How Has Mobile Gaming Affected Travel?

Many people in the era before the corona virus pandemic used their travel time to go to a land-based casino.  Many people discovered the mobile casino at Everygame Casino, where we offer over 300 games, during those long months when all land-based casinos were closed.

Everygame Casino is Happy to Provide a Magnificent Mobile Gaming Casino

From Land-based Casinos to Mobile Casinos in a Single Bound

It is an interesting fact that many of the gamers who came to Everygame Casino chose immediately to play at our excellent mobile gaming platform.  We feel that these were gamers who found desktop casino gaming just a bit uncomfortable and were very happy to find out that mobile casino gaming is extremely comfortable as well as being immensely convenient.

What Does Excellent Mobile Gaming Mean?

Well, it means many things.  For one, a gamer who plays on mobile or desktop can play for relatively short periods of time.  After all, the casino will always be there!  Mobile gaming takes this idea an amazing step forward: while gamers had to go to a land-based casino, gamers at the Everygame Casino mobile platform actually take the casino with them!

Mobile gaming is the perfect conduit for five minute gaming sessions.  Of course, a gaming session can last longer than five minutes but, in the modern world, people try to make the most and best use of their time.  A five minute gaming session might be spent entirely on a progressive jackpot game.  Playing for a big progressive jackpot can get expensive since you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.

A player can use our mobile gaming to set the exact amount of time he or she wants to play for a progressive jackpot.

Mobile Gaming Has Made Even a Laptop Obsolete

Now, obviously any personal, computer is not exactly obsolete but mobile gaming has made it unnecessary to take a mobile computer along with you when you travel.

Here we have arrived at a very interesting aspect of the mobile casino gaming phenomenon.  Since most online casino gaming is now done on mobile platforms, we can assume that most people who are planning a trip will take their mobile device along with them.

This means that for most casino gamers, it is no longer necessary to go to a land-based casino to enjoy casino gaming.  This further l4eades us to the point where people who are anxious to travel now that the pandemic seems to have ended can take a real vacation and can get all of the casino gaming they would like through the Everygame Casino mobile platform!


Where Should an Erstwhile Land-based Casino Gamer Go for a Real Vacation?

Every gamer has to answer this question for himself or herself.  However there are a few tips we can give for people who are finally ready to travel after two years not travelling.

  1. Try to avoid the crowds.
  2. Go outside of your comfort zone.
  3. Try something you never tried before.
  4. Do you like to hike or do you prefer walking in a town?  Walking in an old town might allow you to walk and look at big, old houses!
  5. Play the questions game with friends or family: Where would you go for the first trip after corona?  It might open your eyes if you ask a kid!
  6. Start from scratch.  Don’t assume anything
  7. Draw a picture of you on a real vacation.
  8. Look for festivals and fairs.  There are thousands of festivals and fairs every year in the US if there is no viral pandemic!
  9. If you like baseball, you might plan a vacation around minor league baseball!

Why Should We Avoid the Crowds?

A busy vacation spot will cause frustration and stress.  There is nothing worse than hitting debilitating traffic on the way or at your vacation destination.

Another aspect of avoiding the crowds is to travel during the week when kids are in school rather than on the weekend.  This latter tip depends on how much vacation time you have e and where you have decided to travel to.  In the United States, there are places that are massively crowded on the weekends and other places that are not!

Think National Parks for large crowds and think the northern tier of states for much less crowding on the weekends.

Why Should I Go out of My Comfort Zone?

We don’t mean going to the sea when you prefer the mountains.  We don’t mean taking a hike of several miles when a one-mile or two-mile hike is enough for you!

Many people have developed artificial comfort zones as a result of such long lockdowns, restrictions on travel, vaccine and mask mandates, and generally accepted a new normal that was not in any way, shape, or form normal before the pandemic.

We have to break the chains that we imposed on ourselves in order to stay safe and healthy during the several heights of the pandemic.  Now the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has declared that what is left of the corona virus causes the flu and should be treated as such.

Trying New Things is Important Especially after so much Same Same

There are a very large number of things you might never have tried and now may be the perfect time to try them.  If you go to the se3a, you could try snorkeling.  Even small towns often have interesting museums.

Many people have a hard time in antique stores because the vast assortment of things creates over-stimulation.  But, if you decide to take it slow and don’t feel the need to see every item or to rush through the store, antique stores and malls can be fascinating places to spend some time.

If you are interested in alcoholic beverages, there are many microbreweries, small distilleries, and wineries in every state in the United States.

If you do some good research, you can find companies or stores that make their own food items.  Bakeries and ice cream shops come to mind but there is a small delicatessen in Maine that makes home-made sauerkraut!

This place is far from the exception: there are numerous places like it!

Finally, staying with the line of thinking that extols thinking out of the box: Do you want the artificial Main Street at Disney World or a real Main Street in a small town?

Play Mobile Casino Games at Everygame Casino

This began as a discussion about the virtues of mobile casino gaming and the discussion took a natural course toward the idea of taking real vacations.  Everygame Casino offers a vast and exciting world of online gaming.  Our mobile platform is superb!

So, if you are not yet a member of our casino, may we invite you to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO NOW!