The Name of the Game is Fun

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Fun is the Leading Cause of Joy

Fun Makes the World Go Round

Of course, money, love, and good health also help but money without fun is boring; love without fun is boring; and god health without fun is…..boring!

People need fun to get the most out of life.

But the obvious question rears its head: Why?

Fun Exhilarates People

Fun implies laughing out loud!  Fun implies becoming tipsy without alcohol—what might be called lightheaded.  Children have no problem having fun.  In fact, aside from eating and sleeping and crying at times, a child’s existence is all fun.

Adults need to continue the childlike affinity for fun and play.  Many adults, in the pursuit of wealth or other accomplishments, forget how to have fun.  The deficiency in fun is the theme of many movies.

In Mary Poppins, the banker-father-husband is so caught up in his career as a banker that he has completely lost the ability to have fun.

In The Sound of Music, the father of seven little children has also so lost the ability to have fun that he communicates with his children with a whistle.

In Pretty Woman, the man who spends his life taking away other people’s dreams but derives no pleasure from it has to relearn the value of simple pleasures starting by taking off his shoes and socks and walking on the grass barefoot.

How Does a Casino Enhance One’s Fun Factor?

It is a lot easier for an online casino to create fun than for a land-based casino to be a fun place to be.  An online casino is always at the ready so if you spend as little as 30 minutes per gaming session, you will get the benefit of play without the sense that you have spent so much money just getting to the casino that you have to play on and on in order to “get your money’s worth”!

Land-based casinos are full of bells and whistles and flashing lights in order to give players the illusion that they are having fun!


Fun is the Result of a Certain Mindset

Play is at the core of fun but play is not always what most people see as play. Robert Pirsig in his great work "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” says that even at work, we can look for ways to increase fun.  He calls the fun factor Quality but for our purposes here Quality and fun can be seen as the same.

Pirsig talks about looking actively for Quality moments at work!  In his view, looking for Quality moments at work is the only way to keep from going crazy from boredom at most jobs!

As with the characters from the movies we cited above who have lost all sense of fun or Quality, we all at times fall into a funless trap.  Online casino gaming can take you out of this trap!  In this sense, online casino gaming is a lot better than playing at a land-based casino.

An online casino such as Everygame Casino is designed for players to play for a time and then to go on to other interests or responsibilities.  Online casino gaming is an excellent way to unwind in the evening.  Online casinos offer hundreds of games that are colorful and exciting and are accessible to every gamer by simply clicking to go to them.

Land-based casinos are set up for players to sit at one table for hours or to play at one terminal for hours.  This is the exact opposite of what happens at online casinos and it is the diametric opposite of having fun!

Are There Ways to Increase Fun in Everyday Life?

Indeed there are!  Here are a few important ways to increase fun:

  1. Enjoy small pleasures.  This is what Robert Pirsig had in mind when he spoke about finding Quality moments at work.  Eating a single cookie is also a small pleasure.  In fact, the number of small pleasures is probably infinite,
  2. Try new things.  Flying a kite, walking barefoot in the park, and singing with your kids may be new at first but then it becomes one of many little fun things you do on a regular basis.
  3. Walk or ride a bike on a different route as often as you can.  Swimming is great exercise but it doesn’t give swimmers a visual change of pace.  Walking north one day and south the next followed by a west day and then an east day will liven up not just your walks.
  4. Embrace play.  It is better to play a board game with your kids than to watch the game on Sunday afternoon.  Playing is good but it is also important to embrace play!
  5. Get moving in ways you are less good at.  Learn to swim.  Learn to dance.  Go to an exercise class that stresses the positive enhancement exercise brings.
  6. Have fun without spending money.  Everygame Casino offers unlimited free play.  There are always ways to have a good time without spending extra money.
  7. Go with the flow.  When you are on vacation, allow yourself to not know where you will eat or sleep.  Allow yourself to experiment with chance occurrences.
  8. Enjoy humor.  Enjoy absurdity.  Laugh at yourself so that no one thinks that you are laughing at them.
  9. Take a real vacation.  This one deserves a more lengthy explanation.

What is a Real Vacation?

It costs no money to go to Everygame Casino!  It costs quite a bit of money to travel to a land-based casino and to stay at the hotel for two or three nights.  The cost of a long weekend at a land-based casino might include the money a player may lose by playing for many hours as opposed to the more controlled gaming that happens at Everygame Casino and other good online casinos.

So, the money that you don’t spend on land-based casino gaming you can spend on a real vacation!  A real vacation, therefore, is a vacation that does not include time spent at a land-based casino!  You can play on the Everygame Casino mobile gaming platform if you so choose.

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