Why Do Gamers Need a Casino Login?

Is an Online Casino Login a Good Thing?

Interesting question!

There are some casino gamers who feel that needing a login to access the casino’s games is a disadvantage; that it would be much easier just to walk into a land-based casino!  We feel that using your Everygame Casino login gives you a big advantage over land-based casino players and we will devote this article to demonstrating why.

How Do Players Access the Games at a Land-based Casino?

It is true that you don’t need to enter your casino login to play the games at a land-based casino.  It is also true that you have to incur substantial travelling costs just to get to the casino!  In addition, if you plan on staying at the casino for a few days, you will have hotel costs.

So, the tradeoff at this point is using your Everygame Casino login or spending a few hundred dollars on travel costs!


The Everygame Casino Gives Access and Protection

Once again, you can play as you wish at a land-based casino.  Still, the player’s card contains and records assets that you want to protect.  So, even at a land-based casino, you need to find a way to protect your player’s card.

Everygame Casino protects all of your assets behind the login code which, in reality, is simply a “key” that you can’t lose!  So, the login does give you access to the games and promotions and it also serves as a kind of firewall that keeps the hackers away from your assets!

Online Gamers Can and Do Play Hundreds of Games!

Since you don’t have to “protect” your seat at Everygame Casino, you have the flexibility of playing over 300 games here while most gamers play just a few games in even a three day trip to a land-based casino.

Your Everygame Casino Login Can be Compared to a Key or Password

Just as no one objects to locking their door or car and carrying the key with them, so should no one object to having a casino login that they can “carry” with them wherever they go.

One of the most satisfying realities about online casino gaming is that mobile gaming platforms have become so sophisticated and smooth that most online gaming is actually done these days on mobile!  When you play on mobile, you enter the same login code you use on your desktop casino.

One of the most ironic developments happening even as we speak is that many land-based casinos are offering a mobile gaming platform so players can play on mobile in their hotel room!  This seems to obviate the entire reason to travel at great cost to a land-based casino!

The best use of mobile gaming is to access casino games while you are on a real vacation!

A Real Vacation Takes You to Places You Have Never Been to Before

In the slow moving aftermath of the corona virus pandemic, many people have come to appreciate more than ever the value of travel for the sake of travel and to see new people and places.

If you are a big city person, a trip to the mountains may be in order.   Rural folks might enjoy going to a big city.  This is a subject for a longer discussion but at its basic level, the mobile casino platform coupled with the casino login gives gamers quiet access to the games at Everygame Casino so they can enjoy theiur vacation!

Your Casino Login is Also an Identification Card of Sorts

The login also tells the casino that “Joe” or “Jane” is now playing!  The casino’s software keeps track of every outcome of every game you play plus calculates your comp points in real time.

Now, land–based casinos also have a player’s card which keeps track of all outcomes, credits your account for wins and subtracts from the account for losses, and calculates your comp points in real time.

The difference here is that you have to remember to use the player’s card; you have to bring the card with you when you come to the land-based casino; and you have you remember where you put the card when you got home from your last trip to the casino.

The Login Gives You Access to All of the Casino’s Promotions

Everygame Casino runs many promotions simultaneously.  The most famous promotion at Everygame Casino is our huge Welcome Package which cab get as high as $5555!

But we don’t stop there with bonus promotions!  In fact, we always have a few promotions going that combine deposit bonuses and free spins!  The promotions are always for excellent bonus percentages, and for substantial amounts of cash bonuses, and for a lot of free spins.

Land-based casinos cannot offer such lucrative bonuses!

Why is That?

The main reason is that every deposit bonus comes with a wagering requirement which we admit protects the casino from the few gamers who would take their bonus and cash out immediately.

Land-based casinos can’t offer large deposit bonuses because very few land-based casino players can complete the wagering requirement in the short time they will be at the casino.

This would mean that the winnings a player at a land-based casino who took a bonus offer would not be able to withdraw those winnings until he or she came back to that specific casino and completed the wagering requirement.

At Everygame Casino Red, the idea of “coming back” to the casino is never an issue requiring long term planning.   At Everygame, our gamers have as long as they need to complete the wagering requirement for a bonus and they can come back to the casino whenever they want to and can fit in a little casino gaming among their other interest and responsibilities.

Land-based casinos are much more likely to offer free whisky than they are likely to offer free money!  They also offer free meals at the buffet, possibly free hotel accommodations, and for high rollers, they might kick in with free show tickets.

In Conclusion: Your Everygame Casino Login is a Very Good Thing

The casino login allows you to play any and all of 300+ games at your pleasure.  There is no sense of hoarding a terminal because you’re afraid that you’ll never get it back.  The login gives you access to games and promotions without any travel costs.  The login protects all of you money on account plus all of your personal information.

So, to get the most benefit out of your Everygame Casino login, JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO NOW!