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Can I Play Casino Online for Real Money?

Of course, you can!

This question does raise a few interesting subjects. At any really good casino online such as Everygame Casino, you can play for real money and you can also play for free! Here at Everygame we do everything we can to help gamers play for real money.

Our Promotions Promote Fun Gaming

One way is through our long list of online casino promotions. Another way is through these articles that are intended to inform gamers about many aspects of online casino gaming including proper strategy, keeping gaming in perspective, the many advantages of gaming at an online casino instead of at a land-based casino, and many other subjects.

Responsible Gaming is at the Head of Our Priorities

Yet another way we help gamers play for real money is by supporting efforts to help gamers play responsibly. In our view, responsible gaming is equally as important as having fun, winning real money, and being entertained while gaming. We have published many articles that talk about aspects of responsible gaming.

Let’s take a more in depth look at these three elements of playing for real money.

The Happy Story behind the Everygame Casino Promotions

The main thrust of our many promotions is to help our gamers build up their gaming bankroll and to get some free spins as well! Our promotions start with the five-sided Welcome Package that includes four deposit bonuses for new players totaling as high as $5500 and topped off with a $55 no deposit bonus!

That’s a lot of the casino’s money gamers can play with!

In addition, we run several other deposit bonus promotions such as the Game of the Month Promotion and the New Game Promotion. We run other promotions that are designed to reward gamers with extra spins or cash.

The Comp Points Promotion applies to every game you play here at Everygame Casino Red. As the comp points accumulate, you have the option of continuing to grow them or to redeem them for casino credits.

Don’t Land-based Casinos Run Similar Promotions?

Actually, no!


Deposit bonus promotions come with a wagering requirement that playees at land-based casinos can’t generally complete before their trip to the casino ends. Thus, if they did take a deposit bonus, they would have money left in their player’s card that they wouldn’t be able to reach until the next time they came to the same casino and remembered to bring their player’s card with them!

The wagering requirement is a factor of the bonus that the player has to bet before he or she can withdraw winnings. At a good online casino, gamers can play as often as they wish and as often as it is convenient given that our gamers have many other interests, fun activities like hobbies, responsible jobs, domestic responsibilities, and just like to get together with family members and friends over a drink or two!

As a result, land-based casinos offer free alcohol, meals, accommodations, and possibly show tickets. We feel that these “promotions” are not worth it when we consider the cost of travel and the tendency of players at land-based casinos to gamble rather than to game!

Free Play Gives Gamers Extra Knowledge that Often Helps them Win

As an online casino, we might have tens of thousands of gamers playing at any one time. We are open to the entire world! Since we reside in cyberspace, no garner ever has to wait to play! The end result is that we have no problem offering unlimited free play to gamers!

In contrast, land-based casinos need players playing for real money at as many terminals or tables as possible. Players at land-based casinos often hoard a terminal and play there for hours at a time! This is never a problem at Everygame Casino since we don’t have terminals! No one ever has to wait so it is no problem for us to offer free play!

Gamers can use our free play offer to learn a new game, to develop some expertise in the games of skill, or to decide if any game of chance is fun enough for them to play it for real money.

In addition to offering free play, we offer free advice! This article is one of hundreds of informative articles that gamers can use to learn as much as they can about casino games and gaming. One of the main themes of many articles is that gaming should always be fun before it is about winning money!

This is a perfect segue to the area of responsible gaming which is the other side of the coin (so to speak) of gaming for real money.

Everygame Casino Offers Gamers Ways to Effectively Control their Online Casino Gaming

We often say that gamers should set reasonable time and money budgets on their gaming. Online casinos are available all the time so there is never any reason to play longer than you should and for more real money than you should.

Responsible gaming, at its core, is all about making the bet itself part of the entertainment value of playing the game. If you feel that that betting money has surpassed the entertainment factor, it is probably time to stop playing for real money!

Betting on the outcomes of games has been part of the human makeup for thousands of years! We are part of that milieu but we never want to be part of any gamer’s excessive betting.

How to Set Time and Money Budgets

The term “budgets” here also means “limits”. Ultimately, every gamer has to honestly evaluate his or her availability to play and the financial means that they can put toward gaming.

A player who wants all or most of her extra money to go other interests, of which there are hundreds, might either choose free play or will eschew online gaming entirely! This is perfectly fine by us! We want every gamer at Everygame Casino to see gaming as a form of entertainment.

Everygame Casino keeps track of gamers’ betting habits. If we see that a gamer has either played for much longer than they were used to playing or playing for more money than they were sued to playing for, we will contact that player to find out if there is anything we can do to reset the player’s gaming habits.

We allow gamers to set their own “fail safe” limits in terms of time and money.

Join Everygame Casino

Certainly, you can play for real money at Everygame Casino online. We always emphasize that gaming has to fit into your very broad and expansive lifestyle. We want all of our gamers to have a well-rounded lifestyle where online gaming forms just a part of that lifestyle.

Gaming at Everygame Casino is safe, secure, and fun with a wealth of promotions, articles, and games to enjoy!