How Has Mobile Casino Gaming Evolved over the Years?

When the first online casino was introduced in 1994, no one imagined the revolutionary evolution of online gaming on superior mobile platforms as they are today.  No one thought that a mobile casino would overtake a desktop casino in a single generation!

Mobile Casinos Have Com a Long Way, Baby

Online Casino Gaming Evolves Every Year

That is what has happened!  Now, there are many innovations and inventions that a younger generation has little or no memory of while their parents and grandparents can remember when these inventions simply did not exist yet.

How Many Revolutions Has a Senior Citizen Seen?

Here is a list of 20th century inventions or innovations that revolutionized the way we all live.  The list could include 100 or more items but we will suffice with ten.  You can make your own list and see just how many things our close ancestors lived without!

  1. Indoor plumbing.
  2. The electric grid covering the entire United States.
  3. A telephone in every house.
  4. Television.
  5. Personal computers.
  6. Air conditioning.
  7. Refrigerators.
  8. Washing machines.
  9. Radial tires.
  10. Online casinos and mobile casinos!

The United States Didn’t Always Have Electricity?

In his biography of Lyndon Johnson who was the President of the United States for five years in the 1960’s, Robert Caro spoke about the electrification of Texas west of the capitol city of Austin.  The electrification took place in the 1930’s which meant that for four decades after New York City had electricity, large parts of the United States did not yet have electricity!

How Did Online and Mobile Casino Gaming Evolve So Quickly?

This is really two separate questions since there was online gaming for about 15 years before the first, mobile casino platform was introduced.  Online casino gaming started with a single casino in 1994!  We are only 28 years removed from that moment!

At that time there were no mobile gaming platforms because there were no mobile phones with the capacity to carry the information needed for a mobile casino.

The iphone was brought to market in 2007; the android platform came along in 2008; and the app store also started its amazing run in 2008!  We are only 15 years removed from the introduction of the smartphone!


The Early Years of Mobile Casino Gaming

There were not yet any games that had been developed specifically for mobile.  Therefore, all games that appeared on the first mobile casinos were reformatted games that had already come out on the desktop platform.

Since the game providers had to reformat their games, the selection of games at the early mobile casinos was severely limited.  If a gamer wanted a full gaming experience using the flexibility inherent in online casino gaming, they had to play at the desktop or laptop.

The reformatting process also lost some of the excellence of the games from their original form.  Game developers realized that they would have to develop games specifically for mobile if that method of gaming were ever to become as popular as desktop gaming was.

What Was the Problem?

To put it simply, the graphics, animation, and sound quality in mobile games in those early years was nothing compared to the graphics, animation, and sound in desktop games of the time!

A large part of the problem was technology.  As young as desktop computers were, mobile phones were even younger and the technology for mobile phones had not yet been perfected.  At one time, no one even knew that there would be a need for technology designed specifically for mobile!

What Does Today’s Tech Give Gamers?

Modern mobile technology has made it possible for SpinLogic, our exclusive game provider, to develop wild symbols that do truly wild things.  Possibly the wildest action a wild symbol in slots can do these days is explode.

The exploding wild is animation at its best, and it is animation that didn’t exist yet just a few years ago!  The great strides iuin graphics and animation have made slots game play light years better than the mobile game play of 15 years ago.

SpinLogic and Gamers’ Expectations

Online gamers now know that SpinLogic will bring out a new slot every month.  They anticipate the features the new slot will have.  The challenge to bring out a new slot every month has certainly put pressure on the game providers but it has also released the creative juices that motivate the teams that work on the new games!

Whereas at the start of mobile casino gaming all of the games were reformatted games that had already been provided for their desktop casino, now SpinLogic faces the monthly challenge to create a new slot specifically compatible with all mobile platforms in addition to the desktop platform.

Excellent Mobile Gaming Creates the Mother of All Ironies

At one time, there were no online casinos.  That changed only in 1994, well within the lifetime of many online casino gamers.  At one time, the only land-based casinos were in locations where such enterprises were legal: Las Vegas, then Atlantic City, and then the Mississippi coast.

The proliferation of land-based casinos into Native American lands, riverboats, and finally just everywhere had not yet happened.  So people who wanted to play at a land-based casino had to go to the casino!

Today, with such amazing technology at their fingertips and with all manner of powerful mobile devices everlastingly coming down in price, everyone has access to a casino that they can take with them when they leave home

This change in how we can relate to casinos is a true and massive irony that has taken place in just one generation!  Whereas, at one time, no gaming was dome on mobile devices, today the vast majority of online casino gaming is done on mobile!

Mobile Gaming Has Changed How Gamers See Gaming

The long weekend at a land-based casino meant that a player would spend long hours on the casino floor in order to get their money’s worth in lieu of the cost they had incurred travelling to the casino.  Mobile gaming has had the effect of shortening gaming sessions since gamers can play for mere minutes during a wait in an office reception area or just as a break in the day.

Even at home, mobile gaming has put relaxation at the forefront of reasons to play online casino games since gamers can and do play while curled up on a soft and comfortable sofa.

Mobile gaming has also assed a romantic element to gaming.  Two people can curl up together and play on a large, accessible mobile device such as a tablet.

Everygame Casino Will Always be at the Forefront of Gaming Innovation

We have been around longer than the vast majority of today’s online casinos.  We have been through all of the changes that have occurred in the past 25 years or so.  As awesome as mobile casino gaming has become, the mobile evolution may be just starting!  We will continue to offer great online casino gaming!