What Should I Put on My Post-Corona Bucket List?

This question has been asked and answered at numerous websites ever since the first corona virus wave died down!  Then the second wave hit, petered out, the third wave hit and it, too, petered out.  For casino gamers, the good news among all of the less happy news from the corona virus crisis was that Everygame Casino was offering many deposit and no deposit bonuses!

Everygame Casino Teaches gamers How to Create a Bucket List that Doesn't Require Travel

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Many People Have Revised their Bucket List

The pandemic made international travel very difficult to impossible.  Local travel was a lot easier as people could cross state lines or national lines within the European Union without needing to take a stressful PCR test.

Thus, the first area of revision for many a bucket list was to change travel plans from trips to exotic foreign lands to trips to quaint much more local places.  A new emphasis on local parks such as the vast network of state parks in the United States replaced the ubiquitous Machu Picchu.

A Bucket List Can Include Activities to Do at Home or in Town

So, the revised bucket lists were primarily about changes people made in their travel plans.  Still, there are a lot of things we can do without travelling, so we decided to focus on things we can do at home or locally that we may not have done in the past.

These activities often, if not always, require a mentor or teacher so people were not able to “do” them during the long lock downs.  These activities can be great fun; many people turn them into hobbies; so, if no virus ever causes massive lockdowns again, the people who take up one or more of these activities will have enriched their lives immensely.

On the other hand, if a virus does come along that causes giant shutdowns, having taken up a homebound activity many gamers will have many options for at home fun in addition to gaming at Everygame Casino!

We are sure that our list will be incomplete as we are limited in space—unlike the actual Everygame Casino which occupies some small fraction of cyberspace and is therefore unlimited in space!

Learn Needle Work

There are a lot of things people can do with a needle and thread or yarn.   The many people—mostly women—who were skilled at making afghans or needlepoint or sewing had a lot of time to produce items for every grandchild, friend, colleague, neighbor and for themselves as well, of course!

As you can see, learning needle work usually requires some tutoring to get going.  So, it was out of reach during the pandemic, is within reach now, and is a very fulfilling activity under any circumstances.

Take up Music

Naturally, this category has many options from singing to playing an instrument to learning to compose music.  Imagine the opportunities for great fun and enjoyment in the musical arena even if there never is another pandemic with those inevitable lockdowns.

Learn a Foreign Language

Here we mean to learn to read a foreign language rather than to learn to speak it.  In a lockdown situation, being able to read in more than one language may prove to be a boon to how best to spend one’s time.


Learn Ethnic Cooking

Most people like some kind of ethnic cooking from the popular Chinese cuisine to sushi to Mexican and French.  A cooking coach can get you on the way to understaffing how to cook ethnic foods.  Even in any large country, there will be regional differences in cooking styles, cooking methods, spices and herbs, and so on.

Who living north of the Mason-Dixon Line knows what file is but people from the southern United States know all about it!

Get into Pottery Making

This is an activity that truly requires a course with a good teacher.  Pottery equipment may be expensive as well.  Still, knowing how to make pottery, if you have the space for it at home means that you can produce large quantities of bowls, dishes, mugs, and serving dishes that you might be able to sell after a lock down.  If there aren’t any lock downs in the near future, a pottery maker can still produce enough to sell at weekend markets.

Practice Yoga

This activity is already extremely popular and most people practice yoga in groups.  In a lock down situation, being able to practice yoga and other Eastern disciplines can fill the time that is suddenly thrust upon us!

Gardening and Canning

Many people have small plots of land where they grow bushes or a few vegetables.  If you have a larger area for gardening, you might consider turning some of it over to growing staples such as corn and peas.

Then, when the crop comes in, you can “put it up” which is a regional American term for canning and preserving.

Many people preserve tomato paste or sauce, soup, beans, and many other staple products.


This is one of the more difficult activities and also an expensive one.  In addition, most people don’t have the space for a carpentry shop.  On the other hand, if you are among the few that do have the space and you have the inclination to learn some skilled carpentry, you, like the pottery maker, can produce products that you can sell at weekend markets.


Here we include creative writing, auto-biography, biography, and interviewing other people to help them write their own memoirs.  Clearly, the interviewing part will not be available during a lock down but creative writing in general will leave a legacy that will be appreciated by the next generation of family members at the very least.

Photography, Drawing, and Sketching

These are all “image” activities.  They will require some training from a person adept at whichever of these activities you choose.

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