Of Fish Catch and Other Interesting Games

Real Time Gaming is our exclusive game provider.  The creative people at RTG know that, while most gamers play the same games again and again, they also want unusual games to play.  This was the thinking behind RTG’s development of the Fish Catch game, Banana Jones, and Cubee.

Let’s take a closer look at these three prominent and unusual games here at Everygane Casino.

Everygame Casino Brings the Unusual to Your Fingertips

Fish Catch is a “Not a Slot Slot”!

RTG released Fish Catch in Jan 2019 just one year before the corona virus pandemic made even outdoor fishing difficult!  Even RTG calls Fish Catch a kind of slot but it really is more like a board game played out on a computer screen.

In this sense, it shares similarities with Banana Jones which is truly a board game played out on a computer screen!  We will visit Banana Jones soon!

Play Fish Catch with “Opponents” from Here, There, and Beyond

There are 20 fish to catch in Fish Catch.  There are five guns that you can use to catch the fish.  It seems reasonable that multiple players can play the same game at the same time.

Each of the 20 fish has a different value.  If you want to catch one of the higher priced fish you will need to use one of the higher caliber guns.  The guns also have multipliers which range from 1x (which means in practical terms no multiplier at all!) on up to 10x.

It seems strategically sound to use the highest powered gun to shoot at the highest valued fish!  The only problem is that at least one of your three opponents will have the same idea!  So, there is some strategy in Fish Catch!


Multipliers and Free Spins

The combination of firepower for the guns, differing values for the fish, and differing multipliers is similar to the free spins bonus rounds in some slots where gamers have to choose between fewer free spins with a higher multiplier or more free spins with a lower multiplier.

As we said, the really big difference between your choices in those slots and your choices in Fish Catch is that in Fish Catch you also have to factor in your opponents’’ actions.

Catch the Mermaid for Free Spins

The mermaid has the highest value of all the fish.  If you are fortunate enough to catch the mermaid, you will get a chance to spin the wheel which has prizes worth many times your original bet.

Graphics and Animation Come Home in Fish Catch

It could be that the spectacular graphics and animation in Fish Catch are what caused RTG to call it a slot game.  After all, graphics and animation in real (reel?) slots are improving all the time.

Gamers who play Fish Catch for the first time talk about the undersea scenery and the general look and feel of the game.  The graphics and animation catches their fancy and then they get hooked by the chance to catch some fancy fish!

Banana Jones is on a Quest

Let us turn our attention to Banana Jones.  He is a pudgy little guy.  He makes his entry in a little prop plane as he has heard that the Crystal Banana is nearby!

The Crystal Banana is not where it should be!  It should be in a museum!  Instead, it is being held in a castle by Leopold the Leopard.  Now Leopold the Leopard has no idea what the true value of the Crystal Banana is.  If he did, he might try to sell it on the black market.

Leopold the Leopard does know that Banana Jones is after the Crystal Banana.  He also knows that Banana has enlisted your help in getting to the castle and absconding with the Crystal Banana

So, Leopold the Leopard has his own allies, in the form of snakes that cause you and Banana Jones to slide down and become further away from the castle!

Does Banana Jones remind you of Chutes and Ladders?  It certainly does!  The ladders in this case are vines.

Banana Jones is at the same time a quest and an independent adventure with exciting moments throughout.  To be sure, it is not all that common to reach the castle and secure the Crystal Banana.  But there is so much fun along the way that, even if you don’t reach the Crystal Banana this time, you’ll want to come back again and again!

Banana Jones is more a game of chance than Fish Catch is.  The adventure of travelling the dangerous path toward the castle makes Banana Jones a wonderful time out from the mental rigors of blackjack and video poker where every decision is important.

The attraction of Fish Catch, on the other hand, is that it is a game of skill but unlike the two aforementioned games of skill.  In Fish Catch, you can exchange one gun for another and pursue a more valuable fish.  You can make a bee line for the mermaid and enjoy her rewards!

In other words, the skill set you need in Fish Catch is much lower than the skill set you need to excel at video poker and blackjack.

Finally, both Banana Jones and Fish Catch have very low variance.  The fun with far exceed any giant jackpot you might win!

Cubee, Cubee Do

Cubee is a lot more than a slot with characters in the shape of cubes!  This is a high adventure time travel game with floating symbols and something new on every spin!

The floating symbols represent enemies and weapons.  There are also power balls which Rocco tries to use to defeat you.

Who is Rocco?  Suffice it to say that he is the Darth Vader of the otherwise very colorful Cubee!  He is the cube-ification of an enemy and it is your task to win the battle against his dark forces!

While you are concentrating on defeating Rocco, you will travel through time to many of the most significant moments in history!

Cubee is a combination game of skill and game of chance.  You go through several levels of difficulty.  At each level, you start at level 1 and you have to win some battles to rise within that level and to progress to the next level.

In Cubee, the big prize is 50,000x your bet so it is time to get your weapons sharpened, your armor in palace, and go back to the Stone Age where it all begins!

Everygame Casino Seeks the Usual in the Unusual and the Unusual in the Usual

Online casino gaming can be as varied as the gamers and the casino want it to be!  Embracing variation is one of the best ways to enhance one’s creativity.

In addition to these three highly unusual games, Everygame Casino Red offers many variations of video poker and blackjack.  We offer slots with many themes.  Our slots are getting better and better as RTG learns yet new ways to help the wild symbols win big prizes for you.

If you are ready to cast out on the Everygame Casino adventure, NOW is the time to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO!