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What are the Best Online Casino Games?

This is truly a fascinating question! First, we have to admit that with so many billions of people on Planet Earth and with such a large percentage of them enjoying playing their favorit online casino games on a regular basis, that there would be a wide range of opinion as to which single game is the “best” online casino game!

Then we have to divide the games into their most accessible categories. So, in this article, we at Everygame Casino will put forth ideas as to which set of games certain types of players enjoy over others, which is not to say that they don’t at times play games from their second tier of online casino games!

Games of Chance

The most obvious game division is between the games of chance and the games of skill.

Who are the gamers that enjoy games of chance over games of skill?

Slots are the Perfect Conduit for Unwinding

Let’s start with people who are tired after getting home from their long day at work and need to unwind. They want to play a game that gives them the chance to relax.

Now, it is true that some people get home and can relax while working on a 1000 piece (or more) puzzle. Gamers who choose to relax and unwind with slots would likely feel that to sit at a table with 1000 random puzzle pieces staring at them would not be relaxing! To many people, that pretty much describes the situation they face at work every day!

Why Do Most Online Casino Gamers Play for Real Money?

Keep in mind that no one has to play for real money. We offer unlimited free play! Most of our gamers use the free play option to get to know a game that they haven’t played before or a game of skill that they are trying out.

With about 200 slots alone, many gamers, especially newer gamers who are not familiar with every slot we have on offer, will play a few spins in the free play mode in order to see if they find the game interesting enough to play it for real money. In general, gamers play for real money because it is fun! At Everygame, gaming for real money is as safe as banking online!


How Much Real Money Do Gamers Play For?

This is very subjective. Still, we always advise our gamers to set a reasonable gaming budget in both money and time. As far as the money is concerned, if you bet a penny or two on a spin, you are really playing for fun and relaxation rather than to score a six or seven figure jackpot!

Thus, the best slot game for most gamers is the slot—or slots, since all of our slots fill this requirement—that entertains them for 30 to 60 minutes and allows them to then go on with their other interesting activities or at home responsibilities.

Are Slots the Only Games of Chance?

No, indeed not!

We offer roulette, craps, baccarat, Banana Jones, Fish Catch, and other games of chance.

In roulette, craps, and baccarat, we only urge gamers to be careful not to make contradictory bets. Since there are so many different bets in these games, it is possible to make bets that cancel each other out!

So, we guess that in this slight way these games are also games of skill! But in reality, they are also pure games of chance like slots.

Some gamers play Fish Catch and Banana Jones exclusively! For these gamers, these Rae the best online casino games! By the way, most gamers skip these games since we have so many other games on offer. Banana Jones and Fish Catch are pure fun and are well worth a trial session!

Who Plays the Games of Skill?

The games of skill at Everygame Casino Red are primarily blackjack and video poker. We also offer the Caribbean Poker variations.

People who play these games love them first and foremost. There are many blackjack players who almost never play slots just as there are many slots players who never play blackjack.

Online Gaming is More Varied than Land-based casino Gaming

Here we have one of the clearest differences between online casino gaming and land-based casino gaming. At a land-based casino, many players never get up from the one terminal they are occupying. They have a very one-sided gaming experience even if they are on the casino floor for many hours over a three day period.

At Everygame Casino, most gaming sessions are relatively short and a lot more frequent than most players can have at a land-based casino! As a result, there is no need to “hoard” a terminal at Everygame Casino! Therefore, it is much easier and better as far as general gaming is concerned to go from one type of game to another for the change of pace and the challenge.

The Games of Skill Present a Challenge

It is true that when you play a game of skill you have to pay close attention on every hand! The best strategy for any variation of either blackjack or video poker makes the return to player rate close to 100%. That means that in an hour-long session, you can expect to win a little or lose a little.

The odds against gamers go up when they don’t use the best strategy on every hand. For a lot of gamers, the challenge to use the best strategy on every hand gives them great pleasure! At that point, the best online casino game for blackjack lovers will be blackjack and the best game for video poker players will be video poker!

Money Management Affects Gaming

The best game for some gamers will be a slot with a big progressive jackpot. Similarly, many players like to play the progressive jackpot side bets in the Caribbean Poker games.

In order to qualify for a big progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline. Finally, in order to win the big bonus payout for a Royal Flush in video poker, you have to bet the maximum on every hand.

All of these maximum and side bets may be outside of the comfort zone financially for many gamers. So, for them, the best games would be games that don’t require a maximum bet! There are a lot of games that don’t require a maximum bet and that are suited for the low end gamer.

And the Winner Is…

The best game is the game you like the most! All of our games are fun and exciting. The games of chance are excellent for easy relaxation while the games of skill are more challenging.

As an online casino, Everygame offers a much broader gaming experience than any land-based casino can offer so the winners are... Everygame Casino gamers! The only thing left to do is to JOIN INTERTOPS CASINO!