What are the Major Advantages of Online Casino Gaming over Land-based Casino Gaming?

What Does the Everygame Casino Login Give Gamers?

On the surface, the Everygame Casino login is just the key for any given gamer to play casino games online.  However, just as an iceberg is mostly beneath the surface, so too all of the advantages of online casino gaming are “below the surface”.

The Corona Virus Pandemic Taught Casino Gamers a Few Important Lessons

The first lesson is that, even if you prefer gaming at a land-based casino, you may not be able to travel to one for many months at a time!  For gamers who wanted to play casino games, the only alternative available to them when land-based casinos shut their doors was online casino gaming.

A lot of people who either rarely played at an online casino or who had never played at an online casino, suddenly found themselves enjoying gaming at….Everygame Casino!

The First Important Lesson: No Travel Costs

The time when Las Vegas and the state of Nevada were the only places a player could find land-based casino gaming has long passed into history.  Atlantic City came aboard and took most of the land-based casino traffic from the New York City area, the eastern seaboard megalopolis, and New England.

Then the Native American tribes were given permission to open casinos on Native American land.  Suddenly, land-based casinos were within driving distance of tens to hundreds of millions of people!

Finally, other states and localities decided to get on the land-based casino bandwagon.  Land-based casinos proliferated!  A lot of casino gamblers could drive for an hour more or less and arrive at a land-based casino albeit a relatively small one.

Then the corona virus made its appearance and the land-based casino industry was shut down!

As suddenly as the virus shut down land-based casinos, a lot of gamers discovered that playing at Everygame Casino and all other reputable online casinos involved exactly zero travel costs!

Was that the Only Reason Gamers Came to Everygame Casino Online?

Far from it!

But we do need to elaborate on the travel cost aspect of land-based casino gaming.

Even if you drive for only an hour to get to a land-based casino, that drive costs money.  Contrast that cost with the cost of walking from your kitchen, coffee in hand, to your living room sofa to play!

This is no minor matter as we shall see.  For the meantime, keep in mind that online casino gaming incurs no travel expenses at all!

The Second Important Lesson: Gaming at Everygame Casino Affords Great Comfort and Convenience

We spoke about going from the kitchen to the sofa.  Gaming on a soft sofa or comfortable upholstered chair is the personification of comfort.  Gaming at home is the personification of convenience!  No land-based casino can match Everygame Casino for comfort and convenience unless the land-based casino is literally in your back yard!


The Third Important Lesson: Everygame Casino Has a Great Mobile Gaming Platform

Gamers discovered the great advantage of mobile casino gaming.  So did land-based casinos many of which now offer in-housed mobile gaming!  We feel that there is exactly zero reason to travel to a land-based casino if you are going to play on your mobile device anyway!

The Fourth Important Lesson: There’s No Waiting at Everygame Casino

One of the many frustrations of land-based casinos is having to wait for a terminal to open or for a place at the blackjack table.  At Everygame Casino Red, gamers never, ever have to wait.  We can accommodate as many gamers as wish to play at Everygame and there is no limit to the number of gamers who can play the same game at the same time!

The Fifth Important Lesson: Online Casinos Offer More Games

A land-based casino may have a lot of terminals but many of them are duplicates of popular games.  In terms of absolute numbers, online casinos can carry an unlimited number of games.  At Everygame Casino at this time there are over 300 games.  We bring aboard a new slot every month.

If a land-based casino wants to bring in a new slot, it has to take out an old slot.  Thus, land-based casino gamers lose the pleasure of playing some classic games.

The Sixth Important Lesson: Online Gamers have Much More Flexible Hours

If you travel to Las Vegas, you might take a long weekend there.  The temptation to play for endless hours is very strong.  It is exceptionally hard to stay witching a sound monetary budget when you are playing for many hours at a time.

Land-based casino players often play on when they are hungry or tired or both!  This leads to poor judgment and many incorrect decisions.  At Everygame Casino, we recommend short gaming sessions primarily for the entertainment value and the ability of happy gaming to relax gamers after a day at work.

The Seventh Important Lesson: Everygame Casino Has Less Overhead and a Higher Return to Player Rate

We all remember the many land-based casino bells and whistles and employees scurrying around the casino floor.  Online casinos have none of this expensive extra overhead.  As a result Everygame Casino can offer higher return to player rates.

The Eighth Important Lesson: At Everygame Casino, You won’t be Hassled by Inebriated Players

Land-based casinos offer free alcohol.  More than a few players after a while become just inebriated enough to bother other players.  This is especially true of men hitting on women and not having enough self-control to take no for an answer.  Remember, it takes very little alcohol to change a person’s mindset.

It is true that these players will eventually be escorted out of the casino but if you were the person being hassled, that may be too little too late.

A corollary of the no one to hassle you theme is that at blackjack, if you play using the top strategy, you will probably be hassled by players who blame you for their losses.  After all, why did you hit with 12, 13, or 14 points?

The Ninth Important Lesson: JOIN INTERTOPS CASINO NOW!

As we said earlier, Everygame casino offers over 300 excellent games.  We protect your money with the top encryption software around.  We run many promotions and tournaments.  In addition to slots, Everygame offers table games in many forms and variations, video poker in many forms and variations, and casual games for that extra bit of mirth and relaxation.