Why Does Everygame Casino Offer So Many Promotions?

Of course, you realize that Everygame Casino is not the only online casino that offers promotions.  You also understand that online casino promotions are not the only kinds of business promotions around!

So, the real question is: Why do businesses offer promotions?

How Do Promotions Affect Businesses Like Everygame Casino?

Some Promotions are Called by a Different Name

Have you ever been attracted to an offer without realizing that is was a promotion?  We have

  1. Sales.
  2. “One day only”.
  3. Buy one get one.
  4. Embedded discounts for “members”.
  5. Frequent flyers (or any other frequent consumer of a good or service).
  6. Punch cards that get you a free ice cream (or other item) after you complete the card.
  7. End of season deals.
  8. Highway billboards.
  9. An advertisement that makes you laugh.

And this is a short list!


That Still Leaves the Ever-present Question: Why?

Here is another short list of reasons why any business might offer a promotion:

  1. Bring in mew customers.
  2. Keep the customer satisfied.
  3. Introduce and promote a new product.
  4. Make the product or service more prominent in the public eye.
  5. Get the attention of former customers or clients.
  6. Improve the company’s reputation.

Let’s Look at a Few of the Best Promotions of All Time

The purpose of this exercise is to see how business promotions in general affect online casino promotions.

The Grand Opening is a promotion clearly designed to bring in new customers.  Many stores have a Grand Opening celebration without a sale.  It is more common to attach a sale to a store opening.  Even established chains will have a celebration of sorts when they open up yet another store.

How Does Everygame Casino Incorporate the Grand Opening Concept?

Since an online casino is a standalone enterprise, we cannot open up “a new store”.  A land-based casino can become a chain by opening a new casino in a new location.  So, we at Everygame Casino need a “hook” to represent our Grand Opening that does not actually exist.

The way we do this is by offerings a huge Welcome Bonus to new gamers!  This is the first promotion any new garner will experience at Everygame so we make it a big celebration.  There are four deposit bonuses with bonus rates 0f 125% or 150% and the total bonus money can be as high as $5500!  Thane we top it off with a $55 no deposit bonus!

Even though the no deposit bonus is relatively small compared to the other four deposit bonuses, we have found that a lot of gamers love getting free money in any form!  We also offer free money in our $30,000 Wheel of Fortune promotion.

Has the Everygame Casino Welcome Package been a Success?

The Welcome Package has proved to be an excellent way to introduce gamers to Everygame Casino.  It is ironic that land-based casinos can become casino chains with the concomitant Grand Opening celebration but they cannot come close to matching the Welcome Package bonuses offered by online casinos!

That’s because all bonuses have a wagering requirement which means that the gamer has to bet a factor of the bonus before he or she can withdraw winnings.  There is plenty of time to complete the wagering requirement at an online casino but there is simply not enough time to do so at a land-based casino so they don’t offer this kind of promotion.

Comp Points are the Online Casino Version of Frequent Flyer Miles

Everyone knows what frequent flyer miles are.  A lot of businesses in the travel market have a variation of frequent flyer miles.  Car rental companies, hotel chains, tourist attractions, and others have similar offers.

Everygame offers comp points which are a way for gamers to save points that they can later redeem for casino credits.  Here is another irony: land-based casinos also offer comp points.  The difference is that these points accumulate on the player’s card which he or she has to remember to use, simply to bring with them when they take their semi-annual excursion to the land-based casino.  How often does a player forget to pack the player’s card thus obviating all those previously saved comp points?  How often does a player remember to pack the card but can’t find it?

How often does this kind of mix-up happen at Everygame Casino?  Well, never!

Some Promotions Work Their Magic by Putting a Smile of People’s Faces

We all remember the ads with celebrities sporting a milk mustache.  We all remember the mayonnaise company that says “at (insert name) we break a few eggs.”  We all remember the lizard that is the symbol of an insurance company.  We remember the insurance company with the “good hands”.  How about the hamburger chain that had a little girl ask: “where’s the beef?"

And others we all recognize:

  • “Mikey, he likes it!”
  • “Thanks, I needed that.”
  • “Let (insert name) put you in the driver’s seat.”
  • “Fly the friendly skies.”

Beautiful Wrigley Field

This was one of the greatest promotions of all time because it actually promoted the stadium where a perennially poor team played!  The Chicago Cubs were to “doormat of the National League” as the late, great Steve Goodman sang.  But a couple of million people cane to this very small ballpark every year because it was…..beautiful!

Here is another irony: the person who developed the "Beautiful Wrigley Field” promotion was a man named Bill Veeck who created it in the 1920’s when he worked for the Cubs.

Decades later he bought the rival Chicago White Sox and he said in his autobiography “Veeck as an Wreck” that his greatest challenge in competing with the Cubs was not to put the best team on the field but to overcome his own “Beautiful Wrigley Field” promotion since the park the White Sox played in was dastardly ugly!

One Car Rental Company Stumbled onto a Great Promotion

We mentioned above that the leading card rental company in the 1960’s had a campaign in which they “offered” to “put you in the driver’s seat.”

The Avis Company was a far behind number two in the burgeoning car rental market.  Their President, Robert Townsend, knew he need a great promotion to combat the visual attractiveness of a, man being lowered into a moving car!

He enlisted the top advertising company at the time and promised to run with whatever they were able to come up with.  A few months later, at the meeting in winch the head of the advertising company was to present their final work product, the head of the ad company said that none of their people actually liked the promotion but that it was the best they could come up with!

No one at the Avis Company liked it either!  But Robert Townsend had promised to run with whatever the ad company said was the best they could come up with.  The resulting campaign was “We’re Number two.  We try harder.” This may have been the single greatest promotion in American business history!

Everygame Casino and our Promotions

Unlike the Avis Car Rental promotion, Everygame Casino Red did not “stumble” on anything!  We have known for coming on to three decades in the online casino market that gamers want great games and a multitude of promotions!

We give gamers both of these and a lot more!  We encourage you to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO NOW!