Why is Santa Claus-themed Entertainment So Popular?’

In view of the fact that the new game for the Christmas season was Big Santa, we got to thinking what is it exactly that makes Santa so popular in online casino games and across so many entertainment categories.

What Fun Will Big Santa Bring this Year?

Santa as a Grandfather Figure

Santa sports many elements that we associate with our beloved grandfather.  He has a head full of white hair.  He also has a flowing white beard.  While most grandfathers these days don’t have a beard, white or otherwise, the beard in Santa represents his history from the fourth century when most men did sport a beard.

Santa is actually a universal grandfather in his modern iteration.  He is not just MY grandfather but he is everyone’s grandfather - according to research.

Santa’s Hat

Santa’s hat touches quite a few bases!  First, the white trim adds to the white hair image of the grandfather.  Secondly, the hat flops down over the side of his head.  It represents a Christmas stocking and shows Santa as the bearer of gifts.

Santa’s season is the season of gift giving which subtly teaches children that it is better to give than to receive, as much as everyone loves to get Christmas presents!


Santa’s Belly

These days most Santas work out at least some of the time.  But historical Santa didn’t work out and as Mrs. Claus fed him food high in calories to keep him warm in the Arctic winter, he managed to put on a few pounds.

There was once a time when the character of the jolly fat man was almost a cliche.  Curly Joe from the Three Stooges, Jackie Gleason, and Ollie from Laurel and Hardy were all jolly fat men!

Santa Claus is the epitome of the jolly fat man who brings kids gifts and says “ho ho ho”!

Santa’s Cheeks

The term cherubic may have been invented to describe Santa Claus.  Cherubic cheeks are smooth, red from the cold, round and full.

The fact that Santa lives at the North Pole adds to his myth and image.  Most people in the Northern Hemisphere either have romantic notions of what it is like to live in very cold climates, or they already live in a cold climate and would like to move south where it is a lot less cold!

Santa’s Costume

Many women are attracted to a man in costume.  Here we refer to men in military costume, a fireman’s costume, and, to some, a policeman’s costume.  In all three of these examples, there are now many women in the ranks.  A soldier, a firefighter, or a police officer might be a woman as often as he is a man!

This development is all for the good in modern enlightened society but there still seems to be a need for a male that people can look up to.  Santa remains the image of that man!

In terms of the holiday season, Santa’s costume is representative of holiday decorations!

What is Big Santa Slot All About?

Real Time Gaming gives us another Santa slot in which Santa represents all that is good during the holiday season.  The top payout in Big Santa is a whopping 50,000x your bet.  This puts it in competition with Santa’s belly size-wise!

Big Santa also features big free spin bonus rounds.  You will get 10 free spins for three scatters and it goes up to 20 free spins for a full complement if five scatters.

Finally, there are oversized characters and symbols in Big Santa which appear in the first three reels.  Naturally, oversized characters mean more winning chances and more wins!

Big Santa is a happy holiday frolic in the reels!  At Everygame Casino Red, you can play Big Santa on download, Instant Play, and mobile.

A quick holiday quiz: which of the three gaming platforms is the most popular?

The answer is mobile!  It wasn’t long ago that mobile was third!  But improvements in mobile gaming technology has turned everything around!  Now a lot of gamers make a romantic interlude playing all curled up on their soft sofa!

Big Santa is a perfect seasonal slot for getting all curled up with that special someone!  Play all of our 300+ games here at Everygame Casino!

From the entire Everygame family, we wish one and all a happy holiday season.