Let’s Celebrate Getting Back to Normal

The world is slowly but surely getting back to normal.  It is interesting that this is not so easy for many people.  Online casino gaming can help people readjust to the new normal in many ways.  Playing games in general has a salutary effect on most people.

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Everygame Casino is Ready to Celebrate the Return to Normal

What Does the New Normal Entail?

It means getting back to the way we lived before the corona virus closed countries in February and March 2020 and many countries after that as well.  The corona virus pandemic went through optimistic waves when the number of infected were relatively small and pessimistic waves when the virus surged ahead, infecting many.

Get out of the House (in a good way)

The new normal means that we will no longer worry about this virus to the extent that we have to stay indoors, preferably at home.

The list of things we did before the corona virus hit was incredibly long.  Getting back to normal entails every item on that long ago list and a few other items people may not have done before or even thought of before.

The environment within a house or apartment is artificial.  We heat in the cold months and cool off in the hot months.  As a result, we have the windows closed most of the time.  Getting out of the house releases us from the artificiality of the great indoors for the fresh air and soft (hopefully) breezes of the great outdoors.

It might seem a bit odd for an online casino to recommend getting out of the house!  There really is no conflict as we also encourage gamers to set time limits on gaming here at Everygame Casino.

Readjust at Your Own Pace

We should do many things at our own pace.  A person who wants to lose 50 pounds might go on a lengthy fast, they might use the modern technique of intermittent fasting, or they might simply reduce calories and increase physical activity and accept that it will take half a year at least to lose those 50 pounds.

We have been trained to view a face mask as a necessary part of going to the supermarket and most other places.  We have been trained to stay away from each other; to keep six feet away and certainly not to hug or kiss.  How many grandparents have seen their grandchildren only a handful of times in the last two years?

So as much as we would expect everyone to be chomping at the bit to get out, go to shows, concerts, sporting events, and especially to see the little ones, a lot of people are afraid to do so.  Maybe the virus will return.  It becomes obsessively unhealthy for these doubts to remain long term but it is fine to take reconnecting with people slowly.

Talk to Friends and Family

When you are ready for the real life visit with someone you hadn’t seen in a long time, call them up and tell them about your uncertainties.  Make getting together a two way street.  You might find that they also have certain doubts and you might be able to work them out together.


The New Normal Must be Fun

This is the same thing we say all the time about casino gaming: it has to be fun!  Gambling at a land-based casino often is not fun because people spend too much time gambling and are influenced to spend a lot more money than they are comfortable gambling with.

Gaming at Everygame Casino or any other top flight online casino should always be fun.  We recommend spending a half an hour to an hour on gaming as a way to relax and unwind and then to take part in any activity that suits your fancy.

Try to Get Sociable Again

For most people, being alone for an extended period of time becomes very lonely.  The feeling of loneliness can feed on itself.  Getting out of the house is a sure fire way to meet people.

Now is the time to do so!

Plan a Big Party

You might be surprised at how many people feel pretty much the same as you do: having gotten used to masks and social distancing, they are unsure of social proximity!  A party with friends may be the best way for a lot of people to get with the new reality.

Cultivate Optimism

The corona virus epidemic made pessimists out of so many people!  The time is ripe to turn the pessimistic attitude into an optimistic one.

Positive mental attitude even has its own acronym!

Optimism is a must to get anywhere close to the normal we once had.  Already, there are many pessimistic people who can’t seem to feel positively about the possible end to the crisis.  While all of these people’s concerns are legitimate, it is a true downer to emphasize the negative what ifs instead of the positive what ifs.

What are the Pessimists Worried About?

They are worried that the virus will mutate again and people won’t be willing to shut down like they were in 2020.   They are worried that the covid vaccines won’t be effective long term and many people will simply refuse to be vaccinated again and again.

They are worried that the corona virus is everywhere and that it will come back strong after a brief or even a long lull.  They are worried that if there is a new pandemic or a new mutation of this virus, hospitals will be inundated with patients and there won’t be enough beds, staff, drugs, and equipment to deal with the crisis.

Get Back to Normal by Taking a Real Vacation

As much as you might want to go back to your favorite land-based casino or group thereof, we suggest that you use that money toward a real vacation.  You know: the kind of vacation that takes you far away from your workaday world.  It might be the beach or the mountains; it might be small town museums; it might be historical places and events; it might be A Walk in the Woods.

There are so many ways to take a real vacation and for all intents and purposes there is only one way to go to a land-based casino for a long weekend.

Online Gaming is a Perfect Alternative to Land-based Casinos

At Everygame Casino Red, you can play for as long or as short as you like.  You can play every day, a few times a week, or whenever the mood hits.  Online gaming doesn’t require reservations.  We also offer unlimited free play.

Since Everygame Casino is readily available at all times of the day, you can use your other free time to reconnect with the world as we all once knew it.  The one and only thing you need to play our games is to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO!