The Fish in Lucky Catch at Everygame Casino will Make You Smile

What are the Best Everygame Casino Promotions?

There are so many great Everygame Casino promotions that we really feel that we can’t single out any one!  A lot of gamers love the New Game promotions since they give them top deposit bonuses and free spins as well!  And, as luck would have it, we have a new game hot off the reels to report to you!

It’s good to be lucky when you are trying to catch a big fish!  Among the biggest fishes gamers at Everygame Casino “catch” are our many promotional offers.  Everygame Casino promotions run the gamut from bonuses to comp points and more.  Every month we run a New Game promotion and this month the new game at out top casino online is a fantastically fun slot called Lucky Catch!

Before we tell you about the Lucky Catch promotion, we should tell you about the game itself.

Are Sharks Benign Creatures?

Not in real life, they aren’t!

But in the expert hands of the creative teams at Real Time Gaming, the wild symbol shark in Lucky Catch has a toothy grin that gamers find irresistible.

There are several other kinds of dish in Lucky Catch.  Some like the octopus are easy to identify while others are caricatures of fish.  One looks like a small baby fish with big, expressive eyes.  Another looks like a squid but its color is more turquoise than a squid’s color usually is!  One looks like a UFO but with a single large eye!  Another looks like the lunar module as it descends from outer space upon re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere!  There is a purplish fish that has a punk hairdo and another fish that looks from the side like it is puckering up for a kiss!

In short, the graphics alone are a wonderful aspect of Lucky Catch.

And, happily, there is a lot more!

Five Reels and Twenty Five Paylines

This standard arrangement is just the start!  The smiling shark wild symbol appears on every reel as does the scatter symbol.  There is also a bursting wild that explodes upon contact with a reel and turns neighboring symbols into wilds.

The bursting wild appears in both the regular game and in the free spins bonus round.  It is especially important to catch a little luck and get to the free spins round since the bursting wild appears more often during the free spins.


The Scatter Symbol Brings All of the Sea Creatures Together

If you get three scatters, you get 10 free spins; four scatters bring 15 free spins; and five scatters are accompanied by 20 free spins.  All of the interesting, colorful, exotic, and happy to help you win creatures from the regular game come along for the free spins!

There are more bursting wild symbols in the free spins bonus round and their probability goes up depending on how many free spins your skillful spinning earned!

That’s not all!  You can re-trigger the free spins by getting three or more scatters while you are freely spinning.  If you got, say, 10 free spins for three scatters, you could re-trigger the free spins with four or five scatters and get more chances at the bursting wild!

Would You Like a Random Prize?

The Random Prize Feature is, as they say, entirely random!  It occurs in the regular game and awards an extra prize to your winnings.

Your winnings can be quite high in Lucky Catch as the top prize is a bursting wild 20,000x your bet!

The New Game Promotion for Lucky Catch

Now it’s time for us to give you the lucky details about the Lucky Catch New Game Promotion.   This promotion is for three deposit bonuses and a $25 no deposit bonus to top it all off.  The deposit bonuses also have complementary free spins. Here are the happy details:

  1. The first deposit brings a 75% bonus up to $300 and 33 free spins.
  2. The second deposit brings a 100% bonus up to $200 and 44 free spins.
  3. The third deposit brings a 125% bonus up to $500 plus 55 free spins.
  4. Then you get a $25 no deposit bonus.

Everygame Casino Offers Great Online Casino Gaming

One new slot does not a great casino make!  In fact, we have introduced about 300 new games in the years since we first set foot in cyberspace!  Everygame Casino Red offers over 300 games, many of which were “new games” way back when!

We offer a phenomenal Welcome Package worth up to $5555!  We offer, as we said, many other promotions.  Gamers can play many different games in a single session as moving from game to game is a lot easier than catching a shark in real life.

You might say that the shark that one Alfred Dean caught back in 1959 was the original Lucky Catch.  We presume that grandpa might say that catching grandma was his Lucky Catch!  The shark that ol’ Alfred Dean caught weighed 2664 pounds!  We’re pretty sure that grandma weighed less!

All in all, gaming at Everygame Casino is fun and can be quite remunerative for the gamer with the luckiest catch!  To get started we encourage you to JOIN INTERTOPS CASINO NOW!