How Can Blackjack Players Learn the Best Strategy?

Whether you play blackjack at Everygame Casino or at a land-based casino, there are “only” six plays the player can make and the dealer’s moves are all fixed by the rules of that particular game or table.  It makes it seem very simple to play!  It is not as simple as it looks.  However, we would like to make the case that blackjack at an online casino is better than blackjack at a land-based casino!

Everygame Casino Wants all Gamers to Use the Best Strategy for Blackjack.

Are the Chances for Profit Better at an Online Casino or at a Land-based Casino?

Since blackjack at either an online casino or at a land-based casino is based on the play of the cards according to specific rules, the chances of winning money are the same whether you play online or on land with a few very important provisos!

The Payout for Blackjack is Very Important

The return to player rate for perfect strategy on every hand is about 99.5%. It is a lot easier for a blackjack gamer to play with perfect strategy at Everygame Casino online than at a land-based casino for at least the following seven reasons.

  1. Online blackjack sessions are shorter which allows gamers to play with full attention.
  2. Land-based casinos are, by their nature, casinos where players spend hours at a time in the casino.
  3. Land-based casinos impair players’ decision making by offering free alcohol.
  4. Some games at land-based casinos pay only 6-5 for blackjack.  Some even pay even money!
  5. Card counting at land-based casinos is often detected by floor managers and the player is asked to leave the casino.
  6. Land-based blackjack tables are often—even usually—occupied by players who don’t know real blackjack strategy and will blame you for their losses if you play the game correctly.
  7. Land-based casinos are full of distractions that range from bright lights, to alcohol, to sexy women scantily dressed to general noise.  The noise might be okay for slots players and may be desirable for roulette and craps players but they interfere with good decision making at blackjack.


Do Some Blackjack Players Still Count Cards?

Yes, there are still some card counters!  Card counting is functionally impossible in games where there are many decks in the shoe, or, as is more frequent all the time at land-based casinos, the cards are all shuffled automatically before each new hand.

At online casinos, the software is also designed to shuffle the cards automatically before each new hand.

The difference as far as card counting is concerned is that at land-based casinos, a card counter might be kicked out of the casino!

Short Sessions are Essential for Winning at Blackjack

In order to win money at blackjack, you need two things: perfect strategy and a little luck.  With perfect strategy, it takes just a little luck to turn a small profit instead of incurring a small loss.  In either case, playing with correct strategy allows gamers to play many hands and gain a small win or incur a small loss.

Shorts sessions are rare at land-based casinos.  The nature of a person travelling to a land-based casino, incurring the costs of doing so, and committing to two or three days at the casino, means that blackjack sessions at land-based casinos are much longer than at an online casino.

Online blackjack lends itself to short sessions because it is available every day.  You can always play; no one ever has to wait for a seat to become empty at Everygame Casino online!

After enjoying the challenge of blackjack for an hour or so, gamers at Everygame can get together with friends for a friendly visit or can get involved in their other outside and free time and outside activities and responsibilities.

In fact, Everygame encourages gamers to develop outside interests thus making their casino gaming a form of entertainment in the truest sense of the term.

If the Return to Player Rate is 99.5 % with 3-2 Blackjack, Can 6-5 Blackjack be All that Bad?

It can be and is!

The return to player rate for 6-5 blackjack is about 96% which means that it is about 8 times less lucrative than 3-2 blackjack.  Studies have shown that it is statistically impossible to win at 6-5 blackjack.  You might defy the statistics and get very lucky and win once in a while but you will lose much more in 6-5 blackjack than you should.

To avoid this pitfall, simply never play 6-5 blackjack!  It can be hard to find a 3-2 blackjack table at some land-based casinos.  This alone is enough reason to play online at Everygame Casino!

How, then Can Online Gamers Learn Blackjack Strategy?

There are strategy cards available for every blackjack variation we offer.  These charts do take some time to learn.  Therefore, we encourage gamers to bring the strategy cards with them and to refer to them on every hand.

Players have only six possible choices in blackjack:

  1. Hit
  2. Stand
  3. Double down
  4. Split
  5. Surrender
  6. Take insurance

Let’s dispense with insurance first.  It has been shown statistically to be a very bad investment.  The return to player rate for insurance is even less good than for 6-5 blackjack!

On the other hand, surrender can be a very valuable tool to conserve money.  You surrender half of your bet but save the other half.  This is excellent strategy when you have 15 or 16 points and the dealer is showing a seven or better.

It is also important to play in games where you can double down after splitting.  It helps a lot to be able to split more than once which means that after splitting you got another of the same value card.

Finally, we have reached the all-important decision to hit or to stand.  This is the area that gets land-based blackjack players “in trouble” with the other players at the table.  Some players think taht sophisticated blackajck startey is to stand on all point counts from 12 and above.  The reason is a 10 point card causes the player to bust.

This is, however, not great strategy!  There are many instances where hitting on 12 or 13 points is the correct play.  There are even a few cases where it is better to hit on 14 points!

As we said, learning the strategy chart may take time.  Still, it is entirely accessible to almost everyone!  If it is too hard for a player to learn, may we suggest that that player should find a less skill-based game to play?

One of the biggest advantages we offer here at Everygame Casino Red is that players can play in free play mode as long as they need!  You can practice blackjack strategy in free play mode!

So, the bottom line to success in blackjack is to use a strategy card and play online at EVERYGAME CASINO. JOIN NOW