How to Get the Most from Bonuses

One of the great advantages of online gaming at Everygame Casino is that gamers are always able to make use of bonus offers.  All you need to remember when you take a bonus is to use the correct Red casino bonus codes. Then our powerful computer software will properly register your bonus and you are free to play!

Land-based casinos can’t make such offers since most players leave in a day or two and therefore can’t fulfill the wagering requirement.

Play Lil Red at Everygame Casino with Bonus Money at Hand

Use Bonuses to Play a Wide Range of Games

There is a lot to be said about roaming about our excellent online casino with our money at your behest.  Since you can access every one of our games from the comfort of your home or even if you are commuting or in a waiting room via our superior mobile gaming platform, all of our gamers have a fuller gaming experience in a single hour of online gaming at Everygame Casino than most players have in a long weekend at a land-based casino.

How Does SpinLogic Enhance Gaming Experience?

SpinLogic is our exclusive game provider.  They are a wonder at innovative games development and we see new wrinkles at work in every new game.  Most new games are slots and they come out about once a month.

Let’s take a quick look at Lil Red, our newest game, to see what SpinLogic has done to keep gamers’ interest perky and lively.

Reels and Ways to Win

By now, five reels has become the standard size for a slot game, so SpinLogic has to find ways to win within that format.  Sometimes they have 25 winning lines, sometimes 50, and as in Lil Red, they have 243 “ways to win”. These are not winning “lines” in the classic sense.

What is important to remember is that ways to win go beyond the standard winning combinations and add a lot of excitement to every spin.


The Symbols and Characters Carry the Show

Every slot has to have creative symbols and characters to be interesting as a form of entertainment.  In Lil Red, one of the things SpinLogic did was to replace the Royal symbols with the four suits in a deck of playing cards.  This left a couple of extra symbols for the creative teams to develop.

So, Lil Red has Little Red Riding Hood, her grandma, her grandma’s house, the wolf, the wolf dressed to appear to be the grandma, the woodsman, a basket of fruit, the wild symbol and the scatter symbol.

The Challenge Presented by the Wild Symbol

There was a time when slots didn’t have a wild symbol.  Then game providers started to put in a wild symbol which acted like a wild card in some variations of poker.  This was in its time a great innovation but within a period of time, gamers started to want more.  So game developers began looking for ways to make the wild symbols even wilder.

In Lil Red, SpinLogic uses the bursting wild format for the wild symbol.  A bursting wild creates many more wilds all over the reels!  Now, not every wild that shows up mill be a bursting wild but there will be just enough “explosions” to create an atmosphere of excitement that goes far beyond the well known Little Red Riding Hood story!

The Challenge Presented by the Scatter Symbol

The scatter and the ensuing free spins were a development that took place decades after the introduction of slot machines.  In keeping with the original theme of this article, which was making full use of Everygame Casino bonus offers, the free spins are called “bonus” rounds!

As with the wild symbol, gamers came to expect more from the free spins bonus rounds!  So, SpinLogic started to think about ways to enhance the free spins experience.  In Lil Red, the free spins experience has several amazing features.

How Many Free Spins Do Gamers Get?

In some slots, three scatter symbols award 5 free spins, four scatters give 10 free spins, and five scatters give 15 free spins. In Lil Red, the number of free spins for three, four, and five scatters are 15, 30, and 60 free spins respectively!

This in itself makes the free spins bonus round in Lil Red exponentially more fun to reach!

What Else Happens in the Free Spins Bonus Rounds?

When you have a winning spin in the bonus round, the winning symbols cascade down and are replaced by new symbols which can also create a winning combination.

But this is not all!  Each winning spin in the bonus round also has a multiplier!  The basic multiplier is 2x your bet.  But if you get another win by the cascading action with the new symbols, the multiplier for that payout increases to 3x.  The multiplier can get as high as 5x in the bonus rounds.

Having said that, if you are really lucky, you might achieve new winning combinations on six or even seven cascades.  In that case, the multiplier will be frozen at 5x!

What Does Lil Red Do to Tickle a Gamer’s Slots Playing Funny Bone?

We have shown a lot of ways to win in Lil Red.  Still, SpinLogic has added yet one more extra: you can retrigger the free spins!

In short, Lil Red, based on the allegorical story of Little Red Riding Hood,  is a perfect example of why playing at an online casino has many advantages over playing at a land-based casino.  You can take a bonus, play as many games as suits your fancy, and when you try out Lil Red, you might find that this is your lucky day as you get many free spins, retrigger them, win with bursting wilds and cascading reels and have a great time doing so!

The only thing left for us to say here is that, if you are not yet signed up to play at Everygame Casino, we urge you to SIGN UP NOW!