How Do the Rules Differ in Everygame Casino's Black Variations?

What is Blackjack Like at Everygame Casino?

Everygame Casino is proud of our partnership with Real Time Gaming.  We provide the online casino technology and RTG—as they are universally known—provides a massive library of games.  After slots, we think that blackjack may be the most popular game we carry.  RTG is famous for online blackjack graphics, animation, sound, and speed.

Why are Graphics So Important in Online Blackjack?

You might think the graphics, animation, and speed are a lot less important in blackjack than they are in slots.  Actually, in a very real sense, they are even more important in blackjack!  That’s because there are only two ways a blackjack game can stand out: the big four of graphics, animation, sound, and speed and in rules variations that keep gamers’ interest piqued.

Let’s take a gander at some of the blackjack variations we offer here at Everygame Casino.  Keep in mind that since there are different rules and options in these blackjack variations, gamers get a massive extra benefit at online casinos such as Everygame through our offer of unlimited free play!

You can try out these variations at no cost.  Then put down a bet and have fun!

Suit ‘em Up

In this variation, gamers get to make a side bet and if they are dealt several types of two-card hands, they win an extra payout.  Here are the strange yet exciting rules for Suit ‘em Up Blackjack:

  1. The dealer stands on soft 17.  This is considered an advantage to the player is an unusual feature in modern blackjack.
  2. Players can double down on hard counts from 9-11
  3. Players can split aces.
  4. Players can split once.
  5. This game does not offer surrender.
  6. Players are not allowed to double down after splitting.
  7. Here are the payouts for winning a side bet:
  • Suited cards pay 2-1.
  • A suited 11 pays 3-1.
  • A suited pair pays 5-1
  • A suited blackjack pays 10-1
  • Suited aces pay 50-1

The return to player rate in the regular game, for players using the best strategy for a basic blackjack game, is 99.51% and the RTP rate in the side bet is 95.35%.  The game uses eight decks.  When we say that suited pairs pay in the side bet, we mean actually suited.  In 8 decks, there are 416 cards and 8 aces of each suit.  So the odds of getting suited aces are slightly less than 50-1 which is why the payout for that hand is so high!



In this variation, the players don’t see any of the dealer’s cards!  This changes the basic strategy since that is based on seeing the dealer’s up card!

  1. The dealer wins ties.
  2. Any five card hand pays 2-1.
  3. Players have to hit on 14 or less.
  4. Players can double after splitting.
  5. Players can re-split once.
  6. Players can double after splitting once.
  7. Players win a 2-1 payout for any five card hand.

Here is another example of the great benefit of free play.  We urge you to download and print a strategy card for Pontoon since the best strategy is so unique!

Perfect Pairs

This variation uses six decks and also offers a side bet. The side bet pays off when gamers receive a pair in pursuit of the perfect pair.

  1. A pair of different colors pays 6-1.
  2. A pair of the same color but opposite suits pays 12-1.
  3. A perfect pair which is two exactly the same cards, pays 25-1.

Perfect Pairs is standard blackjack aside from the side bet.  It does offer surrender which is worth a small fractional benefit to gamers.

Super 21

This variation is more original than other blackjack variations.  RTG came on board in 1998 and has earned a great reputation for the big four parameters mentioned above.  The sound in Super 21 is exceptional even for RTG!  The rules for a blackjack are different than in standard blackjack.

  1. A blackjack in diamonds pays 2-1.  This is a lot better than the standard 3-2.
  2. All other blackjacks pay 1-1.
  3. A player’s blackjack wins against the dealer’s blackjack.
  4. Any five or six card blackjack pays 2-1.
  5. Any six card hand pays 1-1 even if it holds fewer points than the dealer’s hand!
  6. These extra payouts do not apply after the gamer doubles down.

Match Play 21

In this variation, all of the 10’s have been removed from the deck!  Now let’s look at the unusual payouts for Match Play 21.

  1. If a player has 3 sevens of the same suit and the dealer also has a seven, the player wins a 40-1 payout.
  2. If the player receives three sevens of spades, the payout is 3-1.
  3. If the player got a 6-7-8 of spades, the payout is 3-1.
  4. There is a 2-1 payout for any suited triple seven (that means other than in spades).
  5. There is also a 2-1 payout for 6-7-8 in a suit not spades.
  6. There is a 2-1 payout for a 6 card 21.
  7. There is a 3-2 payout for multi-suit triple 7; a multi-suit- 6-7-8; or a 5 card 21.

21 Face Up

  1. In this game, the gamers see both of the dealer’s cards.
  2. The dealer stands on soft 17.
  3. The dealer wins ties.
  4. Players can double down on 9=10-11 count hands.
  5. If the dealer has to stand on the two cards dealt, the player automatically hits until she or he wins, busts, or ties which also loses.
  6. Blackjack pays 1-1

European Blackjack

This game is quite standard except that the dealer stands on soft 17 and players are allowed two splits.

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