How Can Gamers Win More?

We at Everygame Casino Red often talk about helpful tips for gamers. Here we will expand on a few classic tips rather than go over the same old ground.  The idea is to better understand gaming tips so that gamers can have more winning sessions.

Everygame Casino Offers a Few Interesting Tips

Gamers Win More when They Accept Winning Less!

This is a strange piece of advice, indeed!  But it holds true!  The biggest wins in an online casino—and also at most land-based casinos—are the progressive jackpots that reset after a lucky gamer has won it at about $1,000,000.

Always keep in mind that these big jackpots are sponsored by the game providers and not by the casinos themselves.  But money wagered goes into the casinos’ coffers.

Although Progressive Jackpots are Won Every Day, Relatively Few Gamers Win One

Winning a big progressive jackpot is a rare feat indeed!  There are a lot of players and very few winners.  In addition, the slots with the biggest progressive jackpots also tend to have high variance or volatility.  That means that, in general, gamers experience relatively few wins for relatively high payouts.

The idea of winning more by winning less means setting a very limited and strict gaming budget for these giant progressive jackpots.  In slots it means playing slots with low to medium variance.  This gives gamers more wins over time even though the wins are more modest than in the high variance slots.

There are some slots players who insist on playing for the big progressive jackpots.  One or two of these gamers may get lucky over time and win a cool million dollars or more but by far most don’t win the jackpots!

Since these slots are also high in variance, gamers who play progressive slots to the exclusion of other slots and others of the more than 300 games we offer here at Everygame Casino, lose out on the general purpose of online casino gaming which is to have fun and be entertained!

In this sense, “winning more” can also be understood as having more fun and getting the most entertainment value from gaming!


The Highest Return to Player Rates are in the Games of Skill

In this category, we include blackjack and video poker.  Now, there are some head to head poker players who can make a very good living playing “real” poker but this is a game of skill of a different “color” altogether!

When we talk about video poker and blackjack, we are talking about games of skill that have strategies that are accessible to almost every gamer.  It does take some time to learn the best strategy for the variation of these games you are playing but the investment in time is well worth it!

The return to player rate in these games is about 99.5% which means that in any given session, the chances of winning and the chances of losing are about the same and the amounts won or the amounts lost are quite modest in themselves!

In other words, gamers who play video poker and blackjack win more by winning less!

Online Casinos Offer Many Variations of Blackjack and Video Poker

Since video poker is played at terminals at land-based casinos, these casinos can offer several variations of the game.  But each terminal takes up space and land-based casinos, as big as they may be, are all limited by space.  Land=-based casinos have banks of slots terminals as well, and to tell the truth, they would prefer that gamers play the slots over video poker!

At land-based casinos, depending on how big the casino floor may be, they may have one or more blackjack tables.  Blackjack tables take up a lot more space than do terminals.  At Everygame Casino, we have one “terminal” for each variation of video poker and one “table” for each variation of blackjack.

In other words, we can accommodate thousands of gamers at video poker and blackjack whereas even the largest land-based casinos can accommodate a lot fewer players!

The Large Number of Variations in Video Poker and Blackjack Require More Study

So, here is the point: in order to win more by winning less, gamers who want to experience the full range of both blackjack and video poker need to study the strategy for each variation.

In terms of return to player rate, fun, and entertainment value, there is little better than winning at these great games of skill!

What about Baccarat and Caribbean Poker?

These are also games of skill.  Once again, a land-based casino may not have enough room for Caribbean Poker or baccarat.  Especially now that land-based casinos are re-opening after the long corona virus hiatus, they are required to provide more empty floor space to accommodate social distancing.

This is done at the expense of all the gaming tables for blackjack, baccarat, and Caribbean Poker.

In addition, the best strategies in these games are much easier to learn.  In baccarat the best strategy is always to bet on the dealer and the best strategy in Caribbean Poker is to raise unless your hand is extremely bad and the dealer shows a much more powerful potential hand.  This is because, in Caribbean Poker, if the dealer doesn’t qualify by having a minimally good hand, the hand is a push!  So, it almost always pays to raise in Caribbean Poker!

Win More by Playing Less

Land-based casinos market themselves as entertainment centers worthy of a long weekend excursion.  These casinos are often filled with people who are just biding their time, not really enjoying day two of their long weekend as their budget may have been depleted on day one and what else is there to do but wander aimlessly about the casino floor?

At Everygane Casino, we encourage gamers to set time limits on their gaming.  This serves two purposes.  First, it is hard to get bored if the gaming session is going to last 30 minutes or so by design.  Secondly, gamers stay alert more easily when the gaming sessions are short so they make many more good decisions than players at land-based casinos make.

Once again, this all leads to winning more by winning less and having a lot more fun!

Everygame Casino Has Many More Excellent Gaming Tips

We will come back to this idea in an upcoming article!  The key here to remember is that Everygame Casino offers the most flexible gaming experience, we encourage fun and entertainment above winning big jackpots, and we have over 300 games all of which gamers can sample easily over time!