What Hath Technology Wrought?

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One thing that stands out and is often overlooked is the enormous debt all online casinos and gamers owe to computer and digital technology!

So, let’s take a look at how technology has changed the world of casino gaming!

The Digital World is No Longer New

Before the existence of personal computers, there were no computer games, no internet, and no online gaming of any kind.  This seems so 20th century that many people−especially people who barely remember life before computers, or don’t remember it at all−cannot fully appreciate that enormous revolution in the way we think, view the world, or entertain ourselves that are directly connected to computers and the technology that begat them.


There Was Also a Time before Smartphones

We can’t say that phones in the pre-smartphone era were dumb phones since they were extraordinarily smart for their time.  Imagine placing a call to someone hundreds or thousands of miles away and you hear them in real time and they hear you in real time.

Such was the telephone era before smartphones.  Phones were connected to the wall, so people were relegated, for the most part, to home and office telephone use.  Out in public, we relied on pay phones to make phone calls that couldn’t wait until we got home or to the office.

Telephones were a miracle of sorts of the technology of the late 19th century and the whole of the 20th century.

Then, along came personal computers and smartphones and the world turned upside down!

Before Internet Casinos

Until 1994, all casino gaming was done at land-based casinos.  Las Vegas and the state of Nevada were first followed by Atlantic City.  Native Americans got the right to open casinos decades later and offered some competition to the more famous on land casinos.

To a large extent, the Native American casinos served more local players who would come on the weekend.  Many of these casinos still close late at night!  This is much different than the situation in places like Las Vegas that never close!

Before Online Casinos

Once again, the first online casino appeared in 1994.  Before that, many small groups of friends scheduled trips to places like Las Vegas where they had a few days to play.

The first thing online casinos offered was convenience!  It was no longer necessary to schedule a trio to a land-based casino months in advance.

The Technology that Brought Casinos to Your Doorstep

We can begin with the internet.  As with millions of other sites and businesses, online casinos such as Everygame Casino are children of the vast and ever-growing internet.  As far as casino gaming is concerned, all of the games in the early 20th century were actual physical games.  This included slots which were mechanical devices with an arm that gamers pulled to set the reels spinning.

To this day, blackjackroulettecrapsbaccarat, and many other games are live, physical games at land-based casinos.  In contrast, almost all of the games at online casinos are digital in nature.  The exceptions are the Live Casino games.

What Technology Enabled Casino Games to Go Digital?

Aside from the graphics and animation of digital games, the Random Number Generator was an indispensable element that has made online casino gaming possible.

The RNG (as it is referred to) determines the outcome of every hand or spin digitally.  The RNG actually is a perpetual motion piece of software that continually “runs”.  It is set to “stop” at a specific interval after the player has either spun the reels or chosen a card.

The RNG has to be absolutely honest and random.  It is the guarantee of a fair game on every hand or spin that gives gamers the confidence to play and to continue to play at online casinos.

Encryption Guarantees Safety

Have you ever wondered how so much business transpires online from buying airline or theater tickets, to making reservations at hotels and restaurants, to buying from Big Box online stores and innumerable other business activities we all conduct online?

Our money stays safe behind a firewall run by encryption software.  Given that Everygame Casino Red acts as a sort of bank, it is equally as imperative that your money stay safe at Everygame as it is that your money stay safe at your private bank!

Encryption software, then, is a type of technology that makes the trillion dollar online business world−of which online casinos are a relatively small part−possible.

Clearly, encryption is the under-rated necessary component that has allowed the internet to evolve from a giant library to an even bigger marketplace!  Online casinos may have hundreds of games but no one would play them without encryption software protecting their assets!

We Have Software that Follows Every Game of Every Gamer

Not only does encryption protect your assets but we also keep track of those assets with other powerful software.

We have to maintain every game in real time, we have to add and subtract from your account in real time, we have to track the wagering requirement when you accept a bonus, and much more!

Graphics and Animation Continue to Improve!

In terms of pure gaming pleasure, there is no comparison between the graphics and animation of just twenty years ago and the graphics and animation of today!

The overall game play of every game keeps getting better.  A perfect example is the amazing development of the wild symbols in slots.  As Dizzy Dean might have said: “Who woulda thunk it?”

Whereas, in the past, the wild symbol was “just” the wild symbol, substituting for the other symbols except for the scatter, today’s wild symbols do amazing things such as stacking, sticking, expanding and exploding!

Who can say what the wild symbols of tomorrow will do?

Mobile Allows You to Take the Casino with You!

In the days before online casinos, every gamer had to travel to a casino.  With the advent of online casinos, the casino came to the gamer!  With mobile, the gamer can carry the casino with them wherever they go!

This is all well and good in the modern era of phenomenal graphics and animation for mobile casino gaming.  It was not always like this!  In the early days of mobile gaming, the graphics were mediocre at best but technology forged ahead and today gamers love playing on mobile

In fact, most gamers play almost exclusively, if not exclusively on mobile!

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