10 Tips for Gamers to Enhance your Gaming Experience

We feel that when a gamer signs up to play at Everygame Casino Red he or she is looking for an excellent gaming experience online without the necessity to travel to a casino to play games and have a good time.

There are many factors that make online casino gaming better than playing at a land-based casino.  Most of the reasons are well-known such as no travel costs, availability on a 24/7 basis, a wider range of games to play and easy access to every game the casino offers from the comfort of your home.

Here we would like to offer a few tips especially to new gamers but tips that are relevant even to seasoned online casino gamers.

How to Embrace Online Casino Gaming at Everygame Casino Red

Tip #1: Embrace the Opportunity to Play in Short Sessions

Sure, as a player at land-based casinos, you were used to playing for many hours.  We would like to point out that the reason you did so was not because you wanted to gamble for hours.  The reason you did so was because your time at the casino was limited and you wanted to “get your money’s worth”.

At Everygame Casino Red, you can get your money’s worth in smaller and shorter increments.  We know from the experience of so many of our gamers that this formula does in fact enhance one’s gaming experience!

We learned this especially at the height of the corona virus pandemic when so many players came to Everygame looking for any chance at all to play casino games and found that 30 -60 minutes played not every day was enough to give them the casino experience they wanted!

Tip #2: Embrace the Opportunity to Control Your Gambling Budget

We always encourage gamers to set a reasonable budget for gaming.   With a reasonable budget, you will be gaming.  With a budget that is too high for your means, you will be gambling.  We prefer that our gamers play casino games as games and not to win big money.

In many cases, this extends to budgeting spins on the big progressive jackpot games.  We, of course, offer a few slots with big progressive jackpots.  We do however encourage gamers to set a limit on how many times they will spin for the jackpot.  Remember, in order to qualify for the jackpot, a gamer has to bet the maximum and this can eat away at an overall gaming budget.

Tip #3: Embrace Lower Expectations

Here we are talking about lowering your expectation of winning a lot of money.  We do encourage gamers to expect to have fun gaming.  Fun is the truly the name of the game!

In terms of money, we openly acknowledge that the house has an edge in every game.  Even in blackjack and video poker, if the gamer uses the best strategy on every hand, she or he will enjoy a return to player rate of 99.5% which means that the casino has an edge.  When gamers realize that just a few gamers strike it rich at a casino most players play strictly for fun!

By expecting to end a gaming session with the same financial condition the gamer started with, gamers can focus on the fun side of gaming.  This focus is what leads to enjoyable gaming.  This is the same focus people have when they pay for any other form of entertainment.


Tip #4: Embrace the Opportunity to Play a Lot of Games

We offer over 300 great games from our exclusive game provider SpinLogic.  At Everygame Casino Red, you can play all of our games over time.  No one plays all of the games offered at a land-based casino.  For one reason, they don’t have the time.  For another reason, there may be a lot of waiting to play a game.

Everygame Casino also offers many variations of blackjack and video poker.  In blackjack especially, there is simply not enough room at a land-based casino for all the tables they would need to offer the many variations of blackjack that we can offer.

So, gaming at Everygame Casino affords gamers the chance to play many games including games that land-based casinos cannot offer!

Tip #5: Embrace the Opportunity to Play with the Casino’s Money

We offer many different bonuses that can be worth as much as $10,000.  At this writing we have a Hippie Heaven promotion and a New Game promotion both of which are worth up to $10,000 plus the Slot of the Month promotion worth $5000 and the Welcome Package for new gamers that is worth up to $5555!

Land-based casinos cannot offer such large bonuses.  The best promotions at land-based casinos are for reductions in air fare and hotel accommodations and in return the player agrees to buy a certain amount of chips.

Land-based casinos also offer free buffet meals and free alcohol but these are not true promotions since the alcohol reduces players’ ability to make good decisions and buffet meals cause players to grow drowsy thus reducing their cognitive skills.

Tip #6: Embrace the Opportunity to Play for Free

We offer unlimited free play.  Almost all of the gamers who choose the free play option do so to check out a game that they have not played before.  This makes perfect sense.   Obviously land-based casinos cannot offer free play since they need to have as many terminals clicking away in order to cover their extraordinary operating costs!

Tip #7: Embrace the Opportunity to Play on Your Mobile Device

Mobile has come to online casinos in a big way.  This could not have been predicted fifteen years ago.  At that time the visual clarity on mobile devices was a lot poorer than it is today.  Animation complements graphics to make games come alive on mobile.

We have said it a few times but it bears repeating: playing on a mobile device allows gamers to take the casino with them rather than having to go to the casino!

Tip #8: Embrace the Opportunity to Play with a Significant Other

Gamers have discovered that playing on the mobile platform can be romantic!  Playing all curled up on the sofa or in bed can lead to a lot of fun!

Tip #9: Embrace the Opportunity to Play in Tournaments

Online casinos are the perfect conduit for a slots tournament that will last a month or even a week.  Every online gamer can play in a tournament over the course of a week or a month while virtually no players can do so at a land-based casino.

Many of the tournaments we offer are freeroll tournaments which means that there is no buy in fee.  The prize money is correspondingly small.  That makes tournaments the perfect online casino way to have fun!

And then, of course.....


That's right - see you soon!