With High Return to Player Rates, Everygame Casino Gamers Win Often

Can Gamers Really Win Money at an Online Casino?

The simple answer is, YES!

But that simple answer comes with a few caveats.  First of all, the question did not ask about winning money at land-based casinos.  We will see how it is easier to win money at a top sign up bonus casino such as Everygame Casino.  The question also made it seem as if gamers have very hard time winning at any casino.  The return to player rate at Everygame Casino varies according to the game being played and it ranges from about 96% to almost 100%!

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the question about winning at an online casino and see where it leads us.

Is it Easier to Win at an Online Casino?

Yes, it is.

First, land-based casinos have a lot more overhead than online casinos have.  We have spoken about how land-based casinos use bells and whistles to attract gamers since it is so difficult for these casinos to offer deposit bonuses.  Well, all those bells and whistles are expensive!  Land-based casinos have to maintain the casino itself plus the hotel, the theater, the restaurants and pubs, and the grounds.

All of this maintenance is very expensive.

So, land based casinos have to shave a few percentage points away from the normal return to player rate.  In games that are controlled by the random number generator, they can simply calibrate the RNG to return about 90% of all bets to the players.

At Everygame Casino, where every game is controlled by the RNG, we can calibrate slots to return 97% or more, blackjack and video poker to return 99.5% or more, and other table games to return above 96%.  Land-based casinos cannot afford to do this.

How Can Land-based Casinos Lower the Return to Player Rate in other Games?

Basically, they change the rules ever so slightly.

    1. Land-based casinos might pay only 6-5 for a blackjack instead of 3-2 which is much more favorable to gamers.
    2. They might not allow second or third splitting.
    3. They might restrict the rules for doubling down.
    4. They might offer only American Roulette which has the extra 00 and has double the house edge than European Roulette has.
    5. They don’t have windows so players lose track of time and play far beyond their physical capacity to make good decisions.
    6. They don’t have clocks so some players lose complete track of time.
    7. They offer free whisky which lowers players’ inhibitions and causes them to make unsound betting and playing decisions.
    8. They don’t have dozens of pages of helpful articles that give gamers advice on how to play casino games to maximize winning chances!


How Does Everygame Casino Help Gamers Win Money?

There are two aspects to this question.  One is purely gaming advice.  The other is promotions that make it easy and safe to play our games with our own money!

Gaming Advice

We have this articles section in which we talk a lot about the best habits online casino gamers should cultivate.  These good habits include:

  1. Setting time and monetary budgets in gaming.
  2. Developing many outside interests so that your online gaming is just one of many activities you do for fun and entertainment.
  3. Keeping gaming in perspective.
  4. Using online casino gaming as way to unwind.
  5. Keeping in mind that Everygame Casino is always accessible at the desktop, on your laptop, or on your mobile device so you can play for short sessions and never feel that you are missing out on something.
  6. Playing for short sessions will also keep you from getting stiff which happens to a lot of players at land-based casinos who sit in one place for hours “protecting” their seat!
  7. The easy accessibility of Everygame Casino means that there is no reason to continue playing when you are tired, hungry, or need a trip to the bathroom.

All of these pieces of advice can actually help gamers win more at Everygame Casino.

Playing Advice

Now we get to the real crux of the question that started this conversation.  There are several aspects of casino gaming that enhance winning chances.

  1. We advise gamers to always become familiar with the rules of any game they want to play.
  2. We advise gamers to use the best strategy in games of skill so that the return to player rate can be almost 100%.
  3. We urge gamers to play in our unlimited free play mode when they are trying out a new game.  This keeps the cost of entering a learning curve for a new game to zero dollars!
  4. We urge gamers to accept as many promotion offers as they can.  Many promotions combine deposit bonuses and free spins!  Bot h of these benefits put all of the risk on the casino!

The Everygame Casino Sign up Package is Worth up to $5555

The new player package includes four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus at the end.  The bonus rates are at least 100% and the maximum amount players can receive for each leg of the Welcome Package is also at least $1000.

Most of our promotions are also for deposit bonuses.  A deposit bonus means that gamers can play with the casino’s money.  This allows gamers to make some relatively risky bets that they would not make if they were playing with their own money.

A relatively risky bet can win a larger amount of money than a safer bet.  For instance, an even money bet in roulette has a return of 1-1 while a bet on a single number returns 35-1.  As long as you make reasonable bets on a single number so that you don’t run through the bonus quickly, betting on a single number in roulette with bonus money is the best way to make this kind of bet for most gamers.

In short, the high return to player rates at Everygame Casino plus the ability to use our own money to play with makes winning real money at Everygame Casino Red quite possible!

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