What is the Best Online Casino?

This is a very strange question to ask an online casino!  We suspect that every online casino would have the same reaction we had here at Everygame Casino!  That is that we are the best online casino!

Let us change the playing field so to speak and talk about the areas that contribute to an online casino having a top reputation and let’s start with Everygame as the sign up bonus casino.

Everygame Casino Talks about the Elements that Make an Online Casino Great

All Online Casinos Offer a Sign up Bonus

The difference at Everygame is how the sign up bonus is distributed.  This includes both the bonus amount and the bonus rate.  The sign up bonus at Everygame Casino is actually what we call the Welcome Package, also a standard feature on most online casinos.

Our Welcome Package is four separate deposit bonuses topped off by a no deposit bonus.  First we will give you the plain details and then we will go into them in some detail!

  1. The first bonus is for 125% up to $1000.
  2. The second bonus is for 150% up to $1500.
  3. The third bonus is again for 125% up to $1000.
  4. The fourth bonus is for 150% up to $2000.

This adds up to a total of $5500 in depositor bonuses.  Then we add $55 as your no deposit bonus for a grand total of $5555!


How Much Does a New Gamer Have to Deposit to Get the Full Welcome Package?

It takes a bit of arithmetic to calculate this!  It takes deposits totaling $3933 to get the full $5500 in deposit bonuses which comes to about a 140% rate altogether.  Now, when we add the $55 no deposit bonus, we get the same deposit sum and the bonus rate comes to a little more than 141%.

A Welcome Package bonus rate of 141% is very high!

How Much Bang Do Gamers Get for Their Bucks?

Everygame Casino offers more than 300 games from the creative minds at Real Time Gaming.  RTG brings out a new slot every month.  We always run a New Game Promotion that includes both deposit bonuses at a high rate and free spins!

It is the size and the total of all of a casino’s promotions that places in in a class by itself!  Everygame Casino offers many promotions.  Some are for various deposit bonuses and free spins; some are permanent promotions that offer smaller prizes that a lucky gamer can win again and again; some are for comp points which are a form of savings account of casino credits.  When you have enough comp points, you can redeem them and add some money to your established account.

Everygame Offers Many Variations of Table Games and Video Poker

While slots are the most popular game at Everygame, as they are at most online casinos, we do not neglect our other game categories.  We have many variations of blackjack and video poker which are the most popular games of skill at the casino.

The return to player rate for these games is about 99.5% if you use the best strategy for each game.  When you add comp points accumulated while playing, the RTG can get close to or even over 100%!

Everygame Publishes Many Informative Articles

There are a lot of online casinos that publish pieces about a new game or promotion.  We also publish some articles like these.  We also write articles that inform our gamers.  A close perusal of our library of articles will find much writing about how to do better at the casino, tips for managing your time and money better, strategy tips for gaming in general and for specific games, and much more.

One of the favorite memes of our online gamers is the concept of the “real vacation”.  We have written often about this idea.

What is a Real Vacation?

In the years before the corona virus pandemic, there were a lot of casino players who preferred land-based casinos to online casinos.  Keep in mind that land-based casinos pre-darted online casinos by several decades.  Going to Las Vegas was kind of party!

Since the legalization of land-based casinos back about 100 years ago, casinos have proliferated.  In addition to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, casino boats became commonplace at ocean ports.  The casino boats sailed a distance from the shore out into the open ocean and then opened their casino.  Native Americans won the right to open casinos on Native American land and the number of casinos grew apace.  Then localities decided that it was time to get in on the land-based casino business.  Then the corona virus hit and all of those casinos shut down “temporarily”.

Thousands if not millions of casino players suddenly “discovered” the immense comfort and convenience of online casinos such as Everygame.

Now that land-based casinos are reopening, albeit with many restrictions, there are a lot of gamers who have decided to continue playing casino games online at Everygame and to save their travelling budget for “real vacations”.  This is what a real vacation is in the context of casino gaming: you play online and take a vacation that you would not have taken had you gone to a land-based casino instead!

There are many websites that talk about post-corona vacation destinations.  We have written about the need to revamp one’s bucket list to reflect the new reality of gamers eschewing the walls of a land-based casino for the wide open spaces of a real vacation!

Everygame Casino Helps Gamers in Many Ways

In addition to our many helpful articles, we provide gamers with many different banking options.  Some gamers like to use a credit or debit card and some like to use an ewallet.  We offer banking with a number of both credit cards and ewallets.

Banking at Everygame Casino Red is easy.

We also take the extra time to make sure that the person requesting a withdrawal—you—really is you!  In order to be sure that we are sending money to the correct person, we ask for a little more proof of identity.  There are gamers, especially “refugees” from land-based casinos who objected at first to this degree of extra precaution but when our 25/7 customer service office explains that this is in the gamer’s best interest they see the light.

Everygame also offers unlimited free play so that a gamer can get familiar with a game at no cost whatsoever.  This also surprises gamers who used to play at land-based casinos where they played just a few games at most even in a long weekend and generally could not play for free.

Sign up at Everygame Casino and Find out for Yourself

Naturally, we feel that Everygame is the best online casino.  We invite you to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO NOW and discover how good we are for yourself!