How Can Gaming at Everygame Casino Combine with Walking for Better Health?

At Everygame Casino Red, we talk a lot about the benefits of playing casino games online instead of travelling to a land-based casino.  There are travel costs that online gaming avoids.  In addition, there are many other benefits of online gaming here at Everygame Casino.  In this article, we will talk about the benefits of walking combined with online gaming as a formula for good and better health!

How Do Online Gaming and Walking Work Synergistically?

Is Walking the Best Exercise for Online Casino Gamers?

Not necessarily!

There are many gamers who can benefit from jogging, swimming, bicycle riding, hiking and other outdoor sports activities.  Walking is possibly the most accessible to the full range of gamers including elder citizens who want good exercise but also want to stay safe while exercising.

Walking for Short Periods is as Good as Walking for Lengthy Periods

One of the myths about healthy exercise is that it has to be for a long time.  This is actually not the case!  Even a fifteen minute walk, if it is repeated a few times a day, is highly beneficial.

Here are a few reasons why walking is so beneficial:

  1. Walking is slower than many other forms of exercise so it is perfectly conducive to imaginative thinking.  Many Eureka moments come to people while they are walking.

  2. Walking is also good for planning.  You might be planning something at work or planning a road trip or other vacation.  Walking gives your mind the opportunity to wander about as your legs are also wandering about!

  3. Walking has a calming effect.  In this sense, walking is very much like easy online gaming for 30 minutes when you get home in the evening.  Online casino gaming relaxes and calms gamers!  Walking relaxes and calms everyone who walks!

  4. Walking increases the flow of oxygen in your body.  When people are tired, they often either lie down for a short nap—which is also highly beneficial—or they reach for a mild stimulant such as coffee or tea.  Increasing the flow of oxygen in your veins and arteries has so many health benefits that we cannot list them all!

  5. Walking improves muscle tone in your legs and thighs.  As we get older, people who have not walked regularly often have pain when they do walk even when they are just getting up from a chair.  Waking every day will strengthen leg and thigh muscles and keep them young for many years!

  6. Walking improves people’s immune system.  It will not prevent immune-deficient diseases from entering your body but it will boost the working mechanism that fights off colds, the flu, and other “common” diseases.  In this era of corona virus, we have seen that people who walk regularly have less infection from the corona virus and have milder symptoms if they do contract the virus.

  7. Increasing the flow of oxygen throughout your body also boosts your energy level.  If you go out for a walk when you are tired, you will probably found over time that you are less tired after a meal or later on in the day!

  8. Walking is good for your joints.  Walking helps to lubricate the joints which can reduce one’s risk for osteoarthritis and other joint difficulties.

  9. Walking burns sugar in the blood.  Walking will not cure type 2 diabetes but it will remove some excess sugar from the walker’s blood.  Coupled with a good diet for diabetics, walking can ameliorate diabetes to a very large degree.

  10. Walking actually helps your body develop new blood vessels, especially in the lower leg.  This is a leading “home remedy” for neuropathy which causes a numb feeling in many people’s feet and toes.  Walking will not cure neuropathy but it will reduce the condition that causes the numbness.

Well, these are just ten of the ways that walking helps maintain good health and can reverse an unhealthy condition and make it healthy.  Now the question is: How does online casino gaming at Everygame Casino Red contribute to this happy and healthy condition?


Limits Make the Mind and Body Strong!

In a single word, limits!  Everygame Casino has long advocated for short gaming sessions.  These short sessions make it a lot easier to budget time for walking!

Players at land-based casinos spend hours at a single terminal and only reluctantly give up the terminal for food, sleep, or rest room.

Online casino gamers also need other activities to fill out the time from the time they get home to the time they go to sleep if they are only spending 30 minutes or so playing at Everygame Casino.

Hobbies fill much of this time and hobbies are also perfectly suited for short walks!  The hobby is not going anywhere as opposed to a land-based casino which players have to leave after a few days!  So, a hobby might occupy an hour or more of a gamer’s time once, twice, or three times a week and the gamer can still get in healthy walking in between hobby moments.

If your hobby is bird watching or hiking all the more will the hobby work toward improved health!

Staying Safe is Vital in Casino Gaming and in Walking

Staying safe in online casino gamming is mostly the job of the casino.  We at Everygame Casino use the best encryption software to confuse messages so hackers can’t read them!  The software allows us to read all of the information while hiding it from prying eyes.

You have a great deal of information on record here at Everygame Casino.  Of course, you have your casino account.   In addition, and no less important, is the personal information you send to us so that we can properly identify you especially when you want to make a withdrawal from your account.

Encryption is used by all online businesses!  It is one of the things that online customers take for granted!  Still, online commerce in any form would be impossible without encryption!

How to Stay Safe while Walking

  1. Always be aware of the presence of cars.

  2. Wear reflecting or very colorful clothes.

  3. Walk indoors if the weather is too hot or too cold.  Mall walkers are part of the urban landscape in places like South Florida!

  4. Stay hydrated!  This is also important for online casino gamers as it is easy to either forget to drink or some gamers substitute alcohol for water.  At a land-based casino, management wants players to substitute alcohol for water as it leads to many more losses for the player!

  5. Make sure that the shoes give you excellent support.  This is so important that spending a little more on good walking shoes is an aspect of the health benefits of walking!

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