New Blackjack Players Need to Learn a Few Things before they Play

What Should New Blackjack Players Know?

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games and it is also still popular at land-based casinos.  Blackjack attracts new players all the time.  It is quite interesting that there are differences that you should know about between starting out as a blackjack player at a land-based casino or at Everygame Casino, one of the first online casinos.

Blackjack Players All Have a Few Things in Common

Whether you play blackjack online or on land, there are a few helpful tips that you should know and incorporate into your blackjack play.   Sometimes there is conflict even in these common areas between online and land-based casinos.

Set Monetary and Time Limits on Your Sessions

This is a must and it is also one of the most significant areas of conflict between land-based and online casino.  When you play online, you can play every day if you wish to do so.  At a land-based casino, you will have the casino at your behest for only a few hours to a few days.  So, land-based casino players tend to spend much more time than they should on the casino floor.

Why is Playing for Long Stretches of Time a Bad Thing?

Here are a few reasons why we recommend short frequent sessions over long infrequent sessions:

  1. People get tired.
  2. People get hungry.
  3. People need to use the restroom.

Land-based casinos are designed to keep gamblers on the casino floor as long as possible.  Land-based casinos don’t have clocks or windows.  That gives players the feeling that it is much earlier than it really is!  Some players bring their cell phone to the casino floor but most keep it safely ensconced in the room safe.  Therefore, most players don’t know what time it is!

When you play at an online casino, you can easily find out the time.  You can set a time budget that suits your everyday life rather than your “casino vacation” life.

Players make mistakes when they are hungry or tired (or both!).

Players make even more mistakes when they need the restroom and don’t use it!

Mistakes almost always cost money!

So the advice we give here is to either play at an online casino, one with a long-standing excellent reputation such as Everygame Casino Red, the first online casino already in its third decade, or, if you must play at a land-based casino, set time and money limits even though you might be there for several days!

Play a Variety of Blackjack Variations

Players at land-based casinos usually stay at one blackjack table and may stay there for a very long time!  But the are many variations of blackjack, all of which are fun and exciting to play.  Online blackjack has a decided advantage in that gamers can go from variation to variation without losing their seat.


Play a Variety of Games

As long as we are talking about playing a variety of blackjack genes, we also urge all our gamers to play a variety of games, period.  Land-based casino players usually miss out on the vast variety of games because they are so determined to protect their seat!

Everygame Casino offers over 300 games!  You can play every one of these games over time.  We carry the best of the best of the huge library of games Real Time Gaming has developed.  So, you can be sure that any game we have on offer is fun to play!

So, we recommend playing them—all of them!

Know the Rules

Whether you are playing a variety of blackjack games or just one, you absolutely must know the rules.  This applies to the blackjack games at Everygame Casino and especially to blackjack at land-based casinos.

Some blackjack variations have different rules for splitting and doubling down.  Some offer surrender and some don’t and the rules regarding surrender also vary from game to game and from casino to casino.

So, it is absolutely important to know the rules of the variation you are playing exactly!  If you do go to a city with many casinos such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City and if you do go from casino to casino, you might find that the ostensibly same game at one casino has rules that differ from a neighboring casino.

Free Play

Everygame Casino offers unlimited free play so you can become familiar with any blackjack variation before you play it for real money.

Use the Correct Strategy for the Game You are Playing

Millions upon millions of blackjack hands have been analyzed by computers.  It is now possible to have a return to player rate of more than 99.5%!  All it takes is a little luck to get that sum over 100%!

But it requires playing according to the best strategy and not by guessing.  One of the key differences between land-based and online casinos is that players who use the correct strategy are not liked by the other players at the table at land-based casinos.

That’s because players who play according to the best strategy will often hit with 12, 13, or 14 points!  A lot of players at land-based casinos always stand with 12 or more points.  For them, the return to player rate is much less than 99.5%!

Play 3-2 Blackjack

This is another aspect of blackjack at land-based casinos.  These casinos have so much overhead that they are constantly looking for ways to shave a few pennies off the amounts they would normally have to pay players.

The return to player rate goes down substantially when you play for a 6-5 return for a blackjack!

Drink Alcohol in Moderation after Playing

We mean that if you do enjoy a drink, you should not indulge while you are playing.  That’s because blackjack requires decisions on every hand.  If you drink, your cognitive ability will decrease.  That will lower your return to player rate by at least a few percentage points.

Land-based casinos know all this which is why they offer free alcoholic drinks to players!

Everygame Casino Provides a Wide Range of Casino Games Online

We have welcomed many gamers since the onset of the corona virus.  We are still getting many new gamers.  We feel that part of the reason is that many gamers who waited patiently for their favorite land-based casino to reopen, discovered that land-based casino gaming has flaws that they had not noticed before!

Our last bit of advice to blackjack and all other players is JOIN INTERTOPS CASINO NOW!