Why Does Everygame Casino Offer Bonuses?

All new gamers here at Everygame Casino are introduced to the casino by way of the Everygame Casino welcome bonus. This bonus comes in five parts and has a potential value 0f $5555!

The two questions that arise are:

  1. What are the details of the welcome bonus?
  2. Why can online casinos offer such big bonuses?

How Do Online Casino Bonuses Compare to Promotions in Other Businesses?

The Happy Details of the Everygame Casino Welcome Bonus

As we said, the welcome bonus is actually five separate bo9nuses.  Here are the excellent details:

  1. Your first deposit brings a 125% bonus for up to $1000.
  2. The next deposit is good for a 150% bonus up to $1500.
  3. The third deposit is for another 125% bonus for up to $1000.
  4. The fourth deposit brings a 150% bonus for up to $2000.
  5. The last part of the Everygame Casino Welcome Package is a no deposit bonus for $55.

The total of the five bonuses is $5555!  Naturally, you can take part of each deposit bonus.  The amount of money you will need to deposit in order to receive the full $5555 is approximately $780 for the two smaller bonuses, $1000 for the second bonus, and approximately $1300 for the last deposit bonus.

Everygame Casino Offers Many Bonuses

When you look at all of the promotions we offer, you will see that we offer many bonuses.  Now, if a new gamer takes a big chunk of the Welcome Package, he or she will have plenty of money to play with and as long as they play responsibly the bonus money coupled with the deposits will give every new gamer many hours of gaming fun!

When any gamer is ready for another bonus, we have many of them on offer.  At this writing, here are the bonuses we are offering:

  1. The Slot of the Month is Spring Wilds and the bonus is 100% up to $6000 plus 60 free spins.
  2. Spring Fortune is an eight week promotion in which we give away $30,000 each week.
  3. The April Fool’s Day Promotion may have expired already.  It expires on April 10 and when it does end, it will be repacked by a similar promotion.  The April Fool’s Day Promotion offers three bonuses worth up to $5000 plus a $50 no deposit bonus.
  4. The Wheel of Fortune Promotion gives 20 gamers a no deposit bonus of $50 every day.  Naturally, the twenty lucky gamers usually change from day to day!
  5. The Mobile Award is for gamers on their mobile device (which these days are just about everyone)!
  6. The Comp Points Promotion is one of our more popular promotions.  Gamers accumulate comp point which they can redeem for casino credits.  The reason this promotion is so popular is because the points add up quickly even as gamers aren’t aware that they are growing apace.  So, the casino credits gamers get when the comp points have reached a large enough number to be redeemed is felt as found money!

Do Land-based Casinos Also Offer a Lot of Deposit Bemuses?

The easy answer is…..NO!

There is a huge difference between gamers at Everygame Casino and other good online casinos and gamers at land-based casinos.

Online gaming is a lot more relaxing than gambling at a land-based casino.  Players at a land-based casino have to travel to get there.  Most feel a certain urgency to play casino games for as long as they can in the short time they will be at the casino.

Gamers at Everygame Casino don’t have anything close to this urgency.  We are available all the time, every day!  So gamers have no tension when they play at Everygame Casino.  They can always come back tomorrow, or the next day, or whenever they wish!


The Wagering Requirement

The main reason why land-based casinos cannot offer deposit bonuses is because of the wagering requirement which is a factor of the bonus and which prevents a gamer from taking a bonus and immediately cashing out.

Believe it or not, this happened quite often in the early days of online casino gaming and with the first round of deposit bonuses!  Land-based casinos can’t offer these bonuses because their players can’t fulfill the wagering requirement by the time they have to leave the casino to return home.

At Everygame Casino and all online casinos that offer bonuses, players can fulfill the wagering require net in their own time and at their own pace.

Are Casinos the Only Businesses that Offer Bonuses?

Well, in a sense yes and in a sense no!

Most companies offer customers and employees various types of bonuses.

Clothing stores offer End of Season Sales which are in effect a type of deposit bonus.  The customer gives the store some money and the store gives the customer a garment at a reduced price.  This is a bonus by a different name!

In free markets, buyers and sellers set the price of all items.  High ticket items such as homes can have large fluctuations in price depending on the overall economy at the time and the concomitant rise or fall in demand.  So, a home that sold for, say, $200,000 last year might be available for $180,000 this year.  The change in price is in effect a 10% bonus!

Sports Teams Offer Many Bonuses

Teams offer what they call Incentive Packages to players who agree to sign a contract for a smaller sum of money with the proviso that the base salary will rise if they achieve a pre-determined goal.

Sports teams also give bonuses to top new players.  These bonuses are based on the team’s evaluation of the future value of the player.

Airlines Offer Bonuses

Frequent flyer miles are as pure a bonus as there is in the business world.  They represent a type of comp points promotion in which the miles add up quickly and after a time the flyer can get a free ticket by redeeming their frequent flyer miles.

Restaurant Bonuses

Often a restaurant will have a promotion offering a much lower price for a second meal. These offers are no different than any other bonus offered by a business.

Online Gaming is Improved Exponentially by the Availability of Bonuses

At Everygame Casino, we offer bonuses as an incentive to gamers to join and to stay.  In this regard, we are not different than any other top online casino.  Aside from our many promotions, we offer a large selection of games, easy and safe banking, and friendly and helpful customer service.

Online gaming offers many advantages to gamers that land-based casinos cannot offer.  We are convenient and comfortable.  We are also portable which a brick and mortar casino certainly is not!

The bottom line is that NOW is the time to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO!