How the Random Number Generator Controls Online Casinos

Most gamers just take it for granted that everything is on the up and up the moment they use their Red casino login to enter the casino.  Everything is on the up and up, of course, but few gamers really understand how the casino works.

Why are the Random Number Generator and Encryption so Important to Online Casinos?

Everything is Digital at an Online Casino

Once again, gamers who come to Everygame Casino to spend an hour or so playing our large selection of games just take the validity of every outcome for granted.  The fact is that there is very sophisticated software that we and all online casinos use to determine the outcome of every game.  This is called the random number generator.

Our purpose here is not to give a scientific explanation of how the RNG works.  Rather, we want to talk about the RNG as a way to show gamers exactly how trustworthy Everygame Casino is!  Without your absolute faith in our trustworthiness, few if any gamers would play at Everygame Casino.  We appreciate the trust you place in us and here we will try to explain just what the RNG does.

There is Another Software that Also Maintains Trust in the Casino

This software is encryption software that protects your money from prying eyes and hands.  We will talk about the encryption software after we finish the discussion about the RNG.


Everygame Casino Needs an Unimpeachable Way to Determine Outcomes

At land-based casinos, there are many games played live.  Blackjack, roulette, and craps come immediately to mind.  There are also tables for bingo, keno, baccarat, and Caribbean Poker. All of the games that are played live at land-based casinos are played digitally at online casinos.

Clearly, the RNG for a slots game has to perform differently than the RNG for craps which is a dice game or blackjack and video poker which are card games.

To understand the challenge having a RNG that can randomly determine the outcomes for such a diverse group of games, we have to take into account that the RNG does not exactly create random numbers.  The RNG creates random stops!

The RNG also generates “representations”.  This means that the symbols in a slots game are what the gamers see.  The RNG simply “sees” representations.  To the RNG, a card in blackjack or a symbol in slots are functionally the same.

How Does Everygame Casino Make Sure That the RNG is in Good Working Order?

We check the performance of the RNG all the time.  We also have outside and impartial observers check the RNG a few times a year.  By constantly checking and re-checking the performance of the RNG we can safely say that every outcome is fair.

The RNG Means that an Online Casino Has to be Well-monetized

That means that the casino might have to pay out more money in a given time period than statistics might “expect” it to have to pay out.  Since every outcome is random, gamers might win more money than statistics would expect them to win and the casino has to have enough money on hand to pay these winners in a fair and reasonable manner.

An online casino that is not fully monetized will eventually have to pay out money that it simply doesn’t have!  This will never happen at Everygame Casino!

The Random Number Generator Determines Outcomes and the Encryption Protects Incomes

So, we see how important the RNG is to an online casino such as Everygame Casino Red.  We also need sophisticated software to protect your money when you have it on deposit at the casino.  This is another aspect of the modern digital world that many people take for granted.

After all, a large percentage of all commerce these days is dome online.  We make reservations, book tickets, car rentals, and hotels and we think nothing about giving the booking company our personal details!

Most people have access online to their savings and checking accounts and all of their investments.  How are all of these kept safe?  The answer is encryption software which gets better with each passing period of time.  The encryption software has to always stay a step ahead of the people who try to crack the code, as it were.

Encryption Scrambles the Message

Encryption really is a miraculous kind of software!  It scrambles the message so that no one can see it except you and the casino.  Then, when you do want to see the financial situation, at the casino or with your credit card, the software reassembles the message in real time!

How Many Bits of Information Does the Encryption Software Protect?

Speaking just about an online casino, we have:

  1. Your account which includes all wins and losses in real time.
  2. The status of any bonuses you have taken.
  3. The progress of the wagering requirement you have to complete when you take a bonus.
  4. Your comp points.

That Everygame Casino has software that can make all of these calculations for many thousands of gamers at any given time, is truly amazing!

Running a Great Online Casino is a Lot More than Having Great Graphics and Animation

Of course, the graphics and animation in all of our more than 300 games are excellent.  The graphics and animation get better all the time!  Graphics and animation are what allow Real Time Gaming, our game provider, to experiment with many different ways to use the wild symbol in slots!

Check out just one year’s worth of new slots—RTG provides us with one new slot every month—and you will see "wondrous apparitions" provided by magicians (kudos to John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival) in the way the wild symbols have developed!

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