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Here is a common scenario: A new player has signed up to play at an online casino, he or she has their new casino sign in code.  They are anxious to get started so they go to the internet for some “advice” on how to win playing online casino games.

Well, Everygame Casino is here to tell you that there is good advice out there and there is some poor advice out there as well!  In our articles section, we do our utmost to give you good advice!

Why Do Online Casinos and Land-based Casinos Differ in the Advice they Give?

As Old as the Hills

By the way, looking for advice and how to win schemes has been around as long as there has been gambling which is.….forever!  The same good advice that applies to online casinos applies to land-based casinos and then some!  Poor advice for playing at a land-based casino may or may not apply to online casino gaming.

So, let’s take a good look at advice we hear about casino gaming.  We might even give it a Christmacy twist to it by calling the advice “naughty or nice”!

Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad

This is very good advice!  It is so commonplace that it has become a cliché.  It applies to many things that involve money.  For instance, if you have made a financial investment that looks like it is going sour, you can wait the market out, you can get out now, or you can invest even more money.

Now, we cannot say which is the best thing to do in ANY SPECIFIC CASE, but as a general rule, accepting one’s losses is good advice.  You can start over next time!

In the real world, many people are leaving some poorly run states in the USA.  They could wait until the political class realizes that they have been making policy mistakes for some tome or they can cut their losses and get out!

In casino gaming terms, you might be having an unlucky day.  If you are down, say, $100 for the day, it is probably best to end the session now and start over tomorrow.  Making big, wild bets “just until I break even” is a prescription for adding to your losses.  We all have winning streaks and losing streaks!


Don’t Use Betting Systems

First of all, a betting system is not at all the same as using strategy.  Using strategy to win is the only way to win in the long run in any game that involves strategy.  Does American football come to mind?  The National Football League is in its playoffs and every team is looking for…..the best strategy for winning the next game!’

When the quarterback organizes the huddle he had better have better strategy than “go long” if he wants to win the game!  By the way, how many years are we away from the above sentence using “he or she”?

Using strategy in games of skill is good advice.  Not using betting systems is also very good advice.  We see this advice being reversed on many sites.  We feel that following betting systems is functionally the same as throwing good money after bad.

The most common betting system is the Martingale so we will show how it “works” and how it doesn’t work.

Double Your Bet After Every Loss

The Martingale System is simple: double the next bet after a loss.  It “works” only on even money bets.  Some people apply it also to blackjack and to video poker.  Let’s look at how the Martingale system does not work with even money bets.

Let’s assume that you are making $5 bets on even money bets such as red or black in roulette.  if you lose the first bet, you bet $10 next.  If you win, you win $10 for the second bet and you lsot $5 for the first bet so your profit is $5.

Great, no?

Actually, No!

Let’s say that you lose five spins in a row.  Here are your five bets:

  1. $5
  2. $10
  3. $20
  4. $40
  5. $80

Your total losses are $155.  You have to bet $160 to continue following “the system”.  If you win the next bet, you will have won $160 to offset $155 in previous losses for a “profit” of $5!  How many people will be willing to bet $160 in order to win $5.  Even Secretariat paid off better than that before he won the Belmont Stakes by the distance from Earth to the Moon!

Save the Alcohol for Later

This is excellent advice.  People who don’t follow this advice end up losing mommy they shouldn’t lose.  They throw good money after bad; they follow betting systems; they play much longer than they should; they lose track of common sense; they bet $160 in order to win $5; they probably bet against Secretariat!

Most people can safely drink a little alcohol.  Many people drink every day.  We feel that if you have online casino gaming on the docket, you should save the alcohol for later.

Do Land-based Casinos Offer the Same Advice?

Indeed, not!

This is exactly the opposite advice land-based casinos give!  Land-based casinos offer free alcohol!  A lot of people are happy to take the free drinks from the casino but the casino knows that the drinks are not free at all.  The casinos know that their profits go up in tandem with the number and type of free drink the players are taking!

So, as a responsible online casino, we say that you should wait until after the gaming session ends to have even so much as a single beer!  Then, get together with pals and have a few.  As long as you aren’t the designated driver, you can drink for pleasure.

Set Time and Money Budgets

This one follows logically from the previous advice regarding alcohol.  You see, at online casinos such as Everygame Casino Red, you can play every day!  There is no logical reason to play for hours upon hours even though you are tired, hungry, have other responsibilities, or you just want to get together with pals and have a few!

Land-based casinos encourage players to play on and on!  The whole concept of setting a time limit flies out the windows (which, in fact, don’t even exist at land-based casinos)!  What else is a player to do on a long weekend at a land-based casino but play and play and play some more?

Along with playing ad infinitum, there is no way top set a monetary budget to cover three days of gambling at a land-based casino.  It is, however, very easy to set a reasonable monetary budget for gamin at Everygame Casino Online!

Read Our Articles for More Good Advice

Of course, everyone is welcome to read our articles.  But as a player at Everygame Casino, you will be eligible to take our good advice and put it to good use pursuing the most important thing we offer: Fun, Fun, Fun.