Playing Hyper Wins will Have You Moving Your Hips in Dance!

The modern world is hip, hip hop, hyped, and just a little bit hyper!  It’s all good if it’s not taken too far!  That’s where gaming comes in!  At Everygame Casino, we offer great gaming fun and we add a lot of spice to the cause through our many promotions.  All you need to do to activate bonuses is use the correct Red casino bonus codes.

Hyper Wins is the New Hyper-fun Slot at Everygame Casino

The codes are easy to use and they help our hyped up computers keep track of the millions of codes we receive pretty much all the time!

So, to celebrate all things hyper, and to celebrate making up new words, we will give you some of hyped up lowdown on the short history of hyper as we encourage you to play the newest game from Real Time Gaming, Hyper Wins.

What Does Hyper Mean Anyway?

Well, the word hyper has a very historical pedigree coming from ancient Greek.  It’s totally hyper-amazing that a word can have survived so many millennia and still seem as modern as vegan, gluten-free pizza.

Is that a hyper-yuck we hear in the background?

In Hyper Wins, you’ll hear electronic dance music which once was known universally by a few thousand people as electronic dance music but is now known as EDM music by millions!

In ancient Greek, the word “huber” meant “over” so the modern word hyper now means “over” as in “over the top” or “too much”.

Isn’t Hyper Used Mostly as a Prefix?

Yes, hyper is often hyper-used as a prefix!  But have you ever been with parents who give their kids a hyper-dose of sugary foods and then complain that their kids are “hyper”?

So, hyper can be a word as well as a prefix!

In modern English, it’s easy to add a pinch of hyper to any adjective and to create an entirely new word!  It’s hyper-fun!

For example, when you score a hyper win in Hyper Wins, you can tell everyone that you are hyper-happy.  Some people might even hype your alliteration and call you hyper-poetic!

Hyper Wins is a new slot that gives you the chance to score not just simple, easy, everyday kinds of wins, but oooooooh, hyper wins!

Hyper Wins is a hyper-amazing game!


The Basic Symbols are Gems and Candy

They will put you in a hyper good mood for….gems and candy!  We can visualize couples all hyper-cuddled on their hyper-comfortable sofa getting hyper-excited on every spin!

Then the wild and scatter symbols kick in and the fun takes off into hyperspace!

In the basic game, you can win automatically just by playing!  You will either get free spins or the Hyper Prize Feature.  What is the Hyper Prize Feature, you ask?  We explain it all a hyper-little bit below!

Can Wild Symbols Exceed Wildness?

Of course they can!

In Hyper Wins, the wild symbol is the moon and it has a few special actions that will hyperize your fun!

The wild moon substitutes for all other symbols as is a wild symbol’s way!  But the other symbols can substitute for the wild in Hyper Wins, too!  If you get three of a kind on the middle reel, they will automatically change into moons!  Hyper!

The Scatters are Hyper-scattered in Hyper Wins!

So, to start, three or more scatters get you some free spins.  Now, hear ye, hear ye, read all about it, there are nine scatters on the three reels in Hyper Wins and you get different sizes of free spins as the number of scatters that come up on a given spin increases!

In other words, Hyper Wins encourages gamers to hyper-size it which is hyper-infinitely better than super-sizing it!

  1. Three scatters give you five free spins.
  2. Four scatters are worth 8 free spins.
  3. Five will get you 15.
  4. Six comes up roses 25 times!
  5. Seven lets 50 free spins hop in!
  6. With eight scatters, a troupe of 100 hyper-free spins come a-dancin’ and a-prancin’.
  7. And, finally, a hyper-fantastic-phenomenal-extraordinary and cool nine scatters open the portals of Hyper Wins and, count them, 200 free spins come in anxious to score some Hyper Wins!

There’s More Hypertude in the Scatters!

When you get four or more scatters, the Hyper Prize Feature comes hyperactively on the reels!  This feature takes place before the free spins.  You get to choose prize icons from a nine-reel grid.  You get to choose one icon per scatter so getting five is better than four and nine is hyper-better than all of the others!

But four picks from the Prize Reels is very good, too!

Hyper Wins is Hyper-attractive

There is a neon aspect to the colors of every symbol.  They come pouring over the top of the grid as if the slot were a giant roller-coaster! You also get special payouts for four to nine symbols.

When the wild moon gets you a win, it does a little dance for you as well!  The moon my not be made of cheese but it is the most colorful moon in all of slotsville!

Everygame Casino is Hyper-thrilled to Add Hyper Wins to Our List of Great Slots!

Every slot we get from RTG is in some way uniquely entertaining!  We are hyper (er...happy) to be able to bring great gaming fun to your desktop, laptop, or hyper-increasingly to your mobile device!

If you are not yet a member of the team, we encourage you to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO !