Everygame Casino Welcomed Many New Gamers with the Best that Online Casino Gaming Can Offer

What Did New Gamers At Everygame Casino Discover during the Corona Virus Pandemic?

Everygame Casino has been a leading online casino since it started in 1996. We have seen and been part of all of the changes, improvements, and general developments in the online casino market for 25 years! In the world of online casino gaming, 25 years is a veritable lifetime!

Still, we—and, to be honest, no one—were not prepared for the changes that the corona virus pandemic would bring to our market! Here, then, are a few of the many things new gamers discovered to their delight when they signed up to play at Everygame way back when the term corona meant a brand of beer, not a virus!

We Say Welcome 5555 Ways!

Everygame is known as the sign up bonus casino for a good reason: the sign up bonus is part of a gigantic Welcome Package that is worth up to $5555!

The corona virus caused all land-based casinos to close their doors until further notice. As a result, hundreds of thousands of gamers—at least—came to online casinos, for the first time, to satisfy their desire to enjoy playing casino games.

The first thing they discovered at Everygame Casino was our great Welcome Package! The Welcome Package has bonus percentages from 125% to 150% and bonus amounts from up to $1000 to up to $2000! Then a small no deposit bonus brings the total to $5555!

People who loved the atmosphere in Las Vegas or Atlantic City so much that they had never signed up to play at an online casino, saw the massive size of the Welcome Package at Everygame and compared it to the minuscule welcomes they had received on The Strip or along the Boardwalk!

One Terminal Can Accommodate Thousands of Gamers

Former land-based casino gamers found that in even a short session, they could play several different games. They could play slots with very different themes and then switch to a game of skill such as blackjack or video poker and easily return to slots if they so desired.

Even our casual games, primarily Fish Catch and Banana Jones, were just a click away.

Many gamers couldn’t even remember if any of the land-based casinos they had been to in the past few years even carried these games since they needed the space for terminals and tables.

The amazing flexibility online casino gaming offered them surprised many new online casino gamers to the core!

Even now, as land-based casinos are reopening, there are many restrictions that didn’t apply before the virus caused a pandemic and never applied to online casinos even during the height of the pandemic! Players returning to land-based casinos are finding fewer tables and terminals as social distancing is still being practiced in land-based casinos.

Why Do Some Land-based Casinos Offer in-house Mobile Gaming?

The next thing that new online casino gamers found was that all of the best online casinos—with Everygame Casino at the leading edge—had excellent mobile gaming platforms that were supported by most mobile devices.

Mobile started out a decade ago as a clumsy sibling to the dominant desktop gaming platforms. Now, as mobile gaming technology has improved exponentially and at lightning speed, most online casino gaming is done on mobile.

This also came as a surprise to land-based casino players. Naturally, they knew all about mobile for computer games but they were still completely sold on the idea that casino games should be played at a brick and mortar casino. Then they discovered mobile casino gaming and that notion flew out the cyberspacian window!

Now mobile is so dominant as a medium for casino gaming—because of its comfort and convenience—even land-based casinos offer a mobile platform! We have asked and many gamers are also asking: Why should I travel to a land-based casino and play their casino games on their mobile gaming platform?

Online Casinos Offer Many Bonuses and Other Promotions

Most of the promotions at land-based casinos are free alcohol, free hotel rooms, free food at the buffet, and possibly a free ticket to the show. At Everygame Casino, the promotions are for free spins and free money with a deposit. We have many gamers who never “just deposit”. Whenever they need to add some money to their casino account, they accompany the deposit with a promotion. Thus they get as about 100% more money (sometimes the percentage for a deposit bonus is even higher than 100%) plus many free spins on popular slots.


The Wagering Requirement Makes Big Deposit Bonuses Possible

Whenever a gamer accepts a deposit bonus, he or she agrees to bet a factor of the bonus. At a top online casino such as Everygame Casino Red this factor is usually about 30x the bonus. The reason there is a wagering requirement is to prevent a few unscrupulous gamers from cashing out the bonus right away!

Since online casino gamers can play in short, frequent sessions, they can fulfill the wagering requirement “at their leisure”. Land-based casino players don’t have such leisure! That’s why big deposit bonuses are almost exclusively offered by online casinos.

Comp points is a very popular promotion and it has some elements of the wagering requirement. You see, comp points accumulate over time. At Everygame Casino, we keep track of your comp points for you. At Everygame, you cannot “lose” your comp points but we know that there are plenty of land-based casino players who, when they are getting ready for another trip to their favorite casino, ask the very pertinent question: Where did I put that player’s card?

At a land-based casino, you keep track of your comp points on your player’s card and if you lose the card you lose the points!

Free Play

Land-based casinos cannot afford to give unlimited free paly but we can! We offer free play so that gamers can learn new games without needing to make a bet. This is one way we help gamers win. Our blog is another!

We Write New Articles Every Week

We publish many informative articles all of which are designed to help our gamers become better online casino games players! We offer advice, encouragement, and explain the strategic side of the games of skill. We also emphasize the fun and entertaining side of the games of chance.

Our Gamers are Forming a Unique Bucket List for Post-Corona Vacations

At Everygame Casino we feel that we help gamers win when they get lucky and save when they play online and don’t incur all of those travel expenses. The money saved can be earmarked for real vacations after the long pandemic runs its course.

In the meantime, the best advice we can finish this article with is directed at gamers who have not yet joined Everygame: JOIN INTERTOPS CASINO NOW!