Why are Online Casinos More Popular than Land-based Casinos?

We know that the online casino market continues to expand.  Everygame Online Casino grows by a few percentage points every year!  This is in keeping with the overall trend which has online casino gaming growing about 6% every year.

Everygame Casino Explains the Unique Popularity of Online Casinos

What Shows us that Online Gaming is Growing Fast?

There are two aspects of online casino gaming that point directly to this massive growth in popularity.  One is that the number of online casinos continues to grow.  The second is that there are today many more game providers than there were just ten years ago!

The growth in online casinos shows the tremendous draw online casino gaming has for most casino gamers.  The question we pose here is WHY?  why is online casino gaming becoming more and more popular all the time?

What is the Significance of the Increase in Game Providers?

We should point out here that the increase in the number of game providers has been fueled almost exclusively by online casinos.   That’s because an online casino can take a new game, usually a slot, every month.  Online casinos exist in limitless cyberspace so there is no problem of space.  Land-based casinos are all limited by their walls which means that if they take on a new slots terminal, they have to take something out!

The demand for new games every month has opened a market for talented game developers, which explains the connection between the growth of online casinos and the increase in the number of game providers.

Online Casino Gamers Enjoy Many Benefits

Now we can get to the crux of the question regarding online versus land-based casinos.  We cannot deny that land-based casinos do have some attraction.  After all, there are plenty of land-based casinos as well as plenty of online casinos.

In a single word, land-based casinos do provide something that online casinos cannot provide: live excitement!  We at Everygame Casino feel that there are many better ways to get excitement.  We also feel that excitement alone is not enough to set land-based casinos above online casinos as an overall place to play casino games.

Here are several reasons why the benefits of gaming at Everygame Casino are better than playing games at a land-based casino:

  1. Convenience.  There is no denying that online casino gaming is infinitely (almost) more convenient than land-based casino gaming.
  2. Comfort. Gamers can lounge on their most comfortable chair or sofa with a mobile device or laptop and play in perfect comfort.
  3. Bonuses and other promotions. We offer many different deposit bonus promotions for high bonus rates which means that gamers can play at Everygame Casino with the casino’s money!
  4. You won’t be bothered by a gambler who is overcome by the “excitement” at the land-based casino and has imbibed way too much free alcohol!
  5. There is no waiting to play any game at Everygame Casino.  At land-based casinos just a few people can play the same slot at different terminals at the same time while here thousands can play the same game at the same time.
  6. Everygame Casino keeps track of all of your comp points so you don’t have to remember where you put your player’s card when you want to go back to a land-based casino.
  7. At an online casino, gamers can and do get lots of excrement gaming with their partner or significant other.  Try kanoodling with your partner at a land-based casino.
  8. Online casinos (most, not all) have a modern, advanced mobile gaming platform for extra convenience.  It is a bit silly that some land-based casinos now offer mobile gaming!
  9. The return to player rate is generally higher at an online casino than at a land-based casino.  The reason is simple: land-based casinos have much higher operating costs.
  10. Gamers can play every game we offer rather than the very short list of games the average player plays in a long weekend at a land-based casino.
  11. In order to help gamers become familiar with a game they have not played before, we offer unlimited free play.  No land-based casino that we know of offers even limited free play!
  12. Gaming online is a huge time saver!
  13. You don’t have to social distance when you play online.  When land-based casinos were finally given the okay to reopen, one of the provisos was that they make every effort to achieve correct social distancing.
  14. Social distancing has caused the excitement level at land-based casinos to go down.
  15. Gaming online frees enough money that gamers can take a real vacation.


What is a Real Vacation?

Our definition of a real vacation is simply a vacation that doesn’t require travel to a land-based casino.  To us, the high cost of a land-based casino excursion is much better spent on a real vacation, given that we provide excellent online casino gaming.

In terms of a vacation, we suggest taking those long weekends away from land-based casinos!  If you take four long weekend vacations per year, you can go north one time, and so on thereby cover all four directions each year.

We suggest driving more local roads rather than the faceless and humorless big highways.  Local roads will be where the most off beat and off the beaten path discoveries will be!  We hear from gamers who have taken our advice to discover their country rather than to rediscover land-based casinos.

We have heard of a small restaurant and grocery in Maine that makes their own sauerkraut.  We have heard about a great roadside antique store in Vermont.  We have heard about Tuahcahn, an outdoor theater in southwest Utah.  We have heard about a wonderful vegan restaurant in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Take your home location, plot a one to two hour drive in any given direction, go to Google maps to look up interesting attractions in the small towns along the way, find a quaint local restaurant for lunch or dinner, and let your mind go!  We are quite sure that you will find even long weekend trips close to home to be great fun and probably less expensive than a few days at a land-based casino.

But We Like Gaming

Yes, we do realize that you like gaming!  So, take your mobile device and play a few games on our excellent mobile gaming platform!  That should be enough so that you have the rest of the time to enjoy the country air and the great attractions that await you on a real vacation.

Of course, in order to play at our mobile casino you need to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO!