Online Casino Bonuses Mean More Fun

The Everygame Casino no deposit bonus is the final piece of the great Everygame Casino Welcome Package.  Being able to accept large deposit or no deposit bonuses is one of the many reasons why online casino gaming is better than land-based casino gaming.

Still, online casino bonuses are not without controversy so here we will talk about gaming with bonus money, why we think bonuses are great for gamers, and how to avoid the pitfalls that can arise when a gamer plays with the casino’s money.

Everygame Casino Has a Simple Formula: More Bonuses = More Fun

Bonuses abound at Everygame Casino

We have many promotions in which gamers can receive a deposit bonus.  We run New Game promotions that include free spins with the bonus money.  We have a Game of the Month promotion that also usually includes free spins.

Gamers Have to Play with Bonus Money

The first area that sometimes receives criticism is the play through requirement.  This is a sum of bets that the gamer has to make before he or she can withdraw winnings.  The criticism is that the play through requirements are too high.

Why Do Online Casinos Impose a Play through Requirement?

First, let’s look at the reason behind the play through requirement.  A player who accepts a casino bonus has to play the games with that money.  When some online casinos started offering deposit bemuses twenty or so years ago, there were a few unscrupulous gamers who took the money and immediately cashed out.

It has to be completely obvious that to allow that to continue would bankrupt online casinos so the casinos had to find a way to avoid just giving money away.  The play through requirement is that solution.

Are all Play-through Requirements Equal?

Unfortunately, no.

Some casinos extract a very high wagering factor for their play through requirement while other casinos impose a much more reasonable factor.  At Everygame Casino, the wagering factor is usually 30% which is completely fair.  So, if you have a $1000 bonus, you need to make $30,000 in bets before you can withdraw winnings.

The Real Reason People Play Online Casino Games

If the reason were to get rich and withdraw tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars, then we might agree that a 30x wagering requirement may be high.  But if the reason for playing casino games is to relax, to unwind, to test one’s intellect at the games of skill, but not to get rich quick, then a 30x wagering requirement is fine.

The key should always be to have fun.  If you have a $1000 bonus for a deposit of $1000, you will have double the fun!


Online Casinos Lead the Way in Bonuses

You may have thought that it would take you a long time to reach $30,000 in wages before you could withdraw any winnings.  If you play three times a week and you have a $100 budget for gaming and you play for 60 minutes, you might make five bets per minute or 300 bets in the hour of gaming.

If you bet 50 cents per spin, you will bet $150 in a session.  The budget of $100 is the amount you allow yourself to lose and the many winning spins give you the chance to bet $150 with a $100 budget!  At three sessions per week, that is $450 wagered per week.  It will take you about seven weeks to complete the wagering requirement.

Now think about the poor land-based casino.  They don’t get one player who stays for seven weeks in a decade!  So, land-based casinos can’t offer $1000 bonuses.

Land-based casinos do offer free alcohol, free buffet meals, sometimes free hotel rooms, and even less common free tickets to the show.

That Sounds Good

Actually, it’s trick.  You see, the free alcohol usually ends up with a slightly or more than slightly inebriated player making wild bets and losing more than he or she budgeted for gaming.  By the way, that slightly or more than slightly inebriated player is on the casino floor with other players.

We can imagine the annoyance a player like that can be at a land-based casino.  This is yet another reason why online casino gaming is better for almost all gamers than land-based casino gaming.

The free buffet meals are also a trick.  People tend to overeat at a buffet.  So, most players will leave the buffet very full, indeed!  Then they will return to the casino floor because there isn’t much else to do and playing the casino games is the reason they came in the first place.

Then their digestive system will get to work trying to digest meats and sweets and everything in between!  This process makes almost everyone a little sleepy.  We always say that you should never play casino games if you are tired!  Yet the land-based casino has arranged a system in which you will play when you are sleepy!

Okay, Why is the Free Show Ticket a Trick?

This is just a ploy to get you excited late at night so that you will convince yourself that after the show you aren’t tired and you’ll go back to the casino floor when in fact you really are tired!

By the way, the free hotel room is not a trick since everyone has to sleep.  If the hotel has a bar in the room, then the free room might end up being quite expensive!

Bonuses Keep Gamers Coming Back

If it will take you weeks to complete the play through requirement for one bonus, that means that you will be playing at that casino for those weeks!  Everygame Casino welcomes all gamers .  We have over 300 great games from the house of game development called SpinLogic.

So, spending a few weeks at our casino gives gamers the chance to sample every game we have on offer!  Naturally, most of our gamers have been with us for many years!  During the corona virus pandemic, as land-based casinos had to close their doors, we got a large number of new gamers!

These were gamers who had never received a $1000 bonus (or more) before!  What an amazing experience it was for these new gamers!  Now many are still with us even though land-based casinos have reopened.  These gamers understand that online casino gaming is superior in many ways to land-based casino gaming.

So, our open invitation to all gamers remains: JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO!