Why is Blackjack So Gamer Friendly?

The two most gamer-friendly games at either an online casino such as Everygame Casino Red or many, but not all, land-based casinos are blackjack and video poker.  In both of these games, the return to player rate comes about as close to 100% as possible.  In this article, we will talk about blackjack and how to get the best return to player rate at Everygame Casino.

Everygame Casino Online Carries Several Blackjack Games

Blackjack is Totally Straightforward

The player sees her or his cards and one of the dealer’s cards.  The laws of probability are immutable.  By following the laws of probability, we can maximize the possibility that we will win the hand.  Even if we don’t win this hand—and in a healthy session of blackjack we will lose many hands—we can end the session in the winning column.

Out of 100 hands, if we win 50 and lose 50 we break even.  If we win 51 and lose only 49 we come out ahead.  Unless you make extravagant bets in blackjack it is impossible to get rich playing this game.  Thus we arrive at the first secret element in blackjack: Blackjack, when played well. Is a great, fun game that imposes very little risk.

Aren’t Slots Also Straightforward?

In a sense, yes.  But in slots, there is no true strategy for maximizing your winning spins.  Slots are a pure game of chance.  There are other games of skill that are not at all straightforward.  Poker is the classic game in this category.  In any variation of poker, we will not see at least two of the other players’ cards and sometimes we will be in the dark about three or more of their cards.

This leaves poker open to bluffing.  Bluffing is the bane of all inexperienced poker players and it causes even the best players on the planet to recoil in horror when they discover that they have completely misread a hand at great cost!

Sound Discipline is the Hallmark of the Top Blackjack Players

In any game, we will be tempted to play by hunch.  In blackjack, the player who can control his or her temptation to play by hunch will come out ahead or very close to ahead while the player who succumbs to the allure of the hunch will inevitably lose over the course of a session.

This is the second secret element in blackjack: We have to trust the analyses of millions of hands that were done by computers over the course of months if not years!


Players Have to Control their Emotions

Emotions are great in many contexts.  They are very problematic in blackjack.  They are even more problematic in poker where the bad beat is part of the game and every player has to endure them.

There are also bad beats in blackjack.  In fact, an hour long session of blackjack at Everygame Casino Online will have many bad beats.  When you get 20 points and the dealer has to hit with 16 points and gets a 5, that is a bad beat!  Blackjack also has many good wins!  You will get blackjack and get paid 3-2 for it.  You will get a pair of aces that you can split and double down on you’ll get 21 points for each split.

If the dealer could talk, she would say that the house had realized a bad beat!

Controlling our emotions is a good rule of thumb in so many situations!  We are seeing a breakdown in emotion control on airplanes, in stores, even in parks!  In blackjack, we have to accept that we will have somne good luck and some luck of a different nature.

An Advantage Goes to Online Casinos

The third secret element in blackjack is that emotion control is infinitely easier at an online casino such as Everygame Casino than it is at a land-based casino.  If you are having a run of bad luck online, you can always just leave the game and come back to it the next day.

At a land-based casino, players have come to play so they will stay at the blackjack table long after they have become emotionally stressed and can no longer make good decisions.

Land-based Casinos Change the Rules to Their Advantage

One of the most common rule changes at land-based casinos is the change in the payment for a blackjack from 3-2 to 6-5.  This seems like such a small change so most players simply sit down anyway to play at this payment schedule.

It is functionally impossible to end a session of blackjack in the win column if you play 6-5 blackjack!  That is how devastating this “small “ change is for players’’ chances to win!

This change is becoming more common at land-based casinos since they have much more overhead to cover than online casinos have and they are being restricted even more by the rules of social distancing even after they have reopened.

Are There Other Rules Changes that are Becoming Common at Land-based Casinos?

Yes, unfortunately there are.

At some blackjack tables, players are restricted from being able to split all pairs.  Some tables don’t allow doubling down after splitting.  Some don’t allow splitting again if the same card comes out.  Many blackjack tables no longer allow surrender.

The fourth secret element in blackjack is that your chances of winning are based on being able to do all of the things that so many land-based casinos no longer allow.  Insist on 3-2 for a blackjack.  Insist on being able to split all pairs.  Insist on re-splitting.  Insist on doubling down after splitting.  Insist on being able to surrender.

Ignore the Other Players at the Table

This may actually be the most important secret element in blackjack.  At an online casino such as Everygame Casino Red, you play blackjack alone.  There is no one to tell you that their losses are your fault.  However, this is a very common occurrence at land-based casinos.

There, many players never take a card when they have 12 or more points!  This is terrible strategy but these same players will insist that their losses are the result of you hitting with 12 points even when that was the statistically correct thing to do! Even if the other players harass you, follow the best blackjack stratgy.

Blackjack is a Very Satisfying Game

Gamers here at Everygame Casino can go from game to game at the touch of a finger.  So, even if slots or Banana Jones is your game, you can spend a few minutes playing blackjack.  The game is so good and challenging that it grows on people!

We carry several variations of blackjack.  If you have not yet discovered the joys of gaming online, we suggest that you JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO NOW!