Sparks are Flying at Everygame Casino from the Sparky 7 Slot Game

It’s Time to Get Sparky with Sparky 7 Retro Slot

One of the great things about Everygame Casino is that we can add games at will.  That’s why we have so many variations of blackjack and video poker as well as a couple of hundred amazingly exciting slots from Real Time Gaming.

The latest game to hail from the creative laboratory at RTG is called Sparky 7. This is a retro slot with three reels, bars, 7s, and several exciting and innovative ways to create or increase wins.

As an aside, we would like to say that retro slots are much more suited to an online casino such as Everygame Casino instead of a land-based casino.  The reason is that we have unlimited space in cyberspace while every land-based casino has limited space.

So, when a land-based casino brings in a retro slot or any slot for that matter it has to take out a slot.  In this way, many modern classics get taken out at land-based casinos to make way for what the casino hopes will become a new classic.

This never happens at an online casino.

Are There Actual Sparks in Sparky 7?

We won’t go so far as to say that there are real sparks in Sparky 7 but…we will say that this is a slot that features animation to the highest degree!  Sparks do fly in Sparky 7!  They fly between electrically charged points.  This happens when the fourth reel gets into the action.

Didn’t You Say that There are Three Reels?

Well, yes we did!

But….there is a fourth reel that does come into play sometimes.  So, on every spin in both the regular game and in the bonus round, the three main reels go a-spinning.  And, if you have two 7s on a payline, and you need just one more 7 to create a win, the fourth reel opens up and starts spinning.

The third 7 or the wild symbol will fit in the empty spaces that are a basic feature of Sparky 7.  On most spins of this type, you will either get a 7 to complete the winning line or you will get a wild symbol also completing the win.

To add even more fun to this exciting new feature, if you have two 7s on two lines or two 7s on three lines and so forth, one 7 or one wild symbol from the fourth reel will create a win on all of those lines!

This feature is called the Transferring Symbols feature.


Does This Feature Come into Play Often?

Yes, it does.

There is a graduated pay scale for wins on the five paylines.  The 7s come in different colors.  If you get three 7s on a payline, you win.  If the colors match, you will win more!  Similarly, if you get three 7s on the top or bottom payline, you will win more than if the three 7s are on the center payline or on one of the diagonal paylines.

Does the Transferring Symbols Feature Work with Bars, Too?

No, it doesn’t.  Now there are single bars, double bars, and triple bars.  Any combination of bars on a payline wins.  If the bars are all of the same size and color, you win a lot more!

The Bonus Icon is the Scatter Symbol

When you get three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you will get 7 free spins.  During the free spins bonus round, the Random Multiplier feature kicks in.  On every spin, a random multiplier appears next to the reels.  The multipliers can range from 2x to 5x.

The free spins feature can be retriggered so you can have many free spins with the random multiplier on each spin!

The Highest Win Total is 50,000 Times the Bet

Admittedly, this win comes a lot less frequently than the Transferring Symbol feature.  Still, it is great fun to pursue this big payout even as you enjoy the many smaller payouts offered in Sparky 7.

Why is the Game Called Sparky 7?

A spark can be a positive thing and it can have a down side as well.  A spark can set off a fire.  Let’s hope that never happens to you!  When the Tuacahn Theater puts on the great classic play Oklahoma, they have a real fire at one point in the play.

The fire is not close to the audience but the producers of the play do warn the people in the front row to watch out for sparks!

On the other hand, a car with an internal combustion engine needs a spark to go!

The nickname Sparky is used at times in sports.  This usually refers to a player who has limited athletic skills but has the knack for sparking his or her team to perform better.  The most famous Sparky in American baseball was Sparky Anderson who was a less than average player during his playing career but was such a good manger that he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame as a manager!

We predict that Sparky 7 will “sparken” your day whenever you play this great modern retro slot!