How to Avoid Tilt and How to Make Tilt Work for You

The term “tilt” is a fascinating term.  Gamers at Everygame Casino Red usually think of it as getting very overly emotional after a bad beat in poker.  People easily understand that they can extend the term to refer to unnecessary and even damaging rage in everyday situations.

We have road rage, airplane rage, political rage, and many other cases where a person might lose control of his or her emotions and become excessively enraged.  We would like everyone to experience the utmost in positive vibes when you play our more than 300 games, so

How to Turn Negative Tilt into Positive Tilt

Anger-based Tilt is an Unhealthy Condition

It is true that tilting in a game is not likely to cause lasting damage to the person experiencing the tilt nor anyone else in the area.  Tilt, or excessive rage, is very problematic in other everyday circumstances.

We will soon discuss ways to avoid or decrease the feelings of tilt in everyday situations.  But first…

Tilt Can Also be a Positive!

This comes about when we change the definition of the term “tilt”!  Instead of defining it as connected to rage, we can also define it as looking at a situation from a different angle.  In this sense, tilt means, in effect, tilting one’s head as we look at the situation before us.

In this sense, tilting is a figurative concept but the real-life benefits are quite remarkable.

Tilting in Everyday Matters Can Mean Purposely Embracing Imbalances

We don’t mean inequalities between people.  We mean that it is truly impossible to have perfect balance in our daily activities all the time.  So, rather than “tilt against windmills” in the famous term from Don Quixote, we can embrace imbalance!

It is much healthier mentally to embrace imbalances than the try to balance what cannot reasonably be balanced!  Thus, people who embrace tilting in this sense, no longer have the pressure of keeping everything in balance.  There is a palpable release of tension when people recognize that balance is impossible and actively choose the imbalanced reality.

What Happens when a Person Accepts Imbalances?

When someone does forgo the pursuit of perfect balance she or he actively creates an imbalance between activities that give them deep satisfaction versus activities that produce unworkable tensions and pressures and actually cause the kind of tilt we spoke about earlier!


Another Amazing Corollary Effect of Accepting Imbalances

Another highly ironic development occurs when we accept imbalances.  The very act of accepting imbalances creates a condition where many people can discard certain points of imbalance or tension altogether.  In some cases, this means moving to a different city or region.  It might mean moving from an urban existence to a rural one or vice versa.

It could result in changing jobs as when a doctor might decide that he or she would be more fulfilled as a carpenter or by some other vocation.

This results in an active decluttering of one’s mind as well as of one’s

possessions and daily commitments.  The end result is that in many cases, accepting imbalances leads to greater balance!

Creativity is Born of Positive Tilting

There are so many examples of this!  Even people who don’t see themselves as particularly creative can have extraordinarily creative moments when they look at a situation from a different angle.

This is one of the main benefits of the brainstorming sessions that have become quite common and popular in corporate environments.  At a brainstorming session, everyone is invited and encouraged to participate and do one’s ideas are too crazy, off the wall, or foolish as to be discarded out of hand.

Energy Follows Positive Tilting

People who try for perfect balance often develop the exact opposite and to a much larger degree than they had before.   The striving for more balance is actually enervating while the pursuit of creative imbalances often produces more energy!

Imbalances are not threatening.  It might mean eating a light dinner after a very stressful day at work.  It can also mean playing the many online casino games on offer here at Everygame Casino after said hard day at work.

Tilting as a Quality Activity

Robert Pirsig, in his great book from the 1970’s “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” spoke abbot Quality as a palpable entity.  The act of tilting in one direction or another in a positive manner is probably what Mr Pirsig had in mind (at least to some degree) when he spoke about Quality.

In the sense that Mr Pirsig referred to Quality, it can mean directing one’s attention in the best possible direction.  So, for example, if your children are especially needy one day, you see Quality in giving them the attention they need and not in the direction of cooking the meal you have been hoping to cook for a while!

In addition, even on a day when your kids are especially needy, and you also have a work project to attend to, it may be possible to get the kids to help you do your job!  Kids naturally like to brainstorm.  If the kids are very young, you might get them to brainstorm with crayons!  While they are drawing things, you can do your own work!

And they might actually come up with an angle you hadn’t thought of before!

There is a lot more to say about channeling “tilt” in positive ways but….

How to Avoid Negative Tilt or Rage

Really do need to return to the kind of tilt we spoke about at the beginning of the article!  Thus, here are a few ways to avoid tilt in everyday situations:

  1. Stand up and go for a walk. On an airplane, the standing up is possible but the going for a walk is a lot more difficult.  Still, walking in an airplane is recommended as a way to get your blood circulating in your legs so even a short walk up and down t aisle is good.
  2. Breathe deeply. Breathing deeply is very under-rated in the west but it is highly praised in the east.  Learn to breathe deeply as a general activity and go for a few dep breaths when you feel tilt coming on.
  3. Try to channel your anger in a positive manner.  Look on the bright side.  Look to be creative rather than full of rage.
  4. Audit your friends.  This means to find and cultivate friendships with positive people.  Positivity rubs off on other people so try to be in the presence of positive people as much as possible.
  5. Be ever-grateful.  William F Buckley, Jr, who was a far-right political pundit, and, thus not most people’s cup of tea, wrote a slim book called “Gratitude”.  He said that gratitude toward everything positive in our lives makes us mentally and physically healthy.

Everygame Casino Wants Everyone to Maximize Positive Tilt

We offer over 300 games.  Our banking protocol is absolutely safe and secure.  We also publish many “how to” articles about a wide range of matters.  All in all, joining Everygame puts a very positive tilt on the ideas of fun, entertainment, relaxation, and creativity.