Everygame Casino is the Granddaddy of Online Casinos

What is Everygame Casino?

The history of Everygame Casino is a fascinating story.  We started out as the first online sportsbook, taking our first sports bet in 1996.  Then we worked to become the first online casino which we started in 1998.  As the first online casino, we have seen every development in the online casino gaming industry!

Games and Game Providers

An online casino needs a lot of games, of course.  We can’t develop the games ourselves so we rely on a game provider to create the games we then offer to the public.  Our exclusive game provider is Real Time Gaming which is also a veteran game provider.

What Would be the Top Ten Developments in Online Casino Gaming?

Great question!  Here is a list not necessarily in their order of importance:

  1. Great improvements in mobile gaming platforms.
  2. The realization that although we offer the same games as land-based casinos offer, our product is far different than the land-based casino product.
  3. The expansion in slots to five and six reels.
  4. Developments in the way wild symbols work.
  5. The emergence of ewallets as a way to deposit and withdraw money.
  6. The realization that online casinos are conducive to long term promotions.
  7. The advent of online tournaments with low entry fees.
  8. Understanding the immense size of cyberspace and its potential.
  9. The ability to communicate directly with gamers through chat, email, and telephone plus blogs and articles.
  10. The advent of land-based casinos on Native American land. Naturally, this will require an explanation as to its impact on online casino gaming!

How is the Online Casino Product Different than the Land-based Casino Product?

The differences can be divided into simple categories:

  1. Online casinos have unlimited space.
  2. Online casino gaming is available every day all day.
  3. Online casinos offer deposit bonuses worth thousands of dollars.
  4. Online casinos offer unlimited free play.

Unlimited Space is a Great Boon to Gamers

We can offer many more individual games than even the biggest land-based casinos can offer.  Everygame Casino offers more than 300 games.  These include a very big selection of slots plus many variations of blackjack and video poker.

Land-based casinos are caught in a type of Catch-22 where they have to take out a terminal in order to bring in a new terminal for a new game.  Thus Everygame Casino can introduce a new slot every month and we can run a top promotion for that new slot.


We also are a lot more convenient than land-based casinos are since gamers can go from game to game at their desire while land-based casino players have to give up a seat in order to play a different game.  This is something land-based casino players are wary of doing so our gamers can and do play a lot more individual games.

Free play allows online gamers to try out a game at no cost.  Then, when they are familiar enough with the game, almost all gamers switch to playing for real money.

Mobile Gaming is the Way to Play

Online casinos are the perfect conduit for the convenience of mobile gaming.  In fact, these days most online gaming is done on mobile devices.  This was not the case when mobile casino gaming first came along in 2012.  The mobile devices were clunky and clumsy and the graphics were poor.  Today, Everygame Casino has a huge library of games suitable for most mobile devices (all but the true dinosaurs).

It is a telling fact that many of the biggest land-based casinos now offer mobile gaming!  It begs the question: why travel to a land-based casino just to play on a mobile gaming platform?

Online Casinos Help Gamers Manage their Money and Time

Since Everygame Casino is available on a 24/7 basis, gamers can much more easily set a modest sum as their bankroll and a modest time frame for their gaming session.  There are many stories of players at land-based casinos who played literally for hours and used their credit cards to get a lot more money than they should have set aside for gaming.

More Private Ways to Deposit

Everygame Casino works with several ewallets to provide a more private way to deposit and withdraw money.  Online gaming makes it easy to set up an account at an ewallet while most players at land-based casinos still use their credit cards to buy chips or casino credits.

Everygame Casino Can Run Month-long Promotions

This is a simple explanation: online gamers can play at the same casino for years.  Everygame Casino was established about 25 years ago!  That means that we have a large cohort of happy gamers who joined Everygame Casino Red anywhere from yesterday to many years ago!

Everygame Casino Wants You to Have Fun

One way we help gamers have more fun is through these articles.  We cover many topics here and hope that gamers take our advice in many areas that will save the gamers money in the long run:

  1. Don’t play when you are tired.
  2. Don’t play when you are hungry.
  3. Don’t drink any alcohol while you play.
  4. Always set money and time budgets before you play.
  5. Always use the best strategy in the games of skill.
  6. Never use a betting system such as the Martingale System.
  7. Play a wide variety of games.

Why is the Growth of Land-based Casinos on Native American Land a Top Ten Development in Online Casinos?

At first there was only Las Vegas and the state of Nevada.  People had to fly out to play at the Vegas casinos.  Then Atlantic City became open to casinos.   Even people from New England flew into Atlantic City.  A following of players who frequented land-based casinos and who went there for long weekends developed.

Then the United States Supreme Court declared that Native Americans could open casinos on their lands with some restrictions.  A flood of casinos followed.  Many states and cities wanted to get in on the casino action and authorized casinos in their jurisdictions.

It was the great growth if Indian casinos that fueled the single day land-based casino excursion.  Now it is possible from almost anywhere in the contiguous United Sates to drive to a casino, play for a few hours, and drive home.

Gamers who had never been to a casino because of the cost of getting to either Las Vegas or Atlantic City suddenly discovered that they enjoyed casino gaming in moderation.  They looked for ways to play while they were at home.  Thus, the rise of a great many land-based casinos fueled a period of fast growth for Everygame Casino Red and other online casinos.

Then the Corona Virus Hit!

Almost every land-based casino was closed!  People who spent most of their gaming time at land-based casinos came online to Everygame and others.  We are continually trying hard to make online gaming so much fun, comfortable, and convenient that gamers will continue to play online even when the land-based casinos are fully reopened.

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