How Does Everygame Casino Go All out for Making Online Gaming Fun?

What are a Few Top Tips for Better Online Gaming?

We strive to help you experience better gaming!  There is a very big difference between the average player at a casino online and the average player at a casino on land.  Land-based casinos can’t develop any kind of long term relationship with players since, at a land-based casino, there is almost 100% turnover from week to week!  That’s one reason why there are so many more online casino promotions.

What are the Best Online Casino Promotions?

We offer deposit bonuses, free spins, freeroll tournaments, comp points and many other promotions all of which are designed for gamers’ benefit.  The most prominent promotion at a land-based casino are the bells and whistles.

Why are There so Many Bells and Whistles at a Land-based Casino?

Actually, land-based casinos promote themselves through their bells and whistles.  They can’t easily offer big deposit bonuses since players don’t have enough time to complete the play through requirement.  So, even as deposit bonuses are a major part of the large library of promotions here at Everygame Casino, they are a very small part of what a land-based casino can offer.

What are a Few Good Tips for Online Casino Gamers?

We think that you might be surprised that the best tips we can give gamers here at Everygame Casino don’t apply at all to gaming at a land-based casino or apply to gaming on land only minimally!

Tip #1: Emphasize Fun

This is a lot less obvious than it seems.  We saw this play out during the lockdowns when land-based casinos were all closed and a lot of gamers came to Everygame Casino and all other reputable online casinos in order to have a place to play casino games.

People who play exclusively on land tend to play infrequently but for very long gaming sessions.  That’s because they have to travel to the casino.  They might stay in the hotel for two or three nights and want to get their money’s worth in terms of gambling.  That means that they might play for many hours in a row!

They get tired, hungry, and even bored but they can’t stop since they have to get their money’s worth!  This kind of casino gaming is not fun!  So, land-based casinos have to have a lot of loud bells and whistles and bright lights to simulate fun!  These casinos offer free alcohol because we associate alcohol with fun.  They offer free buffet meals because we associate food with fun.

At Everygame Casino, we do everything we can to foster fun!  We offer great promotions because playing with the casino’s money is fun!  We point out to new gamers that at an online casino, they can play every game on offer over time!  We also encourage gamers to play in free play mode as they learn how new games work.  Free play can be fun until you are ready to play for real money!

Tip #2:  Play Within Your Means

Land-based casinos try to squeeze every dollar from players.  That’s why at land-based casinos there are no clocks and no windows.  Players lose track of time and every hour a player spends on the casino floor is money for the casino.


At Everygame Casino, we try to “squeeze out” every drop of fun!  That means that we want every gamer to play responsibly.  The best way to play responsibly is to set a monetary limit on your gaming.  We also encourage setting a time limit on your gaming.  After all, you can play whenever you like!

Playing casino games within a responsible limit allows you to have money to spend on any number of other fun activities.  At a land-based casino, players can get free cheap whisky.  If you play responsibly at Everygame Casino, you might have enough money left over to buy a good bottle of whisky, to enjoy good quality restaurants. To go to concerts and shows, to travel, to have a hobby, to turn over your wardrobe every year or so, and so much more!

Tip #3: Learn the Rules and Best Strategy

Even games of chance have rules!  In roulette, for instance, there are so many ways to bet that a new garner might make contradictory bets.  It’s important to get used to any game before playing for real money which is why we offer unlimited free play!

In the games of skill, we encourage all gamers to learn and employ the best strategy for each variation.  This goes beyond knowing the rules!  We offer so many variations of blackjack and video poker that we truly want gamers to make the best decisions on every hand!  The way to do so is to know the rules for the variation you are playing and the best statistically proven strategy.

When you use the best strategy in the games of skill, the return to player rate is very close to 100%.  That means that in practical terms, Everygame Casino Red offers these games for gamers’ pleasure!  Gamers end a session in the black almost as often as they end a session in the red!

Tip #4:  Play when You are Well-rested

This means avoid gaming when you are tired.  A corollary to this tip is to finish any assignments before gaming unless you use gaming as a way of rejuvenating yourself.

In other words, if you have a work project with a deadline, we know that the project will occupy your thoughts when you play casino games unless you are specifically using the gaming as a way of relaxing and getting ready for the next big push!  Keep in mind that you might very well have a deadline for the work project but online casino gaming comes with no deadlines!  Play as long as it satisfies and doesn’t interfere with other activities or responsibilities.

Tip #5:  Drink Alcohol after Gaming

Even a small amount of alcohol might impair you judgment so save the alcohol for later.  Food is different.  It’s okay to snack while playing but if the snacking becomes the main activity, it is probably time to end the session and get a real meal!

Tip #6:  Avoid Betting Systems and Superstitions

Betting systems don’t work.  This is different than following a good strategy which gas been confirmed statistically.  Betting systems only work on even money bets and the explanations for why the system does work always assume that the gamer will win and lose on a 1-1 basis all the time.  They don’t take into account that there are losing streaks even in even money bets.

So, avoid betting systems and rely on good strategy in games of skill.

Some gamers, like most people, have superstitions.  However, in most everyday life, superstitions are just silly attitudes.  Gamers who play according to superstitions end up losing.

So, avoid playing based on any superstition at all!

Tip #7: Join Everygame Casino NOW!