How Can Casino Gamers Learn to Avoid Big Mistakes?

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The no deposit bonus actually points us in the direction of the ways some gamers play, ways that extract the most fun from online casino gaming and the way other gamers play who seem bent on making big mistakes and losing that fun feeling that should be the hallmark if every gaming session.

At Everygame Casino Gamers Learn to Cultivate Inner Calm

What are the Biggest Mistakes Gamers Make?

We do toot our own horn at times so the first mistake many casino gamers make is to travel to a land-based casino and book a room for two or even three nights.  The money these players spend just getting to the casino and booking the room could be put to many much better uses.  After all, online casinos impose no travel costs at all!

Online casino gaming is, in our humble opinion, the first step to learning how to avoid the mistakes that many gamers at land-based casinos  even some online gamers make!

In short, we feel that healthy gaming is most likely to happen at an online Casino such as Everygame Casino rather than at any land-based casino no matter how gaudy it may be!

Some Players Play Too Long

This is the default occurrence at land-based casinos.  The player has travelled and paid for a room just to gamble at the casino so gamble at the casino she or he will!  Thus, these players play on long after they should have stopped the session to eat, rest, sleep, have a drink at a bar or pub, and just to walk around and look at the sights.

While playing too long is standard at land-based casinos, it is also far too common at online casinos as well.  We always suggest to our gamers to set a reasonable time limit for their gaming.  The casino isn’t going anywhere.  The long weekend may end but the casino is as close to you after the weekend as it was before and during the weekend!

Playing too long has two major effects.  The first is the obvious one of making too many bets and losing too much money.  The second effect is less obvious and may even be more pernicious: the player gets bored but has no way to stop playing and thus can no longer say that casino gaming is fun.

This is very sad!  We encourage gaming as fun.  We also allow gamers to play for free as a way of increasing the game aspect of gaming over the betting aspect.


Some Players Bet Too Much

This is the other side of the budgeting coin.  Just as we encourage setting a time limit on gaming, we also encourage setting a monetary limit on gaming sessions.

Let’s say that you want to budget $100 toward a gaming session.  If you are playing slots, you might play about twenty spins per minute.  If you get a big win and celebrate it, the spins rate will decrease but twenty spins per minute is about right.  In a 30 minute session, that means 600 spins.

Let’s assume that you are playing low variance slots so you’ll have many small wins.  The return to player rate will be about 97% so you calculate that you will win back $97 and lose three dollars.

It may turn out that way.  You might get lucky and win more than you bet.  Some gamers win thousands of dollars in a lucky session.  You might lose a bit more than the three dollars.

The question is: How much should I bet on a normal spin?  If you expect to win back most of your wagers, you might decide to bet $10 per spin.  But you could also lose ten spins in a row and then you would have no money left over after about 30 seconds of gaming!

So, we feel that one of the bigger mistakes gamers make is to bank on the theoretical return to player rate for a game and betting more than they should.

Self-control is Paramount

Setting time and money budgets is indicative of healthy self-control.  We feel that if a gamer exceeds either of these budgets or sets the budgets too high, they are demonstrating low self-control.

Low self-control often leads to many other mistakes in gaming such as:

  1. Trying to win back losses even though the time for the session has run out.
  2. Throwing good money after bad.
  3. Getting unnecessarily angry at poor luck.
  4. Getting cocky about one’s luck or skill.
  5. Playing games of skill by hunch rather than following the precepts of the correct strategy.
  6. Not learning from past mishaps or gaming mistakes.

There is an Example from Blackjack at Land-based Casinos

One of the most common occurrences at blackjack tables at land-based casinos is the player who blames other players for their losses.  These are players who always stand with 12 or more points even though it has been proven through millions of simulated hands that there are many times a player should hit with even 14 points not to mention 12 or 13 points!

When we speak about mistakes players at land-based casinos make another grand mistake that stands out: Some players try to impress the people around the table with wild and extravagant bets!  This is the behavior of a player far removed from self-control and far removed from any sense of budgeting his or her gaming in monetary terms.

What Other Mistakes Do Players Make?

Some players bet on far too many numbers in Keno.  Now Keno has a high house edge but it has been shown that betting on four numbers gives the gamer the best chance to win.  Instead, some gamers will bet on as many as ten numbers.

Some players feel that a slot machine or a number on the roulette wheel are “due to hit”.  They don’t accept the fact that the random number generator controls all outcomes randomly in games played at terminals like slots and video poker.  The same type of person doesn’t understand that every spin of the roulette wheel in totally independent of previous spins so a given number might come up a lot more frequently than expected while a different number might not come up for 100 spins or more!

Make Gaming a Fun and Entertaining Activity

By avoiding these and other gaming mistakes, we can have a lot more fun gaming and can see it as the entertainment that is intended to be.  Here at Everygame Casino, we strive to make gaming as fun as possible.

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