Where is Everygame Casino Located?

The simple answer is that Everygame Casino is located in cyberspace!

This is actually no answer at all!

You see, no one can actually locate cyberspace!  We can’t find it on a map!  We know it exists because we “go” there every day.  Some people virtually “live” in cyberspace as they access what have come to be known as social media there!

So, what do we really mean when we say that Everygame Casino is located in cyberspace?

What Advantages Does Being Located in Cyberspace Give Everygame Casino?

Cyberspace versus Bricks and Mortar

Cyberspace is a vast, unknown place that seems to be unlimited in size.  This presents a serious cosmological and theological conundrum which we shall studiously avoid. LOL!

Online casinos are as far as we know unlimited in their potential size.  This is in dramatic contrast with land-based casinos that are limited by their brick and mortar walls.  This limitation applies to land-based casinos even if their walls are made of glass and steel!


How are Land-based Casinos Limited?

Here are just a few of the ways land-based casinos are limited.  Keep in mind that Everygame Casino is NOT LIMITED in any of these ways!

  1. The number of players who can play at any one time.
  2. The number of games the casino can offer.
  3. The variety of the games the casino can offer.
  4. The types of promotions the casino can offer.
  5. The types of freebies the casino can give.
  6. The return to player rate as a function of operating costs.

Let’s take a closer look at how being located in cyberspace works to Everygame Casino’s advantage and how being located on land works to land-based casinos’ disadvantage.

How Many People Can Fit onto a Dance Floor?

Here we are really talking about a casino floor but the image is the same.  A baseball stadium can hold perhaps 50,000 people but Fenway Park and Wrigley Field can hold far fewer!

A concert hall might be big enough to hold one or two thousand people for a concert.  Even Disney World has lines because the rides and other attractions are limited by their actual size.

Since we don’t know what the actual size of cyberspace is, we can say that for now the number of gamers who “fit” on the digital Everygame Casino gaming floor is unlimited!

How Many Games Can a Casino Hold?

Most land-based casinos have many terminals of popular games and as a result can’t accommodate a large selection of games.  This is even more pronounced in the games that take up a lot of floor space such as craps, roulette, and blackjack.

At Everygame , you can play both American and European roulette.  American land-based casinos have room for only one roulette table and they usually feature American roulette.

Land-based casinos have one craps table that can fit twenty or so players around it.  Everygame Casino also has a craps game that thousands can play at the same time!

Everygame casino welcomes anew slots game every month!  All land-based casinos can do the same but, if they take a game in, they have to take a terminal out!  The result is that at land-based casinos it is hard to find classic slots that perhaps five people play in a single year.  They simply can’t afford to keep the game there for that small a number of players.

Everygame Casino, “residing”, as it were, in cyberspace, can easily accommodate both the new and the old!  So, if you like to play slots classics, you are a lot more likely to find the game you want at Everygame Casino!

How Many Blackjack Tables are there at Everygame Casino?

Actually, there are no blackjack tables per se at Everygame !  We do, however, feature many variations of blackjack, far more than even the biggest land-based casinos can offer.

Once again, the advantage is with the casino located in cyberspace (that’s Everygame ) rather than the casino located in “limited space”!

At a land-based casino, you play blackjack at a table with a minimum bet.  You might not be able to find a blackjack table with a $2 minimum.  This limits blackjack players even more than space limits the casino itself.

At Everygame , blackjack and video poker have betting ranges from very low to very high!  This means that one software for any given blackjack variation cam accommodate as many gamers as wish to play at any given time!

Everygame Casino Offers Many Promotions

Our promotions are usually for deposit bonuses and possible with free spins along with the cash bonus.  Our Welcome Package is four deposit bonuses that can total fully $5000 in cash deposit bonuses plus a $55 no deposit bonus at the end.

No land-based casino can possible match that kind of bonus!

When a gamer at Inteertops Casino Red completes the wagering requirement for the massive amount of money they received upon joining Everygame , they can avail themselves of our many other promotions.  In short, it is possible to play for many hours over many gaming sessions with the casino’s money!

This simply can’t happen at land-based casinos since the gaming window is so small, a few days at most!

Everygame Casino Encourages Gamers to Play for Short Sessions

Since we are available around the clock every day of the year, we see no reason to artificially encourage gamers to keep playing beyond a reasonable length of time.  For some gamers the reasonable length of time is an hour, for some a little more, and for some less.

The point is that we all have many other interests and responsibilities which we have to and want to attend to while players at land-based casinos seem entirely focused on three things: gambling, drinking free alcohol, and eating at the buffet, often for free as well.

Land-based casinos have two tricks up their sleeves that keep players on the casino floor.  One is that they don’t have any windows so players lose track of time and play on long after they are too tired to make good decisions. The second trick that land-based casinos use to keep players playing is to have no clocks.  This has the same effect as no windows: players lose track of time and paly on and on!

Cyberspace Has All the Advantages

We feel that we have shown how being located in cyberspace works to everyone’s advantage while land-based casinos being located on land is advantageous only for the casino once it has a player in tow on the casino floor!

In short, NOW is the time to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO!