What Comes After the Welcome Package at Everygame Casino?

There are hundreds of millions online casino gamers and a very large number of them play at Everygame Casino!  New players qualify for the Everygame Casino Welcome Bonus which is actually five separate bonuses!

We will go over the details of these bonuses and then we will ask and answer the question that is always on a new online casino gamer’s mind: what comes next after I receive the welcome bonus?

What Can Gamers at Everygame Casino Do with Bonus Money?

Why Does Everygame Casino Offer Five Separate Bonuses to New Gamers?

We want gamers to have a great time traveling through Everygame Casino instead of traveling to a land-based casino!  For new gamers, we feel that the first few hours they spend at our excellent online casino will turn them into loyal Everygame Casino gamers.

While we have many promotions that offer great bonuses often coupled with free spins, we feel that the set of welcome bonuses creates a feeling in new gamers that no other bonus can replicate: this is the online casino that is best suited for me!

The reason that so many new gamers get that feeling from their first few sessions at Everygame Casino is basically the answer to that question we posed above: What can I expect from Everygame Casino after I get the new player bonuses?

The Welcome Package of Bonuses in Five Parts

There are two parameters that make the bonuses online casinos offer good and Everygame Casino has both of these parameters in full.  The first is the dollar amount of each bonus which then translates into the upper limit of the Welcome Package bonuses.

The second is the bonus percentage.  We offer greater than 100% bonus rates on all of the four deposit bonuses and there is naturally no rate for the no deposit bonus that represents the cherry atop the set of big deposit bonuses.

Can Anyone Qualify for these Bonuses?

The Welcome Package of bonuses is offered to new players.  We continue to offer great bonuses for practically any reason whatsoever!  You can check out our promotions section and you’ll see a wealth (pun very much intended) of bonus offers!  But let’s get to the Welcome Bonuses.  Here is how they work:

First you fill out the registration form which is quick and easy.  We ask for some personal information which we keep entirely private.  We use this information to identify you, especially when you ask to withdraw money from your account.

Once you have filled out the registration form, you can begin to receive your Welcome Bonuses.

  1. The first deposit bonus is for 125% up to $1000.
  2. The second is for 150% up to $1500.
  3. The third is again for 125% for up to $1000,
  4. The fourth and last deposit bonus is for 150% up to $2000.

We finish the Welcome Package with a $55 no deposit bonus.  If you choose to take the entire set of bonuses in full, you will deposit about $3900 and you will receive $5555 in bonuses so you will have about $9500 to play with!


Can You See the Obvious Wise Move in this Promotion?

The wise move in this promotion is to deposit no more than $800 with your first deposit; deposit no more than $1000 with the second deposit and so on.  No reason to deposit more as the bonus does have an upward limit!

What Does a New Gamer at Everygame Casino Get?

It’s all well and good to have a lot of bonus money but what can a new player do with the money?

Everygane Casino Offers Over 300 Games

We offer a lot of slots as they are still the most popular online casino game.  We get a new slot every month from SpinLogic our exclusive game provider.  We run a new game promotion which includes….you guessed it….. a set of great deposit bonuses and free spins.

We also have a game of the month promotion with deposit bonuses and free spins and we run several other promotions.

One of the most popular promotions at Everygame Casino is the comp points promotion where gamers get points for playing.  As these points accumulate, gamers can redeem them for casino credits.  A lot of gamers see the redeemed casino credits as a type of “found money” since they accumulate fast and players are so busy enjoying playing that they can’t keep track of their comp points.

Everygame Casino Offers Several Variations of Blackjack and Video Poker

It is an interesting fact that the return to player rate in these games is the highest in the casino!  The return to player rates are about 99.5%!  That means that in a normal gaming session playing blackjack or video poker most players will either win a little or lose a little.

Customer Service and Safety are Key

We have a great customer service team that is available on a 24/7 basis.  The team is well trained and will find a solution to any difficulty you might encounter.  They are also very knowledgeable about all matters Everygame so they will answer any question! You might have

Safety is the elephant in the room at any online company be it a giant emporium or a modest online casino.  People who send money via any money transferring method want to feel safe that the money is getting to its proper destination and is not being hacked by hackers.

We keep your money safe by using the best encryption software around.  As an added measure of safety, we ask for a proof of identification such as a utility bill when a gamer asks for a withdrawal.  We do this to protect you as we transfer the money to your bank, credit card account, or ewallet.

Everygame Casino Has a Large and Growing Blog

You are reading one of the many articles we publish in our blog.  The articles are informative and give players good advice about such important matters as money management, emotional control, and how to keep gaming in perspective.

All in all, Everygame Casino is a top online casino in all ways.  We invite you to become a member of the Everygame Casino family by filling out the registration form and getting started with your Everygame Casino Welcome Package of bonuses.JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO NOW!