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Why Has Greek Mythology Stood the Test of Time?

This may seem like an odd question for Everygame Casino, your top online casino bringing you great casino online games since 1994, to ask! In light of the fact that Greek mythology remains a key aspect of Western culture, and that Real Time Gaming, our game provider, returns to Greek mythology often, means that we have hand, however small, in perpetuating the continuing popularity of this ancient set of beliefs, legends, tales, and intrigues.

Legend of Helios

The newest game online here at Everygame Casino is Legend of Helios. Helios was worshipped as the Sun God. He was said to ride his golden chariot across the sky from east to west bringing the sun along in his wake! He then travelled back east on the seas to begin the journey again the next day.

The golden chariot is one of the main symbols in Legend of Helios. The graphics for the chariot and for Helios himself reflect the sun. There is golden light shining behind both the chariot and Helios. He is depicted as a bearded older man with the sun surrounding him in golden light!

These graphics are the first of many reasons to play and enjoy Legend of Helios.

Our Spiritual Connection to the Sun

Although modern people no longer worship the sun, even today, there are people who feel spiritually connected to the sun upon arising.

In Yoga, the Surya Namaskar, or Salutation to the Sun is a twelve-step exercise that has practitioners stretch to greet the sun and then slowly make their way to the floor as if to bow to the sun before returning upright to greet the sun once again.

In Jewish culture, the morning prayers begin with Blessings to the Sunrise.

Jesus is often depicted as having bright sunlight behind him.


People’s moods are enhanced on sunny days while cloudy days often bring a certain measure of sadness.

The Beatles wrote and sang an iconic song called “Here Comes the Sun” -

Legend of Helios Slot Has “Immortal” Elements!

In this great new slot, you can enjoy Mystery Stacks, free spins, multipliers, a bonus wheel, two different scatter symbols, bursting wilds, double paylines, an innovative layout, and you’ll have a great time exploring all of these possibilities.

The five reels are arranged in a 4-3-4-3-4 pattern with 25 paylines but the reels revert to a 5-4 arrangement during one of the bonus rounds and the number of paylines is doubled to 50!

Mystery Stacks Create Guaranteed Wins

When symbols stack on the first and second reels, they stay in place as the Mystery Stacks Feature entails. The third, fourth, and fifth reels will then spin until you hit a winning combination!

The Two Scatters Work Together to Create Wins

The first scatter occupies the second and third reels. The second scatter abodes on the fourth reel. When there are three scatters, you get to spin the Bonus Wheel. The number of Bonus Wheel spins is determined by the scatter on the fourth reel. You will spin one, two, or three times. You can win 5x, 10x, 20x, 25x, 30x, 40x, 100x, or 400x as you spin the Bonus Wheel!

Four Unique Bonus Rounds

Legend of Helios features four soon to be legendary bonus rounds.

  1. We referred to the first bonus round above where the number of paylines doubles from 25 to 50.
  2. The second bonus round gas a 3x multiplier.
  3. The third bonus round has bursting wild symbols.
  4. The fourth bonus round has extra wild symbols and larger reels.

Animation Excels in Legend of Helios

The Bursting Wilds Feature requires spectacular animation. Real Time Gaming is constantly improving the animation in their slots as our gamers discover month after month as RTG finds yet another wrinkle to put into the newest slot!

Legend of Helios is already taking an honored place in the vast library of great slots we have on offer here at Everygame Casino Red. Greek Mythology is always a fascinating subject and the addition of the Sun God element makes the slot both a fun way to play and a way to connect with ancient societies.

For the very best online casino gaming, with over 300 games, great graphics and animation, absolutely safe and secure banking, and a customer service office that always is open, Everygame Casino is at the same time, the foremost online casino of the early days of online casino gaming and the foremost online casino greeting the “sun” of the future of online gaming!