How Does Everygame Casino Prove that is is Trustworthy?

Can Online Blackjack Be Trusted?

Here at Everygame Casino, we are always surprised when we hear about the same kind of question being asked about playing blackjack or any other game at an online casino. Can online slots be trusted? Can online roulette be trusted? Now, we will give the same answer we always give when the question of trust at an online casino comes up: Yes, all of the games at a reputable online casino can be trusted!

Everygame Casino Online is a Paragon of Good Repute

Everygame Casino has been around since 1994. That makes us a first generation online casino! We have seen all of the great and not so great developments in the online casino market and we can safely say that the software we use to track every hand or spin or roll of the dice is strong enough for an unlimited number of gamers to play AT THE SAME TIME!

What Makes an Online Casino Reputable?

An online casino needs to use software to do everything!

We use several different types of software:

  1. We use software to track the results of every hand or spin.
  2. We use software to track the wagering requirement for every bonus.
  3. We use software to record the increases and decreases in your casino account in real time.
  4. We use software to record your comp points in real time.
  5. We use software that scrambles all of the information we gather about the above areas and thus prevents hackers from accessing the information.
  6. We use software to guarantee the absolute randomness of every game so that gamers can play with confidence that no human can alter an outcome!

Whew! That’s a Lot of Software!

Yes, it is!

Since our casino is entirely digital, we need all of this software to be able to maintain a 100% accurate record of everything that goes on at Everygame for everyone who decides to play casino games here.

Can You Explain How Each Software Works?


Tracking Game Results

As you can imagine, we operate a massive bank of very powerful computers. Any software is only as good as it is programmed to be. So we employ a team of programmers whose job is to maintain the highest quality of programming so that we can effectively track everything that goes on.

As far as game results go, you want us to track every game so that we can resolve any conflict to the satisfaction of both sides. One way that computer software can get confused is if the7ur is a power outage in your area. By tracking every outcome we can know if we took your bet and considered the game a loss to your account even if the power went off before the game finished.

It is important to keep in mind that when you make a bet on a spin in slots, there is a very short delay before the outcome is known. There could be a power outage during that one or two second delay.

The software we use tracks that and helps us resolve conflicts that might arise from fluke occurrences.

What is the Wagering Requirement?

This is a factor of any bonus you take that you have to play before you can withdraw winnings. The reason that we and all reputable online casinos have a wagering requirement is that in the early days some disreputable gamers cashed out their bonuses immediately!

The wagering requirement is why land-based casinos don’t give deposit bonuses; gamers don’t have enough time to complete the wagering requirement!

Obviously, you want to know exactly when you have completed the wagering requirement so that you can withdraw any winnings is you wish to do so.

We Maintain the Integrity of Your Casino Account

Clearly, you want to know how much money you have on account at Everygame. We keep track of your account and many, many more!

Comp Points Can Grow Fast

Here is one area where online casinos such as Everygame Casino Red outshine any land-based casino! We keep track of your comp points for you! At a land-based casino, you have to remember to use your player’s card to keep track of your own comp points.

It is not unusual for a player who is returning to a land-based casino to not be able to find his or her player’s card!

Encryption is the Online Way to Protect Information

Every company or enterprise that keeps personal records of people uses encryption software to protect the individuals’ information and assets. This could be your bank account, your credit card number for online purchases, your personal; medical records, your address, your passwords, and many other items of information that you want to keep secret.


We use the most powerful and thorough encryption software to protect your assets and your personal information since we are a kind of online bank and because we want to be known all over the worlds as a completely reputable online casino!

What Software Guarantees the Randomness of Games?

This software is called the Random Number Generator or RNG. Some casino gamers who used to play only at land-based casinos before the advent of online casinos, believed that a casino could affect the outcome of a game. We believe that any reputable land-based casino also maintained the randomness of games but as an online casino, we knew that we needed a foolproof way to guarantee randomness.

Thus, the RNG was developed! Without it modern casino gaming would not be possible!

A lot of gamers believe that we do use the RNG to guarantee randomness and then they fall into the trap of also believing that a slots game is “due” or that their favorite number in roulette is due! Some gamers still believe in winning through betting systems.

The RNG not only guarantees the randomness of every game, it also can be used to “prove” that no betting system—as opposed to strategy—works. In other words, strategy works and can work so well that you can win most of the time in some games such as blackjack or video poker with a modest amount of luck. Betting systems are almost certainly going to bankrupt a gamer who uses one.

Being Respected and Trusted is Totally Important to Us

We have many deposit and withdrawal methods, all protected by the encryption software. We have a customer service office that never closes! We publish many informative articles such as this one as way to help gamers play better, win more, and have more fun!

The confidence gamers get from knowing that we have them covered on all fronts is why so many gamers JOIN INTERTOPS CASINO every day!