

The Existential Importance of Relaxation

A Chicago baseball park vendor once said that a man in his 20’s didn’t need more than two hours of sleep a night.  We think that the motivation to stay awake every night except for a couple of hours of shut eye might make it very difficult for that person to appreciate the simple joys of calm and relaxation.

We feel that 30 minutes of any of the more than 300 games on offer here at Everygame Casino Red can help people relax and unwind when they get hone after a long day at work.  It doesn’t matter if you have an office job or an outdoor job.  The need to unwind and relax is part of everyone’s experience.

We also feel that a half hour of fun and calming online gaming on your sophisticated mobile device is an excellent way to unwind.  The mobile gaming revolution that is only about 10-20 years old allows gamers to curl up on the sofa and play.  This kind of play rejuvenates people.

So many people have discovered the recharging quality of a short casino gaming session on their mobile device that nowadays the vast majority of online gaming is dome on mobile.

Join Everygame Casino NOW and discover how online gaming can turn your evenings into a kind of happy hour and can release your curiosity and imagination in many productive and fun avenues!