Successful Gamers Like Successful Professionals are Successful for a Reason

Can Online Casino Gamers Learn Important Lessons from Successful People?

Here at Everygame EU we do our utmost to help our gamers improve their winning chances at Everygame Casino.  Naturally, we feel that much of the tips and advice we give will help gamers if they decide to take a weekend trek to a land-based casino as well.

Still, we are focused here on online casino gaming.  In this article, we will pursue the fascinating subject of what can online gamers learn from the experience of successful people?

Successful People Have Life Lessons for Gamers of Games of Chance and Games of Skill

As we hope you will see, some of the lessons we will list and explain apply to games of chance even though we would naturally associate success with skill.

Lesson #1:  Pursue success and always strive to have fun doing so.

Success in any field is good but if it comes at the expense of joy and happiness. The “victory”, such as it is, is a pyrrhic one.  We need fun to feel truly successful.  In the milieu of online casino gaming, both the games of chance and the games of skill can produce joy.  That warm feeling is decidedly different if you are winning at slots or winning at blackjack.

Slots lend themselves more to pure fun while blackjack, video poker, Caribbean Poker, and other games of skill achieve fun and joy when the gamer is fully engaged.

In other words, slots are a great game to play for its own sake and to let yourself wander mentally and emotionally.  The games of skill are also great to play for their own sake but they require concentration which means that gainers in the games of skill cannot let their minds wander.

Online slots are more fun than slots at land-based casinos since online gamers can play many different slots in the same session.  At a land-based casino, players tend to stay rooted to one terminal for a very long time.

Lesson #2:  Always keep time in perspective.

Many very successful people work long hours.  It would seem reasonable to think that these long hours would wear on their mental state after a while.  No one short of the most workaholic people really likes working long hours but successful people know that their professional success will make them happy in the long run.

For online gamers, keeping time in perspective has almost the opposite effect.  We urge all gamers to use the permanent availability of Everygame EU to play for frequent, yet short sessions.

In fact, online gaming is a perfect way for a professional working at home to take a fun respite from what would otherwise be a grind.


Lesson #3:  Cultivate the ability to concentrate on small details.

A professional person who needs to make a presentation to a sizable group of people has to be prepared to answer both obvious and not so obvious questions.  The ability to concentrate on preparation and on presentation will go a long way to effect the professional success they desire.

Online casino games of skill are the perfect conduits for the kind of mental training and learned agility that will serve successful people well when they are under pressure.  Online blackjack and video poker do not in and of themselves present gamers with a real world stressful situation but thy can help prepare them for such eventualities.

Concentration and focus are basically the same.  We often speak in business conversations about the ability to stay focused while in game play we talk about concentration.  In reality, they are basically the same.  Staying focused in online gaming can mean applying the best strategy to a game of skill or it can mean remembering to switch games for the variety of trying something new.

Staying focused means that when the smartphone reminds you that the gaming session is over, you end the session.  Staying focused also can mean finding activities that you enjoy aside from gaming so you can feel that you have  a well-rounded life!

Lesson #4:  Prioritize health.

Success at the cost of poor health is no real success at all!  We need to get enough sleep and the right kind of sleep.  We need to eat properly, stay hydrated at all times, drink alcohol in moderation, and find an exercise regimen that we genuinely enjoy.

Some people thrive on just a few hours of sleep while others need their full complement of seven or eight hours.  If you are in the latter category, it is imperative to give yourself the sleep you need.  Neither gaming nor work is as important as the health benefits of good, sound sleep.

Eating properly does not mean become obsessive about what you eat.  If you are immersed in a diet that requires extremely strict guidelines such as keto or vegan diets, then by all means stick with them.  But if you want to eat foods from all food groups, we suggest that you do so but to keep all food intake in moderation.

This includes chocolate and ice cream!

There is evidence that good hydration can only be achieved through small, regular sips of water rather than by downing a liter of water once every few hours.  Caffeinated beverage s such as cola drinks, coffee, and tea can act as a diuretic which works against proper hydration.  So drink water, green or herbal tea and stay hydrated.

Everyone knows that alcohol must be drunk in moderation.  Unlike at land-based casinos which push free alcohol, we at Everygame Casino urge gamers to wait until they are fully free of obligations, responsibilities, and the decisions inherent in online gaming before they indulge themselves with a drink or two.

Finally, that old exercise bugaboo!  Happily, brisk but not Olympic style walking is very good for you.  Swimming, bicycle riding are also excellent.  Resistance training has many followers who say it is the best thing they ever did.

Whichever exercise program you adopt, you have to recognize that exercise is a vitally important part of health and of success.

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